State Sits Out New Obamacare Grants

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Note (Aug. 19, 2014): Oklahoma Watch has published a major correction to the story originally posted at this link. Further reporting confirmed that Gov. Mary Fallin did apply to participate in the Affordable Care Act grant program titled “State Innovation Models.” Oklahoma Watch sincerely regrets the error. Please read the corrected report at this link. For any questions about the original or corrected report, email or call (405) 325-3529.


  • Julia Burns

    Of the many partisan, damaging blunders that Fallin, Pruitt, and other Republican leaders have made, her refusal to allow the thousands of Oklahomans who need affordable medical isurance but are being denied the opportunity to receive it, is the worst.
    I have not seen a group of politicians in this state in a long time be so willing to hurt the average Oklahoman on many fronts in order to please their national political party.
    Fallin, in particular, with the A.G. running a close second have not only refused multi-millions of federal dollars that are needed by Oklahomans for health care, they have wasted millions more with phony “Commissions” and “Consultants” being appointed to deliver answers that might hurt her politically, and multiple “loser” lawsuits paid for by Oklahoma income taxes by Pruit for unwinnable Don Quixote lawsuits that are strictly partisan.
    At what point do Oklahoma voters realize that these politicians don’t give a tinker’s dam about those of us who are not putting big checks into their campaigns?

  • robert fairbanks

    “The law has cost millions of people their health insurance, is failing to bend the cost curve for medical care, and is constantly in danger of being thrown out by courts for being constitutionally suspect.”

    Why did you not address Fallin’s claims?.

  • Julia Burns

    Both of those statements are untrue. The cost inflation of medical insurance has gone down for the last four years for the first time in 50 years. One part of the law prevents insurance companies from charging excessive amounts by forcing them to spend 80% of the premium on the patient. They are having savings, too, by the increases in customers.
    The law has not cost millions of people their health insurance it has done just the opposite by giving millions the ability to have good health insurance – many for the first time- who didn’t have it.
    Those people who have lost insurance are those who have Republican governors, like Fallin, who have refused to join into the program despite the fact that tens of thousands of Oklahomans are being left without insurance. That is Republican meanness; not Obamacare!
    Pay attention please to what is actually happening, instead of what politicians and pundits who don’t like the program say is happening.