Local Authorities Continue Card Scanner Seizures

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The controversy over civil asset forfeiture in the state has been reignited by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol acquiring portable scanners to seize suspected drug money found on prepaid debit cards. The governor recently put a halt to the state program until a clear usage policy is put in place. But as Brad Gibson of Oklahoma Watch tells us, that’s not stopping other local law enforcement from using the devices, which are strongly opposed by civil rights advocates.

  • dufas_duck

    The cops probably have a field day with citizen’s debit cards…

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the police would start charging the max on people’s credit cards and leave the citizen with the bill….

  • NeonDisease

    the 4th Amendment may as well not exist anymore

  • Rick Vance

    You know it’s getting bad when the police are flat out stealing from the citizens. Remind me again who the good guys are?

  • homebuilding

    If you are stopped, make certain that you have your driver license and your insurance ALONE, ready to hand to an officer.

    They have no need and no right to even see a purse or wallet. (have your glove box locked and ‘lose the key’) You’ve made certain that nothing suspicious is visible from outside the car, already–right?

    If they ask for more:

    1) ask if there is suspicion of a crime

    2) demand a search warrant

    And always be very aware of NOT being a visual target for nuisance traffic stops:
    –inoperable out or mis-aimed lights
    –turns executed to the FAR lane
    –unsignaled lane changes or turns
    –aggressive lane changing
    –following too closely
    –any deviation from ‘straight down the lane’
    –looking down or around–other than straight down the lane
    –always wary of the vertical white traffic laws (speed limits)

    Good luck. We need to push back against our ‘punishment first’ constabulary and every single level of administration above them.

    All that, and VOTE OUT THE TYRANTS !