A Personal Quest for Health Insurance

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Warren Vieth

Oklahoma Watch’s Warren Vieth is searching health-care options on the federally-run health-care marketplace for Oklahoma. He’s tweeting in real time as he tries to navigate the enrollment website, healthcare.gov. Tweets are below, with the most recent on top. For more information on the marketplace, here’s a detailed Q&A.




















  • SWeathers

    Having the same issues with identity verification. The HelpLine is a joke. They have no idea how to resolve ANY issues and continuously direct you to “try again when its not so busy”. Seriously? Are my tax dollars paying someone to sit on their behinds and tell me that load of bologna? So not only am I getting screwed by Obamacare (middle class with no dependents here), but I can’t even see my options because they can’t get it together! Any suggestions for this insanity?