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A Pay Raise for Teachers Is in Voters’ Hands Now

With teacher pay hikes omitted from the budget approved Friday, Oklahoma could fall to the bottom of the heap nationally in teacher salaries. The only funding option left this year is a penny sales tax hike that voters will consider in November.

Money Transfers

State Sending Cash to Companies That Pay No Income Tax

Some state lawmakers are justifying their decision to curtail a tax credit for the working poor by declaring the state shouldn’t subsidize people who owe no income taxes. But several state tax breaks essentially do the same thing for businesses.

Tammy Greenman of Oklahoma City uses a bullhorn to ask Gov. Mary Fallin to call off safety net cuts, including partial elimination of the Earned Income Credit.

Budget Crisis Clips Credit For Working Poor

Oklahoma lawmakers have voted to pare back the state's earned income tax credit. The incentive provides an annual income boost to about 200,000 low-income households with working parents.