The Execution State?

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Updated: April 30, 2014

Q: Does Oklahoma still execute more people per capita than the rest of the nation?

A: Oklahoma remains a state that is more inclined to impose the death penalty than almost all other states. According to the nonprofit Death Penalty Information Center, which tracks executions, Oklahoma had the highest per capita rate of executions from 1976 through mid-2011, with 0.288 executions per 10,000 population. The state put 111 criminals to death. Texas had the second highest rate and the largest number, executing 515.

Richard Dieter, executive director of the death-penalty center, said the center hasn’t updated its cumulative execution rates recently, but Oklahoma’s No. 1 ranking likely still stands.

In 2013, Oklahoma executed six people, giving it the highest rate among the nine states that carried out executions. Oklahoma’s rate was 0.015 executions per 10,000 population.

So far this year, two men have been executed in Oklahoma. Michael Lee Wilson, 38, was put to death Jan. 9 for being one of three men involved in the killing of Richard Yost, 30, at a Tulsa convenience store. Kenneth Eugene Hogan, 52, was executed Jan. 23 for stabbing Lisa Stanley, 21, to death in 1988.

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  • I am not in favour of the death penalty and think it is barbaric. People commit awful crimes I know, but in some cases these people are sick, mentally unwell maybe. When you are dealing with someone like that, then to place them away from everyone to look forward to nothing but death is not justice. I have an old boyfriend whose been incarcerated for over 25 years and he’s still inside. He’s in the uk, but he’s been in for so long he wouldn’t cope in the outside world. Freedom is a big word and it is however what a lot of prisoners should be getting, not execution.

  • Branden

    Executions need to be sped up. Lack of accountability isn’t the answer though that’s the direction the U.S. is taking. If crimes had harsher reprimands than we would slowly see a decline. Locking up people will rarely make the situation better and that’s because there are so many associations out there today that are doing nothing but pushing to make life for prisoners more comfortable. I’m sorry I don’t agree with murderers, rapist, or child molesters having a comfortable stint. Make prison life as severe as possible while offering programs that can actually rehabilitate people not just make sentences shorter. I’ve worked in a prison. Prisoners get treated a lot better than you would expect and that’s probably why many are repeat offenders and don’t learn a lesson. Also Mrs. White if your past boyfriend has been incarcerated for over 25 years than he probably did something severe and I agree he shouldn’t be in prison that long but they should’ve executed him a long time ago. All cases vary though and maybe he shouldn’t be in but those are usually few and far in between.