‘Watch-Out’ Video: The Arguments For, Against the Education Sales Tax

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Amber England, executive director of Stand for Children Oklahoma, and Dave Bond, chief executive officer of OCPA Impact, made their cases on voting yes or no on State Question 779, which would hike the state sales tax by one cent to help fund education.

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  • homebuilding

    Another cent in sales tax wouldn’t hurt me a bit !

    But, I’m most solidly against it.

    Why, oh why, should the legislature and the governor pat themselves on the back for ‘giving us a income tax break’ while bankrupting the state?

    1) they could have called a halt to the last steps of that income tax cut, but they didn’t.

    2) it’s their job to ‘mind the store’ and fund state services for which laws have been passed, but they didn’t

    3) now they want the public to ‘trust them’ as they’d do the right thing with the extra money

    4) Never, ever believe self-serving politicians who play Pontius Pilate, pleading their inability to do anything–