• Julie Jones

    The quote says it all “Five hundred people are not enough.” Where did the FEMA money go? Good job Michael and OKWatch.

  • Gary Olson

    It seems to me strange that all of us who pay taxes have to pay for 500 people’s storm shelters. Why does it make sense that we pay for ours and another person gets theirs paid for by the government? How about if it that important have everyone be forced to buy a shelter just like seat belts are not optional?

  • Roger

    What better use for the so called “Rainy Day Fund” than statewide rebates for all. Flip a coin – you live! The 05/03/99 tornado cost 40+ lives here in Bridge Creek. It just doesn’t get much “rainier” than that. Take that step and you’ll see a respectful and grateful public. The fund can be replenished this paltry sum by the constantly chanted, seldom used “stopping waste, fraud and abuse.” ~that’s the take in Bridge Creek…by me. Good luck in your state provided shelters. You know who you are.