A Journey Into Debt

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Many non-violent offenders in Oklahoma pay significant amounts in fines and fees assessed by the state, counties or government contractors. They often owe thousands of dollars upon release from custody, but face limited prospects of employment and likely will earn meager wages. The accumulation of debt begins at the time of arrest and builds throughout each step of the criminal justice process.

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  • G Klinger

    I recently read your article on “Cost of crime..debt incurred”.. We are currently employing a man whose in debt because of his DUI etc., He would be homeless probably without a job, but we are trying to help him. He also is required to pay Child Support. These are the results of his activities and poor choices. When I have to take someone to small claims court, I am out money for filing, and very often can not recover lost rents. Why then shouldn’t people who commit crimes have to pay? We had a work van stolen from us last year, from a non-violent career criminal drug user, who had at least 30 arrests, and stole 3 or 4 vehicles in less than two years. Had the OHP not quickly recovered the van our livelyhood would have been lost potentially throwing us into a situation of extreme financial diress or worse. Destroying 28 years of our hard work. Yet, we will likely never recover the loss as he has not been charged a year later. Where is any justice in this?
    True, this individual has incurred thousands in expenses, but why should the public pay for his crimes? I believe these people should be given supervised jobs, training, and counseling while incarcerated, maybe at minimum wage, then pay for their incarceration, fees, child support, and a savings account.. pay taxes.. I would be interested in talking to anyone about this as it IS a problem. Thank You

    • FatherO’malley

      I can tell you don’t believe in God. Its only Gods duty to judge. These fees are nothing more than greed and its just BUSINESS. Jails are NOT meant to rehabilitate they are meant to MAKE MONEY. So when people start being HONEST and call it for what it is then they can work towards repenting. A criminal makes a mistake and pays for his sins for ETERNITY. But the Law can make mistakes with ZERO accountability. If you don’t understand why running a jail like a business for money is wrong then all I can do is pray for your LOST SOUL. Sad thing is these criminals and the law and people like you will all go to hell together. I pray for you.