State Revokes Roland Clinic Doctor’s Prescribing License

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Anny Sivilay/Sequoyah County Times

The Wellness Clinic in Roland, Okla., where Dr. Ronald V. Myers Sr. has practiced, came under scrutiny by state narcotics and medical-board officials.

The Wellness Clinic in Roland, Okla., where Dr. Ronald V. Myers Sr. has practiced, came under scrutiny by state narcotics and medical-board officials.

Anny Sivilay / Sequoyah County Times

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs has revoked the narcotic prescribing license of Dr. Ronald V. Myers Sr., a physician in Roland, Oklahoma, who prescribed 4.6 million dosage units of addictive drugs over an 18-month period in 2013 and 2014.

In a document filed Thursday, the bureau said Myers’ record as medical director of the Wellness Clinic in Roland provided “clear and convincing evidence” of multiple instances of overprescribing activity.

The revocation of his prescribing license will take effect May 2 and remain in effect for one year. The bureau’s final order also directed Myers to pay a $25,000 administrative fine and says he cannot reapply for a prescribing license if he fails to pay the fine.

Reached by telephone at home Saturday, Myers called the bureau’s administrative action discriminatory and said he had no intention of continuing to practice medicine in Oklahoma. He said he planned to file a legal appeal of the order to “clear my name.”

“It’s a travesty of justice because I’m being held accountable for the irresponsible actions of other physicians who were practicing at the same clinic,” Myers said.

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“I have no desire to practice medicine in Oklahoma ever again. It is one of the most racist states that I have practiced medicine in my life,” Myers said. “In my opinion this a continuation of their discriminative practices against what I’m doing for chronic pain patients as an African-American physician.”

Myers said his high prescribing count was attributable to the fact that he took on patients who had been overprescribed by other doctors at the Wellness Clinic.

“Of course my numbers are high,” he said.  “You got an irresponsible doctor giving out 30 or 40 oxycodones a month … In order to care for the patients, instead of kicking them to the curb, I took three to four to five months to wean them down. Now how is that being irresponsible?” (Oxycodone  is a an addictive opiate painkiller.)

In its final order, the bureau described the testimony of numerous witnesses at a January administrative hearing during which Myers declined to testify in his own defense.

One witness, former clinic patient Tammy Tanksley, said she started going to the Wellness Clinic because her husband’s brother told her “she could get what she wanted” there.

Dr. Ronald V. Myers Sr.

Anny Sivilay / Sequoyah County Times

Dr. Ronald V. Myers Sr.

Tanksley said she received multiple prescriptions for OxyContin and Xanax there. (OxyContin is a brand name for oxycodone. Xanax is the brand name for alprazolam, an addictive anti-anxiety drug.) Tanksley said she would spend $1,400 in cash every month for her prescriptions, then triple that amount by selling what she didn’t use herself. She said Myers signed all of her prescriptions from July 23, 2013, to Jan. 1, 2014, and that no doctor ever gave her a physical exam.

Dr. Richard Brittingham, a Lawton physician who was hired by the narcotics bureau as an expert witness to review the Wellness Clinic’s activity, testified that the doctors there “were practicing substandard medicine and were using the term ‘pain clinic’ as their title, but ‘pill mill’ would be more appropriate.”

Contacted Saturday, narcotics bureau spokesman Mark Woodward said the bureau’s findings spoke for themselves and offered no additional comment.

A previous investigation by Oklahoma Watch and The Oklahoman presented in detail prescribing activities at the Wellness Clinic.

Oklahoma Watch also covered the January hearing leading to Myers’ license revocation.

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  • Laura Caudle

    Ihavetosay thebestdecision Ievermade was firing THEM. i gotmyprescriptions aftet Ipaid, notone EKG nowIhavehalf a Heart yes MR which is very deadly, and I’m trying to raise a Grand Baby. The very best decision I ever made was Firing Roland Pain Clinic. I don’t regret my decision I made a year ago. I’m not on Methadone thank God I’m smarter than that. Life isn’t about Narcotics it’s about getting up and helping yourdrlf. Dr. Myers was cruel to me, and I said what goes around comes back around. I don’t hate, nor do I have any bad wishes for any of the people that work their, but I don’t have any desire todefend Dr. Myers.

  • Jackie

    Of course once again someone get caught and it’s bc they are black! I haven’t ever heard so much blame game in my life except in the last several years of black people using racism for for their actions. I like some black people just the same as in any other race and some I don’t it just depends on what kind of person they are down inside. I however despise people that throw race up just bc they are caught doing wrong to try to make themselves look better and look like poor little me. If you do wrong color has nothing to do with it!!! Stop screaming racism just bc you did wrong and got caught! Man uo to what you did and get over it!

  • dawn Littlefield

    I’m disgusted at our government doing this heavy handed fear and take down tactic which is causing so much pain ,suffering and death. The one dr who openly said this is wrong and it’s killing people was hunted and taken down by people pushing paper and looking for money and job security in a war being made on people with very painful illesses who now have no choice but to take heroine,kill themselves or lay in bed with zero quality of life.It’s cruel and the people supporting this attitude of people in pain being addicts need an education and shouldn’t be making decisions for adults in a “free”country making decisions on quality life and this very paper has been nothing but a tool who helps these people and I think they are as responsible for the loss and deaths as the people making these horrific decisions. I’ve written about my personal losses to this issue and now can add a friend who shot herself so she she wouldn’t be used in the stats that claim chronic pain patients are accidentally overdosing which is stupid and short sighted for people experienced in that area. Opiate tolerant patients aren’t accidentally overdosing.they’re committing suicide and you can add the mom who shot herself and a man last month here in Oklahoma who was sick of government interference with his health and took every bit of his meds so they couldn’t say it was an accident but they will and sleep just fine with another death due to people not giving a damn but acting like they’re protecting someone. Well that reasoning is a cold comfort to the families this is devastating. So good job I guess.

    • Joseph

      I agree with some of your concerns, but the abusers selling their meds and letting them get into the hands of folks using them as party drugs (ocycodone) caused the heavy hand of the govt, to intervene. I hate that the legitimate pain recipients are paying the price. There are a few reputable paindocs in ft Smith. But still the Dr’s are spending a fortune in federal compliance or rules keeping the govt off it’s back. If you screw up or make a mistake tho, your redflagged and finding a new Dr in virtually impossible. … The wellness clinic has been sold, has a new Dr, that is observing every consultation,, cutting meds back to a more realistic dosage. I hope it can actually turn into a clinic serving patients in need of actual pain mgmt

  • I hate that the people they need these medicines are suffering, I’m one of them, but no matter what the DEA does the abusers will always have their fix. They might want to go back in that clinic and look at nurses a little harder cause I know stuff that goes on there that would shock the DEA

  • Trudy Coleman

    I have know Dr. Myers for 20 years, he would not do anything to hurt a person intentionally. You have people who go to doctors and take advantage of the doctors orders, and sell their Medications as I read in one of the above comments. He is a praying man, and has lived his life helping others get out of their pain. I have a sister who is now deceased, who needed ocycodone to manage her double hip replacement pain. Nothing else helped her with the tremendous pain she suffered every day. It is not fair to talk about Dr. Myers like he didn’t care about the consequences of helping people. However, it is unfortunate, he has to take the blame for the other doctors, in the clinic, who did the over prescribing for financial gain, which he tried in his statement to help the people get off the dosages. Racism is still alive in may forms and situations, especially institutional racism every state.

    • Jessica Gibbs

      If it wasn’t for him and the other doctors there my grandmother would not be able to get out of her bed she is 74 and they really help her because no one else will Dr. Myers was always very helpful and kind to her I hate this had to happen to him we will pray for him he needs all the support he can get

  • Elizabeth T Jackson

    I have been waiting for an opportunity to voice myself about this clinic. I am a patient there. An have been for about two years. I am just so frustrated that other patients took advantage of the Doctors. From the very beginning I was examined. I was made to bring in X-rays and MRI reports. Also a prescription printout for the previous year. Every visit they examine me. Blood pressure , weight, oxygen level, and a written out paper of my health the previous month. I have to take a test once a year an carry that card with me. Proving that I am current on the laws of narcotic drugs. Then we are called in every two or three months for more private sessions to keep us updated on things such as lock boxes an traveling bottles. An so much more. If there are those that have taken advantage of the help that this clinic is trying to give to chronic pain patients. Then why not persecute them? I understand that there was a Dr. There that may or may not have been over prescribing. Rumor or truth? I don’t know for sure. All I know is this clinic has been more than professional to me. I think it is awful that Dr Myers has been so poorly portraid. He is very stern about what he has prescribed for me. They all have. I am just so tired of hearing all the lies. Thank you. Elizabeth T. Jackson