Mikah Carlos studies at Arizona State University and lives in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. She said a poll worker refused to let her use her tribal ID to vote in a recent election in Arizona.

Across Nation, New Laws Mean Voters Must Navigate Maze of Requirements

A special report from News21: With the presidential election less than three months away, millions of Americans will be dealing with new requirements for voting – if they can vote at all – as state leaders implement dozens of new restrictions that could make it more difficult to cast a ballot.

Tulsa high school history teacher Vince Facione expected to spend at least $300 before the first day of school. He gives each of his 190 students a three-ring binder.

Expected of Teachers: Spend Hundreds on Classroom Supplies

Even in good budget years, Oklahoma teachers have swallowed the fact that despite relatively low salaries, they will have to spend hundreds of dollars out of their own pockets to furnish supplies for their classrooms.

The Oklahoma Judicial Center houses the state Supreme Court, the Court of Criminal Appeals and the Administrative Office of the Courts.

The Never-Ending Battle over Selection of State’s Most Powerful Judges

The push by conservatives to overhaul how state Supreme and appeals courts justices are selected shows no sign of letting up. Proponents of change complain of activist judges. Supporters of the current merit system warn of changes that could corrupt an independent judiciary.