Governor Pushes for Earlier Release of Inmates

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With the transfer of state inmates from jails, the Mack Alford Correctional Center in Stringtown is now 131 percent, or 156 inmates, over capacity.

Gov. Mary Fallin is pushing the Oklahoma Board of Corrections to loosen its policies governing when most prisoners serving time for “85 percent crimes” can be awarded early-release credits.

Murders, rapists and others convicted of violent crimes would be eligible for the credits. However, because of existing law, any change made by the corrections board would not affect those convicted of drug or human trafficking crimes, said Steve Mullins, Fallin’s general counsel.

The corrections board must approve the proposal.

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Under state law, 22 crimes require that offenders serve at least 85 percent of their sentence before being released. Crimes such as first-degree murder, rape and lewd molestation are considered 85-percent crimes, but the list also includes aggravated drug trafficking, first-degree burglary and some forms of assault and battery.

Currently, under corrections policy, prisoners serving time for such crimes must serve at least 85 percent of their sentence before they are eligible to receive early-release credits.

On Monday, Fallin’s office issued a memo urging the corrections board to change Department of Corrections policy to allow most of those offenders to accrue early-release credits prior to serving 85 percent of their sentence. They would not be eligible for release until after serving the 85 percent.

“It is clear that the current one-size-fits-all policy of the Department of Corrections does not correctly reflect the law of Oklahoma,” the memo states.

More than 8,000 prisoners in the Oklahoma prison system fall under the 85 percent sentencing law. Should the board decide to amend the policy, around 6,000 prisoners could be affected, Mullins said.

The move could save the state around $2.3 million over 18 months, Mullins said.

The governor’s memo says early-release credits will not be extended to drug traffickers before they serve 85 percent of their sentence because that prohibition was written in to the Trafficking in Illegal Drugs Act in 2007. A similar provision for human traffickers was added in 2014.

Allowing prisoners to receive early release credits not only will help lower the prison population, but provide inmates with an incentive to abide by prison rules and policies, Mullins said.

“It’s perceived to be an advantage for correctional officers and creates a safer work environment for them,” Mullins said.

Allowing those prisoners to accrue early-release credits prior to serving 85 percent of their time was one of the recommendations of the Justice Reinvestment Initiative in 2012, a series of reforms aimed at lowering the state’s high incarceration rates.

This legislative session, two bills that would have allowed for inmates convicted of 85-percent crimes to accrue early-release credits were scuttled. The bill, authored by state Rep. Bobby Cleveland, R-Slaughterville, passed the House but died in the Senate. A similar Senate bill also died in the Senate.

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  • Jason

    I hope the article is not correct. So, Mary F wants murders, rapist and other violent felonies to be released early. While drug offenders stay locked up.

    • Diana

      Drug offender get credit accrued. All The Governor is saying is why lock these people up with words “LIFE” and even after serving 50 years…..they have no way to earn release. My thought is there is a sentence such as “Life Without” and if a person is not sentenced to Life without or death…why hold them there forever…….retribution? Nothing can be undone…..It’s not going to change anything…..whether they are locked up forever or complete their sentence and start their life based on a higher level of moral principles…The prison has implemented therapeutic programmatic activities and promote rehabilitation. I guess keeping them locked up perhaps make the people who are hate feel better. Drug dealers destroy more lives and companies than any single murder committed (not downing playing the loss or the crime) and that is the reason that socioeconomics are at “ill” is that most “every crime” rising are most always are drug related.

      • Jasmine pietro

        My husband is being held at the Guymon facility. He is not a drug dealer or a trafficker, he just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. And yet they still hold him as a criminal. We live in Arizona my husband has not been in trouble in 20 years, with three small children that need him home, and me his wife that is falling apart. I personally think they need to investigate the people that they are incarcerating, looking at their background their history and the factors of why they are being held. My husband is not a criminal nor would he hurt anybody but yet they hold him there as a criminal.

        • Lisa S.

          I agree, they should look into each individuals past and see. My husband as well is serving too much time and had NO criminal/bad history in 40 years of his life!!! No issues and yet they are making him serve too much/too long…Hopefully they will do something to help them out..the ones that don’t have a bad history deserve another chance!

      • Cheryl

        I think they need to change the 85% to 50 there are so many young people in prison that just made a bad decision or in the wrong place at the wrong time that would not reoffend , it seems ridiculous to keep them in there for so long , 50% then apply there days would seem like the logical thing to do and free up a lot of space .

        • Darlene Masters

          I agree 85% is way to much. My son is serving 85% on a first degree burglary that was just an argument between two friends and it was over drugs.

      • Stephanie Evans

        Addiction is treatable. The problem with the 85% law when it comes to drug trafficking is that a small amount is considered trafficking. Large operation bust or amounts ranging above a pound that should be considered trafficking. Not just a few grams (19 grams or over is considered trafficking to be exact) and I have seen a trafficking for less than that. The problem is that the amount of time given as the sentence. This law is at minimum a 15 yr 85% percent violent crime. Have them 85% just not for 15 yrs. Five years max your going to every day of it almost. However to have a drug addict who can be helped locked up for 15 years over 19 grams, or someone doing 23 years for an ounce of weed is ridiculous.

    • connie howard

      so glad maybe we can save some of our you men from turning into angry hurt men not all crimes fit the punishment thank you jesus

    • Estella Aguilar

      Is that true? Will they not let drug offenders out.
      Is there any new laws coming out for drug trafficking?
      If this what this means it’s very sad that they would give an early release to sex rapist and murderers!

  • Cole

    My son is serving a 1st deg. burg. charge which he has to serve 85% . He lived with this girl for 10 months he didn’t take anything, she got caught with another man in their apartment and told the police he didn’t live there, he was charged for a this. First time offense, I still don’t understand the system.

  • Donetta

    Very few people seem to know that statistics prove that the longer an inmate is in, the less chances of recidivism.A murderer is the least likely to ever go back to prison. Those that have been in for over 25 years are likely to never see the system again and if they do its for a parole violation or drugs. Those over 40 and have served a long sentence only have a 1 to 3 percent recidivism rate. I know these stats because I have been gathering them. I am trying to get my friend out that has been in since he was 15 years old. The only violent offense was the one that put him in prison. He’s been a model inmate for 32 years and deserves a second chance. Please sign Wayne Thompson’s petition at

    • renee

      I agree majority of the offenders if over certain age rarely go back….

    • Dan T

      Uhm, let a convicted murder go free? No thank you. He was given the death penalty for “tortured and murdered Keene, and then threw his body into the Washita River near Chickasha.” No, he was already given leniency when the Supreme Court ordered the state to rescind his death sentence. He got life in prison and should serve out every single year for the life he took so heinously.

  • Marsha

    So child molesters and rapist and murderers getting out early but those serving time for non-violent crime like drug possession are not- how is this fair or even right? My disabled son caught with drugs not selling them and got time but he has to serve 85 per cent while a child killer get outs – i hope and pray reading this story wrong

    • Chris

      No sir on the child molesters…they usually only serve 2 of a 5 year sentence on first offense…2nd isn’t much worse. So a person with a drug sentence tends to get more than a Child Molester in the state of OK.

      • Johnny

        I agree – Oklahoma’s laws are completely ludicrous concerning REAL CRIME! My dearest friend on the planet is now serving a 10 year sentence because of a drug charge (first offense EVER/ she had a clean record before this). She told me about 2 other girls who are serving prison sentences along with her. One is in on her first ever offense also – she had an ounce of meth and was sentenced to 40 years!!! The other KILLED HER OWN DAUGHTER BY CUTTING HER THROAT BECAUSE “GOD TOLD HER TO DO IT” and got 8 years!!!
        I see NO justice in any of those cases

        • that is less than my husband got for a d.u.i he got 20 and he is a roll model prison no write ups and he has worked everyday since he landed in oklahoma prisons!!!he will not be one released…. he went in 2010 i believe he has servered his time’….

      • Mitzi

        That is sooo not rite!! The molester’s is where it starts! Children that r molested usually grow into drugs or alchoholics! And that usually leads to more crimes! Child molesters should serve life without parole!

        • i am 60 years old never had a record nor n\been to prisoin iam getting a 7 serve 85% and after that 6 years suspended yet some think i should be in for life. they do not know whether the person convicted the crime or not and do not think of others nor the forgiveness that god teaches us to do. I pray that i get out before the 85% because i have disabilites heart problems, etc. so you that i should get life read your bible and see what it says about forgiveness. people deserve second chances not a sentence to an all ready over crowded priison. you do not even know the person that has committed crimes for first time nor of what their life is like or how they have lived it nor what they have done for others to help them not hurt them.

  • Valerie grant

    My son was in a car accident first offense someone was accidentally killed .. been thete since he was barely 18 now he is 29.. the other person in the car chrged with same offense got off because he had a fancy lawer.. most people receive a man saluter charge .. but because of the fact it was a police officer sister he revived 18 and half years.. the other person was driving and then he robs a waffle house.. there r definitely need to work on the system in which people r charged. I feel terrible for the family and the wolf terrible incident. But stop sign was hidden by trees and totally missed treated by police .. but worst of all lessons have been learned and it’s time to let him start a life that reinstulise these inmates charged above and beyond thete crimes. Please help my son. He deserves to go to school and have time to spend with family . I hope and pray this really going to happen for these.. charged way above the crime

    • I truly hope this really does happen. I met my boyfriend while incarcerated and hes been there since he was almost 18. I think its time that he deserves a chance at a life outside of the prison system,he deserves a chance to go to school ,have a good job enjoy being with his family friends and his loved ones. His crime was an accident and to have to make him sit there and do all of his time when his crime was non-violent is absolutley crazy. Its also even crazier how their talking about even letting muderes rapists and child molesters out on this. How is this even fair? I also thinks its ridiculous just because the other party involved had a better lawyer or the family was related to law still doesnt make it right for them to get no time at all…he should have got some kind of punishment.

    • rosacompton

      My only son @ 16yrs was charged with 1st degree murder. Never been arrested, no evidence against him other than two other teens that were id n held them for 1st degree unless they got a name. The male teen confessed he had a gun pointed at the victim protecting my son but claims gun had no clip or bullets. Mother said she thru it away. Then the atty af getting paid bif from the beginning adv my son to take last offer of 20 yrs for 2nd degree or face 45 to life. Son signed n never heard from atty again. He seen how easy all the other inmates were getting life, he decided not to risk it, for he could not bear to see how I would react if he got LIFE! So, on Nov. 3rd, 2014 he was sentenced……on my Birthday

      • Mitzi

        OMG! That is so sad! Another thing is in this state if u don’t work with the DA and snitch then ur sentence is worse! They always offering plea’s and scare ya into taken it! People we r letting all this happen!

  • GeorgiaDavis

    I hope there are changes to this law. My grandson moved from Texas to Oklahoma when he was in his early twenties. He met a woman and began living with her. She once told him if he ever tried to leave her she would kill him. She spent time in prison for trying to kill her mother. He tried to leave this woman and was with a previous girlfriend. The woman called him and asked him to come home. With lure of drugs an alcohol he did. The next day he went to work, returning home that night. He decided he wanted to go back to the former girlfriend and went to her job. The current girlfriend filed rape by fear charges on him, called him and allowed the police to listen to conversation. They arrested him. He was drunk and stoned. Told them “yea, I did that” sarcastically and they claimed that was his confession. He had a public defender who did a poor job. Never followed up on phone records indicating woman had initiated call, never talked to old girlfriend. He, in fact, told the mans mother he wasn’t paid to care what happened to defendant. Man got 2 consecutive sentences of 20 years. I would love to see him released and return to his family in Texas where I believe he would be able to live a normal life without drugs or alcohol.

    • Magie Mae

      My fiance’ had public defender also. He had evadance to prove he was not guilty but lawyer refused to enter any of evidence in to record. The cop that arrested hm was friend of his ex wife’s, His ex wife was too willing to give police information against. Court bought every word she say. Her hair ESS sean of crime, just one of those that public defender would not admit to record. Also he had a noterized letter from guy that went down on same case as him that he was innocent anther peace of information not allowed to be admitted. Judge not much better he budget and made threats that he would jury in in less than 24 and he would death in 24 hours. Also judge was very disrespectful to him when his mother. Judicial system here to me seem so crooked. If you got you you you stuck be hind bars for a ything they can think of

  • How do we find out if Mark T. Casey is still in Carver house on 2nd street and Reno and how we go about visiting him

  • Laughing Hombre

    A lot of people forget that Oklahoma adopted the manditory minimums WITHOUT also adopting the sentencing guidelines that were suposed to go with them. Now after a decade of “85%ers” getting for example 20 years @85% when the guidlines sugest 7 years… this is where we land…

    • concerned mom

      i had no idea about the guideline. than you for this piece of information.

  • Patricia cantwell

    I have a 55yr old brother that has served almost 11 yrs of a seventy five year sentence for drugs! He is NOT part of the 85% sentence! He has NEVER had a violent criminal charge filed or been convicted of such a charge! He had three sentences and entered a “blind plea of guilty” based on recommendation by his attorney! Was told maybe serve 3-5 yrs n then the rest on paper! His sentencing was ordered consecutively, not concurrently! Therefor he has had to much time to participate In any programs, he is disabled and has required substantial medical care while in there! Most of his illnesses have been contracted while incarcerated and with the VERY poor medical care available, he will die soon! He has missed out on so much of his life! He has three older children whom have married, had children and he has three younger children whom he has missed out on every aspect of thier lives! The youngest two have only seen him while he was incarcerated! The youngest was two days old when a kind guard allowed us to stay an extra five minutes past visiting hrs so that he may hold her for the first time! In the time he has been incarcerated on a minor drug issue, we have buried two sisters, our mother, our brother and the mother of his three youngest children! Days after her murder I took them to visit him at hominy and they were going to deny the visit! These babies were 9-7-5 yrs old! They needed to be held and comforted by thier father! Thier mother had been viciously murdered! We fought n was allowed a 30 min visit! How do you comfort your children in 30mins? We drive for hours, sometimes up to six hrs one way, depending on where on where he is at! A lot of times we are refused visit because of some stupid rule change! Again, he is a NON-VIOLENT criminal! His prob was drug use! Never was he offered drug rehab! The pain I will always remember the most, other than having to go tell him of the death of his loved ones, was his last visit with out mother! The very kind people at granite arranged for a special visit after finding out her health issue and made arrangements for me to take her there and go around behind the gate, pushing her in her chair over cracks and uneven concrete! We were actually taken past those horrible cells that prisoners were housed! Talk about inhumane! Even animals are treated better, during that last visit my mother had tears in her 92 yr old eyes the entire visit! She knew when we left that she would never see her baby again! He is the youngest of ten children! He sat there and tried not to cry, because to show any weakness can be a death penalty in there! I will never forget the last kiss she gave him on his cheek and told him to be a good boy and he would be out soon! … Just a few short week later I went to a second parole hearing on him, he had already been approved on that one, but because of one woman on that panel, they denied his last parole! He is the perfect prisoner! Has never been in trouble, never received a write up!

    • April

      Hello my name is April I just read what they are doing to him. It made me cry to kn that they get treated like that. My husband is in Granite and is surving a 20 year sentence for drugs that he had just tried for the first time in his life. He is 45 years old and he isnt in the 85% either. Come January he will be there for 6 years we have 4 boys that have grown up without there dad. Oklahoma really needs to wake up and realize or start caring about the life’s of people. And I think the governor need to stop worrying about all these violent offenders and worry about the ones that we wouldn’t have to be scared of hurting someone. The only reason people turn to drug is bc life is sometimes unbearable. I’m truly sorry that the government makes everyone suffer like this. I wish u and ur family the best of luck. If u would ever want to talk I’m a pretty good listener.

  • concerned mom

    I have a son who has been in prison for 8 year for robbery with a firearm and robbery first degree he received a 20 year sentence with 85% first time offender. Who walked into the system a strong healthy young man. Now my son has been disabled for life. Due to lack of funding I could not afford the proper attorney. What I gathered over these years concerning his case ,he was railroaded and we are to poor to assist him. Another fact is the only witnesses against him was the two so called buddies in the car. Both those men are out on the street. If the Governor is sincere in the proposal this would be of great benefit to my son. My family is not blind to the injustice dealt out to so many in the system. I had a brother serve 10 years for a crime he honestly did not commit, 12 jurors listen to that case and heard the victim testify it was not him my brother , but still convicted him because of his race . On a positive note he served his time and is now an up standing citizen despite what he has gone through.

  • christine

    When are they supposed to vote on this and how and when will we know if this is going into effect, and who will be effected?

  • cecelia H

    It not. Right. God. See. Every Thing. I have. Son In jail to. Did. Not. do.right My him drug. Case 9 years. In jail. Still. Jail life

    • C. Brazel

      Son also got 20 for a street fight because he used a bat to defened him self and got charged with assault with a dangerous weapon at age 20 85% means he will be 37 before he has a chance at a life over a street fight no one died his so called victim is fine where is the crime? 85% for most first time crimes is crazy and should be stopped.

  • Honestly, not many people will benefit from such a minor procedure.
    Additionally, there aren’t but a few “baby killers”, and most murders, while committing a tragic crime, just don’t recommit offenses in that manner. To be sure, 8.5 years of every 10 years will be served by violent offenders before parole is even considered. If one calculates an average parole process at 110-days–the actual time is closer to 9-years per every ten–due to the redundancy in a bureaucratic organisation. In Oklahoma, most of these offender types simply won’t be paroled anyway:

    Thus, what you actually have are offenders with 1-year in which alleged “good-time” to bank, which, as I will illustrate, make no substantive difference.
    Offenders taking Anger Management class (-30 days); Pre-GED Exam (-30); GED Graduation (-90); Faith/Character Pgm. (-30); Cognitive Behavior Therapy (-30)…..= 210-days. Moreover, any college degree would negate any good-time supposedly provided by the Board of Corrections in this action.
    If anything, the budget for the parole board will shrink ad less people who should on be on observation (parole) while in transition do not see it.
    That is a doubly-great injustice.
    Even worse if offenders, now see no need at all to attend classes as I’ve illustrated. A lot deeper argument now, huh??


    • kellie

      and sadly because of overcrowding they have cancelled the faith and character class at Granite, because the area they use to house these individuals is being used now to house the overflow of inmates being brought in from other prisons.

  • cecelia H

    My. Son is. In prison. At. Age. Of. 23. And. Now32 for. A small. Drug. Case probation. And. They.will. Not. Move.him. he at. Wall. Been.there For. Years. He. NoN volent.

  • malinda

    ok my boyfriend is supposed to be released in 2016 if this new law passes when will he get out then

  • chaz

    Does anyone have the number of the bill being passed or a link to it?

    • Dianna

      Go to and read about the bill Mary Fallin is trying to push through or goggle in bills that have been signed by Mary Fallin and that might lead you in the right direction

  • Dianna

    My son have been incarcerated since he was 18 for a murder he did not committ. The guy that actually done the murder did not spend one day in jail. Anywho my son is now 36 years old. They was just looking for someone to lock up and close the case and my son is the one who is paying for it

  • Jarvis

    If they get out early, they need to help them find a job, most employers won’t hire a felon. So back to prison they go, And the state hasn’t gained a thing. Sometimes I wonder What they plan to save money, If they can’t work and end up back in, then here we go again, the states back in the same shape. Pull your head out of your a–.

  • stacy

    My son got 10yrs first offense DUI he is a non violent offender!! Why are we releasing violent offenderinstead of non violent!!!!!!!!! Someone please explain this to me

  • Betty

    I have tried to find out the if and but’s about this new law. Most of the lawyers can’t help, because of the miss match words. Now be sure there are some out their those that will take you money. Stand fast until it is set in stone. Believe me I want my Son home.

  • Kevin

    I work at a prison in Oklahoma. There are some messed up sentences in our justice system. We need to fix that. Two guys that have done the same exact crime, first offense, and two totally different sentences. There are inmates serving more time for a roach in their ashtray than someone who killed another person. That is messed up!!!
    There are places that hire convicted felons. The case managers have a list of them. Usually they are in the bigger cities. But, most of the offenders go right back into the situation they were in when they got locked up. They go right back to the same group of people that got them in trouble in the first place.
    Some of the offenders just messed up. Made an oops. Those are usually the ones that will never come back. But, there are those who don’t necessarily think of the consequences of their actions. They get a thought in their head and they do it. They usually wind up right back in prison.
    As for the 85% rule, that might help. But, some judges have been giving harsher sentences because of it. Kind of a catch 22.

  • Brenda

    My son is in Prison for 17 yrs over Breaking Drug courts liking 3 weeks of finishing it of open container .
    17 years? In a Med Prison .. System is all wrong… Come on a Murder gets less time then that,
    On top of that THEY did not offer him any Rehab, I know I am fighting this all the way.

    • Veronica

      My husband was sentenced to 3 years in prison & was taken into custody on my birthday June 3, 2015 for violation of probation for a misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse 31 days before his 8 year probation sentence ended. My husband became someone I no longer knew from his 3 year addiction to k2 (synthetic marijuana). The District Attorney wouldn’t even consider rehab!!! I hate our criminal system it’s UNFARE!!! I stay persistent about my husband’s situation on Facebook so if u would like send me a friend request.

  • Debi

    My husband just received a 40 year sentence on a nonviolent drug charge. This was all due to the A. DA having a personal vendetta against him. DTF had a “friend” of his wear a wire in on my husband and netted 4 grams on a controlled buy. When they came to arrest him, he had 10 grams on him. My husband’s personal drug use at that point was 5+ grams a day. Since I was there when he was arrested and he had drugs on him, they threatened to file charges on me and have me arrested. I have a clean record and haven’t ever been in trouble. They put him in jail with a $500,000 bond and informed him if he tried for a bond reduction, they would file charges on me. When his conference came up this last week, the A. DA wouldn’t consider anything but a 40 year sentence (20 in 20 on paper). Told him if he didn’t sign for it they would have a warrant for my arrest before the day was over. He couldn’t take it to jury or even blind plea. It was take it or we’ll arrest your wife. He signed and now is waiting to pull chain. The whole thing is absurd and the end result is still the same. Until we find a cure for addiction, when our addicted loved ones walk out of prison, they are still addicts. They may be sober and some may actually stay that way, but the likelihood of that is slim.

  • I want everyone to first think oklahoma laws are totally messed up.. my husband got a 200 yrs sentence on a duiooonna he is a roll model prisoner he lives the rules.. works everyday and oklahoma will let out the ones who have been wrote up over and over. The ones who still haven’t really Lear ed their lessons.. But they will be the ones let out first… There is no way my husband should be serving 20 yrs on a dui. I or we un Der stand he broke the law and deserves to be in trouble but come on 20 yr s. There are hundreds of people out there who have servreal dui’s who walk free and are still drinking and driven the only difference is they must have money because okla. Is k own for if you have money then you walk if your poor you get locked up and treated like shit. They even treat the family members liKe they are locker up with them. It’s bad enough we do the time with them, and the system rapes us for all the money they can get out of us. Weather it’s phones calls or Viste and most of the time they are placed far away from their families.. oklahoma needs to really look at who is in for what and who truly deserves to come out and who needs to stay.. stop guessing and look it’s all right in front of them. Do the right thing Oklahoma.. I want my husband home. My one time dui driver server 20 yrs that’s a lot of B.S

    • Estella Aguilar

      Very sad how in the world can you compare DUI offender to a murderer and thier let out sooner…. WOW
      this is not fair

  • jan lack

    Total bs that violent offenders get early release and dui don’t. My son told me about early release but he thinks it’s for nonviolent. He was so sure he was gonna get out. Not looking forward to telling him the truth.

  • I was in prison for almost a year at MBCC and yes I believe in some cases 85% is a little extreme. But if we allow for one we have to allow for all and I for one do not want to see all these rapists and child molesters and even the repeat offenders that are in for the fourth time and just not getting it get out early into my society when a lot of them aren’t getting just sentences anyway. I mean 4 years for a child sex crime is ridiculous and now they want to let them out early?

  • Rob Presson

    my brother (40) is waiting to go to prison, locked in a cell that holds 4 men with 8 in the cell, he sleeps on the floor. Sayre OK
    he got drunk and his house caught on fire, they called it Arson 1 85% because he had combustibles on his boots and belt, he worked in the oil field, no proof of flammable anywhere in the house, but he was drunk and don’t remember much, also tried to go back in the burning house to rescue his dog.
    The dog and the gold fish died, they gave him animal cruelty for each one 85%, while trying to go into the house to rescue his pets an officer tackled him and sprained his knee, assault on an officer 85%.
    He was really given a bad deal, He was allowed to work and be free after the event, for a year and 3 months before making a plea deal. Clean no trouble driving a truck coast to coast (drove over 180,000 miles).
    does not deserve to have the 85% charges but was rodeod by the DA in Becham county OK.
    hoping he does not have to serve the 85% of his 5 year sentence. he has a drinking problem, but is not violent person. hoping his charges fall under the early release program.

  • Alicia

    I am writting because my son is in prison, his weight was 240 in the begenning and now he is 100bls he is using meth in this prison, Guards or everyone is selling drugs in this prison! If something happens to my son this prison will be responsible. I am to write to whom ever I have to and let everyone know what happens in this Oklahoma prison

  • Alicia

    Money gets put into Charge cards known as Rush cards! Lots of investigation needs to be done in this prison. Someone gets sentence for possesion of drugs and in prison its worst??? What kind of system does the goverment have?????? Obiously not a Save/Good one!! They even have cellphones thats how $$$ and drugs are being moved in this prison

  • Fred

    These prisons in Oklahoma are in no way shape form or fashion made to rehabilitate anyone. It’s just all about money. They want inmates to keep coming back to line their pockets!!!!!!!

  • sandra stanley

    My grandson got 47 years for 1st degree robbery with a firearm. There was a girl and 3 other boys. They were robbing a known drug house; the girl is related to them. She served a year at Mabel Bassett, 2 got 6 years and 1 is in Ca., didn’t do any time. No gun was found. All were wearing gloves and masks. They all made plea deals. My grandson had a jury trial; 2 testified, they got the deals. Nowata County is known to be a kangaroo court. I couldn’t afford to hire him an attorney; now he’s at Cushing, serving 85% of 47 yrs. He was 29 yrs old; he also is losing his parental rights of his baby girl.

  • rosie bruner

    Is this for people that is doing lwop?

  • Rachael Touchet

    does anyone know any recent changes on the 85% law

  • Paula Rentfro

    My son was sentenced to 20 years for robbery, when all he actually did was snatch a purse, didn’t have a gun, knife or anything, tell me if the law is fair, when murderers get less time, and it was the first time he ever did anything like that, but he only had a public defender that didn’t help him at all, I agree he needed to be punished, but 20 years, that’s just not fair