• People who are really in pain need the pain medicine just to function even a little. If you
    talk to people in real pain they will tell you; it’s necessary! They don’t get high there is no
    recreational aspect involved. It is a necessary evil we wish we could do without. I think , I
    speak for most patients when I say we’re sick of taking pills ; we would rather be pain free
    but that will probably never happen. I hope everyone reading this that is healthy ;bless
    you I hope you always will be. THERE ARE GOOD DOCTORS,RESPONSIBLE DOCTORS
    but of course like everything else in life there are bad ones too! I have no great idea how
    to create a perfect system because I don’t believe there will ever be one. We can only strive
    to do the best we can.
    I do urge society to think before screaming to blame people or change laws from a emotional
    place; we should always think before we act .
    That’s my opinion. What’s yours?

  • savannah Vandagriff.

    This is man is my Dad. He died of an overdose on May 25th 2014.