Video: Oklahoma Watch-Out Forum With OKC School Leaders

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At an Oklahoma Watch-Out forum on Sept. 30, Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Rob Neu and Associate Superintendent Aurora Lora spoke about the hopes and challenges for turning around academic performance in the state’s largest district.

Watch the entire video or excerpts below.

The complete forum:

On “wrapping the community around the district:”

The best ways to involve parents:

How to implement new teaching approaches without new state standards:

Changes in student assessments:

  • Leota Betts

    Thank you for addressing the issues concerning OKCPS through this forum. I have been an Elementary Principal for the last 12 years in OKCPS (8 years at Dunbar & last 4 years at Southern Hills). I resigned this last June partially due to my father’s health and the inability to meet my high expectations for myself to be a productive instructional leader at my school. For the last four years, the majority of my time and energy during school and after hours were spent on “paper work/required reports or meetings.” I had limited, to no time, to enjoy classes, teach with staff, help with projects or provide much needed professional development. I am really impressed you have chosen to help lighten the workload of the principals.
    Continuous Learning Calendar-the students may not show a lot of academic gain in three days, but the gain in self-esteem, confidence, and willingness to answer questions from the teacher increases tremendously. After attending intersession, students are more willing to participate in class and to talk to the teacher. At Southern Hills we had many students who wanted to attend intersession but did not qualify from test scores, benchmarks or teacher recommendation. The con would be that teachers come back refreshed but principals are still exhausted because the next week is usually spent doing “catch-up” on required reports that are due as soon as school resumes. The other con is that many teachers do not want to do intersession during the Spring Break.
    I appreciate your sense of humor and your wisdom on issues that need to be addressed to make our schools be the best they can be!!!