Imam Imad Enchassi: Muslims in the Bible Belt

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Video by Ilea Shutler. Produced by David Fritze.

“Conversations” is a series of video interviews with Oklahomans about subjects that relate to some of the state’s important issues. The 2016-2017 series is sponsored by the Chickasaw Nation and is made possible by a grant from the Institute for Nonprofit News.

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Imad Enchassi, an imam who founded the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City, grew up in Palestinian refugee camps in war-torn Lebanon and ended up in the heart of the Bible Belt.

He talks about treatment of Muslims in a Christian-dominant society, his boyhood memories of a nun and the good will that arose out of the evil of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Bonus Video: Assimilation and Identity for Muslims

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  • Karl McGaugh

    As long as individual donations to a mosque stay with the local mosque I don’t have a problem. But that is not what is happening. Donations collected in the mosque are divided and some is being sent to foreign “missions” to spread jihad. We “American’s” are at war with Jihad’s all over the planet because they use Sharia Law to take away elected government and install Islamic religious government. Humanity is being taken back to the 6th century in most Muslim countries and wars are being fought between Sunni and Shiite denominations of Islam. Islam could be a fine religion but Sharia law goes beyond religion and creates a governmental State with law enforcement officers, courts, & jails to maintain the power of the Muslim State. Only Muslims can rule. Christians & Jews are not allowed. Our US Constitution guarantees a republican form of government with the people having the power to form grand juries & elect government representatives. Muslims have religious clerics (priests) elect a supreme leader from within their ranks.

    • Ken Wade

      Looking at fringe Christian groups, your suggestion of local Muslim groups keeping their donations within their own mosques should apply to Christian churches also. Most atrocities in the US citing religious belief as inspiration for their actions are Christian. Not Muslim.