Video: ‘Watch-Out’ Forum on Infections, Vaccines

The resurgence of vaccine-preventable diseases and spread of drug-resistant germs were the topics of this Oklahoma Watch-Out public forum. The discussion covered the controversies surrounding vaccinations, what hospitals do to detect and prevent infectious diseases, and what Oklahomans can do to prevent illness.

Vaccination Rates Vary Widely by School, County

Many Oklahoma schools report required vaccination rates for kindergarteners at 95% or above, according to a 2017-18 survey. But some schools have rates well below 80% and rates of vaccination exemptions above 10% or even 20%. Find out the rates for your school and county.

More Legislators Become Lobbyists

Five former legislators who left office last year are now lobbying their former colleagues. A revived proposal to require a “cooling-off period” before legislators turn lobbyists is still in limbo.

As State Government Goes More Digital, Tag Agencies Endure

Gov. Kevin Stitt has made government modernization a centerpiece of his first year in office. But that vision could falter when applied to one of the state’s long-time service providers: local tag agencies.