• When will we know about the demographic breakdown? Would be interested in that information

  • Jeff Smith

    So that means it will be marginally easier to get initiatives on the ballot for the next 4 years, right?

    • kathytibbits

      Yes. You know what I’d like to see? A huge revamp of Initiative law so that voters can sign-on as an Initiative Signator online. Just go to Oklahoma’s website and sign in with voting credentials and sign and verify via email. That would be useful in giving voters a voice.

  • Ticked Off

    Lets do several of the free world countries do, if you don’t vote in the general election your property taxes go up by 25% until the next general election, you still don’t vote it goes up another 25%. Renters are accessed a Personal Property Tax = to 3 months rent.

  • Ron Ballew

    People should be able to register and vote online. If I can order securely from Amazon, I should be able to vote securely too.