New Front in Civil Forfeiture: Authorities Get Devices to Seize Funds Loaded to Prepaid Cards

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(See June 10 update below.)

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety has purchased several devices capable of seizing funds loaded on to prepaid debit cards to aid troopers in roadside seizures of suspected drug-trafficking proceeds.

The portable card scanners are designed to be carried in law enforcement vehicles, allow troopers to freeze and seize money loaded onto a prepaid card, and to return money to an account whose funds were seized or frozen.

The vehicle-mounted scanners are also capable of retrieving and storing limited account information from other cards as well, such as banking debit cards, credit cards and “payment account information from virtually any magnetic stripe card,” according to the website and patent documents of the device manufacturer, Texas-based ERAD Group Inc. ERAD stands for Electronic Recovery and Access to Data.

State Contract with ERAD Group

The card readers could reignite debate over civil asset forfeiture in Oklahoma and across the nation. State and federal laws allow law enforcement agencies to seize property and cash believed to be involved in the illicit drug trade and then take ownership of the assets through a civil-court action.

Law enforcement officials say that civil asset forfeiture is essential in disrupting drug trafficking operations. Civil-rights advocates argue that the process violates individuals’ property and civil liberties and sometimes results in innocent people having money seized on the roadside without being arrested or charged.

The new devices will now allow law enforcement to not only seize money in physical possession of a person being stopped, but from a financial institution holding the money loaded onto a prepaid card as well.

Brady Henderson, legal director for ACLU Oklahoma, said the new tactic could easily run afoul of the Fourth Amendment and land the issue in court.

“I think this is likely to expand pretty radically the scope of civil asset forfeiture procedures,” Henderson said. “This is a capability that law enforcement has never had before and one that is very likely to land DPS in litigation.”

However, law enforcement officials say the devices are essentially part of the arms race between police and drug traffickers, who in recent years have been loading pre-paid cards with millions of dollars for transport as part of the drug trade, thus decreasing the likelihood of seizure by law enforcement.

“They’re basically using pre-paid cards instead of carrying large amounts of cash,” said Lt. John Vincent, public information officer for the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

The contract signed by the state and ERAD Group, obtained by Oklahoma Watch, states that Department of Public Safety will pay a one-time $5,000 implementation charge and a $1,500 training charge for the devices.

ERAD Group will receive a 7.7 percent cut of all funds seized via the card readers. Vincent said the 16 prepaid card readers obtained by the department were installed in May.

The card readers will not be used to randomly swipe motorists’ gift or prepaid cards, Vincent said, but only in cases in which the trooper suspects criminal activity is taking place. The device logs which trooper is using the device when a card is swiped.

“If we have reasonable suspicion to believe there’s a crime being committed, we’re going to investigate that. If someone has 300 cards taped up and hidden inside the dash of a vehicle, we’re going to check that,” Vincent said. “But if the person has proof that it belongs to him for legitimate reasons, there’s nothing going to happen. We won’t seize it.”

A joint law enforcement drug interdiction team under the Oklahoma County District Attorney’s Office also has the devices, and Oklahoma City police officers who are part of the team use them, said Capt. Juan Balderrama, spokesman for the Oklahoma city Police Department.

Henderson said the devices were something that his organization has not run across before.

“You have effectively a way of instantly seizing a digital account from a traffic stop,” Henderson said. “That’s a capability I have never seen before.”

Judith Rinearson, a partner with the law firm Bryan Cave and a prepaid card-industry attorney, said in the past most individuals who used reloadable prepaid cards were unbanked or low income, but younger adults have begun using those cards as their primary financial transaction card.

Homeland Security Video on Prepaid Card Readers

How It Works

ERAD card scanners were first developed around 2012 for the science and technology arm of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to combat the use of prepaid debit cards by drug cartels to transport drug money, according to a Homeland Security media release.

Since then, some law enforcement agencies around the country have adopted the technology.

According to ERAD Group’s patent for the device, law enforcement can determine the balance of money in an account associated with a prepaid card that is part of branded “open loop” networks such as Visa or MasterCard or “closed loop” cards that only allow purchases at a single company, such as gift cards.

When the card is scanned by the officer to check the account balance, the system disguises the balance request as a typical vendor request to prevent alerting suspects that law enforcement is checking the card, the patent states.

Once the card’s account balance is determined, the officer can use the device to freeze the funds, preventing withdrawal or use of the money in the account, or seize the funds by having them transferred to a law enforcement financial account, the patent states.

Although the device does not allow funds from non-prepaid cards to be frozen or seized, it can provide the officer information about those cards such as the card number, the name on the card, expiration date and the card issuer.

That data, along with any accompanying notes, is then saved in a case management database for future use, allowing law enforcement agencies to search for additional illicit funding by analyzing other card seizures, transactions and trends associated with the card issuer. The agencies also identify any accounts linked to the seized card, the patent and contract documents show.

T. Jack Williams, ERAD Group president and one of the leading magnetic stripe card consultants for federal and state law enforcement, said the device has three main purposes: intelligence, forensics and asset seizure.

“The seizure stuff is really secondary, even tertiary,” Williams said.

Williams declined to say exactly how many law enforcement agencies across the country now ERAD Devices.

“I can tell you it’s in the hundreds,” Williams said.

Williams said freezing or seizing funds from prepaid cards is not the same as freezing or seizing funds from bank or debit cards, since prepaid cards come from pooled accounts held by financial companies and are not protected by the Bank Secrecy Act.

“Prepaid cards are cash, they are not bank accounts,” Williams said.

According to a slide presentation delivered by ERAD’s Williams in early May at the West Coast Anti-Money Laundering Forum, using the card readers to obtain information on cards’ magnetic strips do not run afoul of the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure and warrantless searches.

Citing an Oklahoma case in which 83 Walmart gift cards were seized after the cards were loaded with drug funds, Williams’ presentation states that because prepaid cards are treated like currency, they can be seized like currency. “Individuals do not have privacy rights with magnetic stripe cards” because the information on the strip “literally has no purpose other than to be provided to others to read,” the presentation said.

Henderson, of the ACLU, said usually in freezing or seizing money from financial accounts, “there are all kinds of steps where courts get involved so that there’s a check and balance there. All of that would be eliminated in this situation. It’s a situation where you have an instant freeze with zero due process.”

Sen. Kyle Loveless, R-Oklahoma City, said he, too, was concerned with the constitutional and due process implications of the ERAD devices.

“Until this, we didn’t even know these things were in existence,” Loveless said. “It’s scary to know that technology even exists and that government agencies are using it without an arrest without a warrant.”

Last legislative session, Loveless introduced legislation to change aspects of the state’s civil asset forfeiture laws. The move triggered sharp criticism by law enforcement officials, and the legislation died in committee.

Before the session, Loveless said he was told by law enforcement that the presence of large sums of money packed into a vehicle was an indicator of possible criminal activity .

“It seems to me this new technology is taking the argument away – ‘we don’t have the cash here, but it’s somewhere,’” Loveless said.

However, Vincent, of DPS, said the devices are not only for seizure of suspected illicit funds. Although no seizures have yet been made with the devices, troopers have been able to use the card readers to uncover cases of identity theft, he said.

“The asset forfeiture part will definitely help us as far as we have people trying to courier large amounts of money, but it also, and is probably is seen more as, helping with identity theft, credit card fraud and all of that,” Vincent said. “This isn’t solely about asset forfeiture. This isn’t about money. We’re not in the business of making money. We’re in the business of solving crimes.”

Update, June 10: A state legislator has requested that an interim study and hearing be conducted on the use of card-reader devices by law enforcement and other aspects of civil asset forfeiture. “News of ERAD usage has prompted renewed calls in my district to examine the civil asset forfeiture process, with due process and safeguards against unreasonable searches and seizures as the main concern,” Rep. Mark Lepak, R-Claremore, said in his written request. “The idea here is to get both sides in the room.” A decision on interim studies will be made during the summer and hearings will be held later in the year.

Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said that the Oklahoma City Police Department has card-reader devices. Department officers who are part of a joint interdiction team under the district attorney’s office use the devices, but the Oklahoma City Police Department doesn’t own any.

  • Jeremy Rhymes

    They were already abusing the power they had. And now they have more. I’d rather the drug dealers have that money than the cops. At least they earned it by meeting a demand in the marketplace. One that is black only because government is corrupt.

  • dufas_duck

    Credit cards too. What do the police do, charge the max on a person’s credit card and leave their victim with the bill??

    Checks and measures do not seem to work very well when the cops are taking people’s cash, this new method is really ripe for police abuse no matter what police PR is……..

    • JennaTrull

      The credit card thing worries me too.

  • alan_1969

    The problem is that the police thinks everyone that has more money than them, must be a drug dealer.

  • MostInterestingManInTheCosmos

    You can count on them pushing the envelope as far as possible, as they do now with cash that people carry for innocent reasons.

    “Well well well, you’ve got a twenty thousand dollar credit limit on this Mastercard, according to our scanner. In legal terms, you’re driving around with $20,000 in POTENTIAL CASH! Or you were, because we just maxed out your card and took the cash proceeds of $20,000 into official custody, so you won’t be tempted to spend it in some illegal manner. Here’s your card, and have a good day sir!”

    • JennaTrull

      Keep in mind that of the 20K you mentioned, $1540 will be owed to the company that makes the scanners. Where does that money come from if the seized assets are returned to their rightful owner?

    • Damon Tarklin

      They can only take money off of “pre-paid” cards.

      • Maybe. So far.

        • Damon Tarklin

          No, legally it can’t go past that. Prepaid cards are cash legally. They aren’t going to allow these hicks to threaten the entire banking system with their shenanigans.

          • Corporations do things that are illegal all the time. Then they pay off politicians to retroactively make them legal. Never say never or you may end up eating crow.

          • Damon Tarklin

            Nope, I’m conscious of what’s going on in America, but not everything is a conspiracy. These are hick local cops, not the feds, not homeland security, not the NSA, not the IRS. etc. etc.. Nobody is going “retroactively” cover for some little small town police officer for stealing someone’s money from a bank. It would cause a run on banks if they did that.

          • Sorry, Damon. You’re being naive. It isn’t only happening in Oklahoma. Do a search on YouTube. And this isn’t the only travesty. See

  • Andrew Noon

    Private companies getting a cut from state-sanctioned roadside piracy. Now there’s a crime the police will be happy to do nothing about.

  • RW

    Take your money, seize your assets, with NO conviction required! How have we let this happen? The majority of folks don’t realize, they do not even have to be charged with a crime, to have their money or assets taken!

  • JohnThackr

    “But if the person has proof that it belongs to him for legitimate reasons, there’s nothing going to happen. We won’t seize it.” – This would be the same Oklahoma Police that stole money from a Christian band who was raising money for orphans in Thailand, right, and only gave up because of bad publicity?

    The burden of proof shouldn’t be on the person to show that they have “legitimate reasons.” The burden of proof should be on the police to show that it’s being used for illegitimate reasons. They shouldn’t be allowed to seize people’s money on a hunch, it should require a real trial.

    • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016

      The police are not supposed to be Judge and Jury either. Which 100% bypasses Constitutional provision for due process. Not decided by a cop on the side of the road.

      • JohnThackr

        I definitely agree with you there. Unfortunately, from what I can tell Donald Trump disagrees and supports the police deciding on the seizures, the same way he supports eminent domain of old ladies’ houses to build casinos.

    • Damon Tarklin

      Too many people in Oklahoma just assume that the police are right in forfeiting assets like this. If more people just used their brains and thought logically they wouldn’t be able to get away with stuff like this.

      • JustUs

        We have thousands of Oklahomans infected with the Zika virus: Republicans.

  • bob

    Ah the joys of living in a conservative state. Remind me again how much they worship the constitution?

    • rrgg

      This has nothing to do with being a “conservative state.” Civil forfeiture is happening everywhere. Californians recently voted down a law that would stop it, and they are a very Democratic state. NH is one of the few states that has taken some action against it recently. Even Holder said he was going to stop this and did nothing.

      One real issue is law enforcement often gets to keep the cash, and it creates a conflict of interest and incentive to continue this.

      • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016

        Think the point bob was making is that Oklahoman citizens voted in mass to elect Ted Cruz, the protector of the US Constitution in the state Republican primary but don’t seem to have the will to stop unconstitutional actions like this in their own state. It is ironic.

        • rrgg

          Fair enough. I just fail to see how it’s different from most other states where they’re collecting these massive funds and doing very little about. There were recent big cases of this in NJ and NY, also not “conservative states.”

      • bob

        the conservative legislature had a 600 million budget hole last year. before the oil price crash. it perfectly matched the tax credits they gave the oil industry, and they refused to back off, rather having a deficit than not give money to the industry. the previous year they cut school funding by almost the exact same they again gave industry. this year, wit more tax cuts for the public, for industry, and the oil crash, the hole ballooned to 1.3billion.

        but again, rather than roll back the income tax cuts and industry cuts, they just press on. theyve managed to cover about 400mil so far, but its a one time solution. next year is already projected to be an even larger shortfall.

        and this may shock you about california….but they too had a conservative legislature, for the majority of the 00’s. and if you recall, several conservative governors. which coincidentally are where their civil forfeiture stuff came from.

        Cali inst this monolithic liberal bastion. no it isnt a very democratic state. if you’d actually lived there you’d know most of its districts, which are rural btw, skew conservative. its legislature thus tends to be republican controlled. its only in the state wide elections (governor, senator) that skew to democrats, and even then only barely (~55% of time).

        some of the most conservative (and racist) people in congress are representatives from California. Steve King perfect example.

        the only reason Cali currently has a democratic legislature is because the GOP one pulled that balanced budget stupidity and cut taxes too far back, and left the state unable to respond to the financial crisis. luckily they had also recently undone a fair bit of gerrymandering, and voted the idiots out, and raised taxed enough to fix the budget mess. now it looks like its going to switch back the other way though, cause people have short memories.

        the difference though, is that when the conservatives dug their state into a budget hole, cali kicked em out and fixed it. in Oklahoma, Kansas Wisconsin and Florida, the people of the state are instead saying “thanks sir can i please have some more” as their states crash and burn.

        • JustUs

          Oklahoma: Beat me, baby!! Beat me!!!!!

      • HowdyNSA

        “Californians recently voted down a law that would stop it, and they are a very Democratic state. ”

        You do know that elections in California are rigged don’t you?

        In a mayoral election here awhile back they found ballot boxes floating in the ocean.

        Some dodo who lives in the city did not realize that waves bring anything thrown into the ocean back to shore.

        So when you see something that defies common sense took place “because of an election”, like people voting in favor of police being allowed to steal their belongings, you can bet that election was rigged by the authorities.

        Another example is an election here where people were asked to choose whether or not they wanted parking tickets to remain at their current extortionate prices, or if they wanted parking tickets to be reduced. The election results said that people wanted to keep parking tickets at their current high extortionate prices.

        Does that really seem believable? That people voted they wanted to pay $70 for not moving their car on street sweeping days and wanted to pay $450 if their car was towed for illegal parking?

        Or is it more likely the city rigged the election to keep that parking ticket money flowing?

        • rrgg

          OK, sure. Maybe that election was rigged as you said. I don’t see how that changes anything I said. This is still not a “conservative state” issue. The only state I know that’s done anything substantial against this is recently NH in fact.

    • slick willie

      bob—you don’t have to prove you’re an idiot, everybody who knows you already know.

      • bob

        its conservatives, like Tom Cotton, who want to ignore the constitution and keep people indefinitely detained without trial.

        its conservatives who want to torture.

        its conservatives who believe in punishment even after your sentence is up and debt paid to society, by barring you from voting, getting a job, or keeping you on a list for ever.

        its conservatives, like Roy Moore the chief justice of Alabama, who think the 1st amendment only applies to Christianity.

        its conservatives who worship states rights and “Fear government overreach” who then turn around and at the state level tell cities “oh no, you cant raise the minimum wage, you cant have anti-discrimination laws, you cant impede oil companies, etc”

        like i said: conservatives only pretend to worship the constitution.

        • JustUs

          Now Bob, we musn’t talk about Christians that way, the bible says they love us all.

  • RonPaulKicksAss

    Band of pirates.

    • A Third World America

      Highwaymen, aka Highway Robbers.

  • Tobias B. Santa

    Some companies now pay their workers with pre-paid debit cards as well. Surely there’s no connection to this. 😐

    • Robert49 ✓Trump 2016

      Most company Truck drivers too have that option for their drivers. Data Com cards. I even use pre-paid Visa cards myself. In fact many Americans do so are the Oklahoma state police suggesting that most people in their State that use pre-paid Visa cards criminals? Seems so if they are suspecting the average motorist that has pre-paid cards on them as suspects till proven innocent on the side of the freaking road.
      Sorry Oklahoma you blew it with me.
      In my cross country travels I will remember to route around Oklahoma.

  • Brian Mack

    There was a time between 2008 and 2012 that I couldn’t open a bank account because I had declared BK and stiffed Chase. They reported me to ChexSystems and poof, I couldn’t open an account ANYWHERE. So I opened a pre-paid credit card in 2010 so my new employer could direct deposit my checks. If the cops had seen those deposits which where 8k a month would they have immediately stolen my money? This right here is a good reason to sue the pants off of ALL cops who pull this crap. I’m not a druggie but this is going to effect normal people trying to get by in the crappy economy.

  • limn

    If the IRS does routine ‘lifestyle audits’ of every officer involved in an asset seizure then i might start to believe they are more concerned about solving crimes and not facilitating a money making operation.

  • Paul

    “ERAD Group will receive a 7.7 percent cut of all funds seized via the card readers.”

    This is the real crime here…find out who this company lines pockets to.

    • Gregg McPhedrain

      red light camera all over again
      we won’t rig it to steal money –
      government wins – company wins – people lose

    • JustUs

      And the Republican gangsters continuously depress revenue and degrade education. This is stupid, where did they get money to purchase such equipment?

  • Michael Cannon

    “The card readers will not be used to randomly swipe motorists’ gift or prepaid cards, Vincent said, but only in cases in which the trooper suspects criminal activity is taking place.”
    Criminal activity? Like have money in your bank account?

    “But if the person has proof that it belongs to him for legitimate reasons, there’s nothing going to happen. We won’t seize it.”
    So much for innocent until proven guilty.

  • Buckeye RUSSELL

    This will end up in Court as this is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment, who the hell do they think they are, the IRS…..

    • James Watts

      That’s what they are, state/local version of the IRS.

  • Lewis Hardin

    I’ve often thought of running for governor of Oklahoma. If I were governor first thing I would do is stop civil forfeiture. I would set up a 10th Amendment committee and send the following letter to all 3 branches of the federal government :

    As of this date, no bill passed by the United States congress and signed into law by the President,or passed into law thru the veto process, or mandate or rule put forth by any federal agency, or ruling by the United States Supreme Court or any lower federal court that does not meet the standard of the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution will not be recognized as legal and valid by the State of Oklahoma.

    1. SCHOOLS: Any student,teacher,member of facuty or administration in possession of a penis will use bath rooms,locker rooms and showers marked boys men male ect.

    Any student,teacher,member of facuty or administration in possession of a vagina will use bath rooms,locker rooms and showers marked girls women female ect.
    First violation for student 6 wks suspension no make work,second offense expolsion for the remainder of the year. Teachers,faculty memebers or administration who violate this order ,first offense 6 wks suspension without pay,second violation suspension without pay for the remainder of the school year,
    Any student,teacher,member of faculty or administration arriving to school dressed as to appear to be a member of their opposite sex shall be denied entrance to the school .
    2. I would declare Islam a criminal enterprise under state and federal RICO Statutes , I would make the practice of islam illegal as promoting criminal activity and a danger to public safety. By the rules of prosecution under the federal Racketeer Influenced an Corrupt Organizations islam qualifies as a criminal organization.
    3, Oklahoma would be a constitutional carry state for firearms.
    4, When there is a financial short fall in the state budget all law makers pay is suspended until the short fall is reversed without raising taxes.
    5. Any person who attacks, attempts to harm,maim or kill a law enforcement officer who is in the process of making an arrest shall receive a sentence of 10 yrs to be served in its entirety before beginning serving a sentence for the original crime.
    6. Any person who targets a law enforcement officer for attack,harm,or for the purpose of causing bodily harm or death to the officer shall receive a sentence of 20 years to be served in its entirety.
    This would be on day one.

    • bob

      1) unconstitutional discrimination, 14th amendment
      2) also unconstitutional discrimination, 1st amendment
      3) it already is.
      4) you cant wish money into being. the shortfall is BECAUSE they cut taxes too far, both from the public and the oil industry. Mary Failing thinks that if we get to 0% income tax somehow our tax revenue will go up. so far that hasnt happened. not here, nor anywhere else. and the oil industry…well we cant be upsetting them, can we? except you cant wish money into existence. schools are already underfunded, getting about half what they should. your #4 is just idiotic.
      5) do you want a police state? because this is how you get a police state.
      6) welcome to the police state

      in other words, you’d be no different from Mary Failing.
      and we dont need more of that special brand of stupidity around here.

  • JayGoldenBeach

    “We’re not in the business of making money. We’re in the business of solving crimes.”


  • disqus_mma68NTtry

    This crap needs to end….I am sorry, but if the rest of America continues to allow the robbery by the Police State…then it gets everything it deserves. It’s your money people, and you don’t have to prove diddly squat to the police. You have a right to a fair trial and jury among your peers. And you people in Oklahoma better rise up, like now and push back against the tyranny headed your way.

  • Kalib Butler

    know those CB radio antennae? The magnet from it is quite strong. Just
    carry one with you. If you fear you’re going to be arrested, swipe it
    across your cards. Cheaper to replace a card than have it emptied.

  • slick willie

    There are two sets of criminals here. ERAD, for legalizing the system they must surely have perfected during their time as identity thieves, and DPS for jumping on the bandwagon. There are ways for dealing with people like this, and it doesn’t concern the legal system.

  • Tom Zarek

    prepaid cards are how some businesses are paying their employees.

  • James Watts

    The most dangerous drugs in Oklahoma, are those prescribed by dealers in white lab coats. As long as you don’t treat your pain with a weed, you’ll be ok.

    • REALConservative

      That’s not a fair or accurate representation.

      More accurately, the most dangerous drugs in OK are DEMANDED of the “dealers in white lab coats.” I am a prescriber (although I refuse to wear the irrelevant signature garment), and my patients lose their minds and threaten violence when I refuse to feed their habit.

      I prefer my patients use marijuana, and I don’t care how they get it. When I was a prescriber in a state where medical marijuana was legal, I always gave my patients a choice; you either get your pain meds from my prescription pad, or you get them from a MM dispensary. Without exception my patients who were predisposed to use marijuana chose the latter, and I preferred it that way, as did all my colleagues. I don’t get in trouble for refusing to prescribe to someone who tests positive for marijuana or who admits to using it, but I can go to jail if I prescribe narcotics to someone who then refuses to follow the clear instructions I give them regarding their use. So is it a surprised that I prefer if patients get high and stay at home? I don’t get paid for any of the prescriptions I write, so the less writing I do, the better.

  • qwe123

    This is one of the many reasons I’m selling my house and moving to Colorado

  • Lord Schmoo

    So the most conservative state in the country is perfectly OK with insane violations of the 4th Amendment and due process? Classy.

    • REALConservative

      Most of the population in this state is too stupid to understand such an analysis.

      When it comes to the destruction of the Constitution, there is no difference between republicans and democrats. Most Okie republicans would not even recognize due process as being a part of the US Constitution.

  • NuriaRodriguez

    Anyone can have a prepaid card. Some people can’t have credit cards, so they use prepaid cards and use that instead of putting all of their money in the bank. So now it’s at the discretion of some cop to use that?

    • Another way that the poorest Americans become the most victimized.

  • k_pr

    No, that won’t be abused.

  • dfggdfdfgdfgdfgdggdffggh

    That’s it, moving to Colorado. Weed money taxed and the taxes used to improve schools for my kids. Oklahoma, money stolen if you’re guilty or not, proceeds go to private company and thug cops, taxes spent on Education cut. So sad to have to leave after living here most of my life but my home state has turned into some third world country. Oklahomastan.

    • Survivor3306

      Oklahomastan! Love it!

    • REALConservative

      To be fair, I don’t see a lot of evidence that the extra money spent on education was really of any help.

  • Nikato Muirhead

    Demagnetizing the stripe on Prepaid debit cards will help prevent this. Once prepaid cards start getting EMV chips this will make it virtually impossible for this to continue.

    • Only until they create a new type of ERAD that reads the chips. The “bad guys” will quickly learn that powerful magnets can wipe out mag stripes so the only ones victimized will be the innocents caught up in this.

  • REALConservative

    Every day there is new evidence as to why the days when it was respectable to be a police officer are long past.

  • Survivor3306

    I love how both the ERAD and police spokesman are trying to downplay the stealing of cash. BS. It is how ERAD makes their money so I hardly believe they are indifferent to this aspect of the program. Obviously such seizures can well devastate victim’s lives. So seizure is really The only factor that matters.

    But let’s play pretend and take them at their word. An alternative: when the police scan a card that has lots of money and the stories don’t sound right, arrest the person and put the cards along with the arrestee’s other possessions in lock-up while they are being held. That gives time to investigate without moving the funds. Then if the person is freed, he gets his stuff back and money hasn’t moved from his card. This would work since the state and ERAD claim the seizure is inconsequential to them.

  • Sedition Is Freedom

    Welcome to KGB Police State USSA. Corrupt criminal Banana Republic leaders, a population ready for revolution. Just look at these posts. Not one defender of the tyrants. It’s 1775.

  • Survivor3306

    What is the difference between a Oklahoma Highway Patrolman and an armed robber? Immunity.

    • REALConservative

      Plus, if I shoot the armed robber, I’m the hero.

  • Hopinow

    Anything that takes this much “defense” is indefensible! Now we understand what “highway robbery” actually means. This “war on drugs” yeah sure—-has been used long enough to scam the people.

  • Michael Nardoni

    What happens if a business man or someone that has thousands of dollars on a pre paid card to purchase equipment for there business or you are traveling to another State to buy a car or boat and you get pulled over and the cop freezes your money because it’s in his opinion that the money loaded on the card is suspicious because of the large amount??
    This is wrong on so many levels and anyone that condones this, promotes this and thinks this is a good thing is nothing more than a Communist and should be treated as such. Please explain to the masses all the innocent people that never get their money back or it takes months and months of legal wrangling to get your money back, They left that part out of the story.

    • REALConservative

      Just to put this in perspective, the phrase “I don’t have to explain anything to you” is standard commentary from modern cops.

    • Yes, this is precisely why this is so dangerous. There are many cases of money being seized even when the person had proof they were on their way to buy a car from a stranger who would only take cash.

      Many purchases we might make from an individual would be made in cash. People who don’t like to carry cash might put the amount in an account and pay with a debit card or withdraw it close to the location where they are buying.

      Now debit cards are as dangerous to carry as cash because of risk of seizure and asset forfeiture by agents for governments. They are the new highwaymen.

  • MrDoug

    Paid goverment thief’s, that is all LEO is any more

  • Deborah Lee Johnson

    is anyone concerned about the statement in the article that “ERAD Group will receive a 7.7 percent cut of all funds seized via the card readers.” I’m thinking that’s a sweet deal.

    • REALConservative

      We are pretty much concerned about all of the behaviors discussed in this article.

      Modern law enforcement has become nothing more than the crew who worked for the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  • JustUs

    Oh hell Chris, we still have you, gotta keep those social programs running though. If they stop, we’ll come to your gated community of the greedy. God help you if we get in. We’ll dye all of your suits breast cancer pink to remind you there are millions of us that are not immune to life’s tribulations. We’ll make you our slaves, then you’ll beg us to let you pay to fix your streets and rehire the police and fire departments. Shall I continue? Ok, you seem unnerved by such a scenario Chris. What will you do when the water in your taps turn black like Flint’s did? Sure, we’ve gotta stamp out that ol’ EPA, we need imaginary jobs you exported instead of some damn stinking clean water. Had enough reality checks yet Chris? FEMA, let them clean up their own weather misfortunes, George didn’t do nuthin’ why should you. I just wasted my finger strength, you Republicans wouldn’t know you fell down unless you see blood on the sidewalk. Then you blame it on the geese that were flying south that day or the Crips. That’s right after you lie to your supporters that the reason sun’s not shining is because the SciFi channel’s stock price fell today. What else do you have that’s smartass-based to post to us fully brained Scholars? It’s already a known fact that Republican’s brains are severely ZIKA’d to the point you forget there are other human beings living besides you. Why do you hate us so much?

  • Survivor3306

    I hear that this new policy has gotten international attention. And the feedback is all bad. There is a real possibility that a special session will be called to revoke this policy. But better yet the whole monstrous policy of asset forfeiture is now being questioned and this could start its repeal. If so, this newpolicy could turn into a God-send. But I will believe it when I see it.

  • Stephen Hanley

    Asset forfeiture laws are just another hand of the government in Americans pockets, I am waiting for the day that Americans start standing up and refuse to controlled, I DO!

  • Cirric Fylenco

    They go after anybody, not just people who they pretend to suspect. They suspect everybody. All they are are paid mercenaries who the government allows to rob the public. And everybody knows it but none of us can do anything about it, because the people who make the laws are in on it.

  • jwillis

    What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    • Skip Tindle

      If you have several thousand of these pre pay cards I would say you are in the wrong lol

      • itz_justme

        You do know that people who don’t have “several thousand” of these pre pay cards will not be the only one’s targeted right? This device scans all cards with a magnetic strip (i.e. all of them). You don’t have to be convicted of a crime. They can just take your money just because they feel like it and there have already been cases of them doing just that. You have to take them to court to prove your innocence, but if they’ve taken money directly from your accounts, with what money are you supposed to fight with?

  • NCOriolesFan


    I will now do my best to avoid Oklahoma at all costs. Tourism groups and officials should be very LOUD and VOCAL in their opposition to this tactic and alert the traveling public about it, if they’re not on the hook with this tactic.

    By protesting the bill to avoid seizure from innocent Americans, this is plain proof that cops, who claim to ‘protect and serve’ don’t give a rats butt about ordinary citizens and OUR Constitutional Rights.

  • this is really disgusting and insane……..These ppl have entirely too much fucking power! they do what they want and nobody raises hell! It’s all about the money!

  • gamilon

    Use the brain! You need a banc account card with zero dollar on it so they can not seize from it. When you need money go online to your pay pal or other banc account and transfer money to the empty account. But you need to keep the accounts and pass words secret

  • akita96th

    He says it’s not about the money…cough cough! Bull—-……Cops lay and wait for the money…They have taken lots of money from people who were not drug dealers and they don’t like to give it back….Democracy in this country has been taken over and rewritten for the enforcers of tyranny.

  • BornAMileHigh✓ᵀᴿᵁᴹᴾ

    talk about “highway robbery”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Richard Lawson

    Best way to send a message to the bad guys who call them selves police. Don’ buy prepaid credit cards. When the sale of those cards drops, the banks will put an end to those card readers. The banks can afford to fight the police departments. Use a travelers check. And contact your state congressman to let him know that this theft from law abiding tax payers is going to stop. Another concept that the American people need to consider is to stop the TAX dollars until this countries congress is cleaned out.

  • Richard Lawson

    The police departments are no longer friends to the American people. Be aware that when most police officers pull you over on a traffic issue their looking for away to arrest you or steal from you. Your guilty until proven innocent and if you don’t have the money to prove it, you go to jail and the people who run that jail make money from state taxpayer dollars. NEVER, NEVER trust a police officer no matter how nice he or she seems.Their only loyalty is to each other. I’m saying these things in light of what our police departments have turned into.