• I’m thankful we’ve made the progress we have over the years and think most reasonable people would agree there is still room for improvement. What standard poverty measures don’t identify are the other problems that appear to have gotten worse in the past 50 years. Even though financial poverty has declined, I would argue we have seen increases in poverty of spirit and poverty of character. I don’t know how to measure those things but I think we see the evidence of their presence every day. Cash benefits and public assistance can address some needs but we’re missing something else that’s just as important.

  • Paul

    I live in Tuskahoma OK this is one of prettiest area’s of OK, but it’s a trap for the poor that live here. It’s the rich man’s playground and it’s the poor man’s Hell. One can only hope that God will show some mercy on the poor! Opportunity here is limited to a few who like it just the way it is. Thanks for your article. Jesus spoke of how hard it is for a rich man to enter Heaven, its easy to see why if you visit areas where the poor live .