Clinton Raises More Money in Okla. Than All GOP Contenders Combined

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks about Syria. (Photo courtesy of the White House.)

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has out-raised the five remaining Republican presidential candidates combined as Oklahoma heads into Tuesday’s primary election, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.

While Clinton has a solid fundraising lead in individual contributions, the ones on the Republican side were spread out among 15 candidates who raised any money; most have dropped out.

Despite his lead in polls in Oklahoma, Republican Donald Trump came in near the bottom of his party’s candidates in total individual contributions. However, he is still considered a favorite to win the primary.

Trump’s lack of fundraising does not mean he’s short on cash. According to the Sunlight Foundation, Trump has loaned his campaign $17.7 million, or nearly 70 percent of his total funding.

Here’s how the remaining Democrats and Republicans stand in terms of individual contributions in Oklahoma from January 2015 through January 2016:

  • Hillary Clinton, D: $664,447
  • Ben Carson, R: $295,485
  • Ted Cruz, R: $231,866
  • Marco Rubio, R: $87,867
  • Bernie Sanders, D: $28,546
  • Donald Trump, R: $15,069
  • John Kasich, R: $13,400

Republican Jeb Bush raised $201,700, the third most among GOP candidates, but his campaign folded after disappointing primary finishes in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

The crowded field also led to Green Party candidate Jill Stein out-raising several Republican campaigns, all of which have folded:

  • Jill Stein, G: $2,000
  • Chris Christie, R: $1,500
  • Jim Webb, D: $500
  • Lincoln Chafee, D: $300
  • Rick Santorum: $250

Interestingly, Oklahomans gave more money to gun-control advocate Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who is seeking re-election in New York state, than they did to eight Republican presidential candidates in Oklahoma.

  • Chuck Schumer, D: $15,400
  • Donald Trump, R: $15,069
  • John Kasich, R: $13,400
  • Mike Huckabee, R: $13,020
  • Bobby Jindal, R: $6,900
  • Lindsey Graham, R: $4,450
  • Jim Gilmore, R: $2,500
  • Chris Christie, R: $1,500
  • Rick Santorum, R: $250

When looking at contributions to political action committees, Right to Rise USA got most of the support from Oklahoma. The committee, which supported Bush, raised nearly $2.4 million.

Supporters gave a total of $3.9 million to various political action committees.

Other committees include:

  • Senate Leadership Fund (supports Republican senators): $750,000
  • American Crossroads (a conservative super PAC): $200,000
  • The 2016 Committee (supports Carson): $126,722
  • John Bolton Super Pac (focused on defense and foreign policy): $103,000

Committees supporting presidential candidates:

  • Right to Rise USA (Jeb Bush): $2.4 million
  • The 2016 Committee (Carson): $126,722
  • Conservative Solutions (Rubio): $90,000
  • Our Children’s Future (Carson): $20,000
  • Conservative, Authentic, Responsive Leadership for You and for America (Carly Fiorina): $7,500
  • Keep the Promise PAC (Cruz): $6,400
  • America’s Liberty PAC (Rand Paul): $5,000
  • Take Back DC Action (Cruz) $2,250
  • Committee to Restore America’s Greatness (Trump): $300
  • Keep the Promise III (Cruz): $250
  • Elsie E. Sankar

    I don’t know about the other Americans, but I am enjoying the GOP candidate’s reality show. Their debates are very entertaining, full of surprises and fun to watch. Real issues seem not to matter, but smashing each other character does. The one, who stoops the lowest, can be the dirtiest and is the furthest to the right, wins the GOP nominee. Wow! John Kasick is the only mature adult left in the GOP race. I admire his strength. It takes a whole lot to keep your cool when you see your own party crashing in front of you. As for me, I am a democrat and will vote for Hillary. My only hope is that we all unite and work together. I cry for my country. The American people are the ones paying the price with all this political nonsense is going on. We all are Americans. Let’s work together in making this a better country. We can do it. Just follow the constitution and let our President who is chosen by the people of the United States, do his job. The Senate & Congress should be fair and honest in supporting him. The people have already spoken. Just do the right thing. You can’t stop our President from being great. He is already great. He has done great things and will go down in history as being great even with all the odds against him. God has blessed him! He has been in many Americans prayers and will continue to be. We all love our Country and we love our President. God bless America and its people!!!!!!

  • Vince

    Hi democrat! This time Trump will bit Hillary. We want a strong economy and jobs. When people have jobs to support their families, everything else falls into place.

  • Martin

    Trump vs. Trump: which one do they support?