Feds Allow Oklahoma to Extend Insure Oklahoma Health-Insurance Program

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Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin announced Friday that the federal government is allowing Oklahoma to extend by one year its Insure Oklahoma program that provides health insurance to about 30,000 people, but about 8,000 will lose their eligibility and have to seek coverage on new federal health marketplaces.

The program was due to expire on Jan. 1, when the Affordable Care Act takes full effect, and Oklahoma officials have been pressing the federal government, which has funded a third of Insure Oklahoma, to find ways to preserve the program. Federal officials’ resistance arose in part because Fallin had refused to accept federal money to expand Medicaid to cover the poor, an expansion that would have provided coverage to low-income people eligible for Insure Oklahoma.

Click here to see the full news release on the development. Check Oklahoma Watch’s Twitter feed for details from a news conference held by the governor’s office.

  • Cal Hobson

    How absurd it is to brag about covering 22,000 Oklahomans with Insure Oklahoma while 200,000 uninsured folks are ignored since the governor did not accept billions of dollars of OUR Medicaid money. Insure Oklahoma is financed by the tobacco settlement fund AND medicaid money. Both programs were and are overwhelmingly opposed by Republicans and strongly supported by Democrats. Obviously, the legislative leadership and governor have no shame. The real tragedy is that tens of thousands of gullible, and uninsured, Okies will troop to the polls next year and keep this bunch of know-nothings in charge of not only our state but, more tragically, their futures.