‘Prisoners of Debt:’ Read the Full Investigation

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Prisoners of Debt

This is a series of stories reported jointly by Oklahoma Watch and KGOU Radio. The latest segments from KGOU reporter Kate Carlton Greer can be found at www.kgou.org.

Part 1: Prisoners of Debt: Justice System Imposes Steep Fines, Fees

Plus: A Journey Into Debt: Tracing the Costs

Part 2: For Some Drug Offenders, a ‘Revolving Door’ of Fees

Part 3: Revenue Dilemma at Heart of Rising Offender Fees

Part 4: Families Pay Steep Prices for Inmates’ Phone Calls

Audio: Reporters Discuss Issues With KGOU

Part 5: Prison Bankers Exact Fees, Profits From Families

Part 6: Ex-Offenders Face Steep Price to Reinstate Driver’s Licenses

Part 7: Offender’s Story: Untying the Bonds of Court Debt

Plus: Groups Serve as Havens for Ex-Offenders
  • renee

    I would like to know when they are going to look at an indiviuals success in prison my friend made a mistake has done 9 years of a 13 year has completed classes and is on a level 4 status the prisons are so over crowded how about sending some of the home to prove to the world they regret there past but have learned from there mistakes.

  • william yeager

    On top of the money reaped from offenders by the criminal justice system one must not forget the billions made by private prisons off tax payer dollars down to the bottom feeders who sell magazines of people’s mug shots to make a buck.

  • william yeager

    In addition to the money made by the criminal justice system and the private companies who reap billions from taxpayers are the bottom feeders who do such things as sell mug shot magazines and t shirts. Is this a great state or what?