• Gerald Carlburg

    The REAL reason that the penny sales tax failed is because voters realized that only about 60% would go to the teachers, the rest, spread ‘at will’ by the Regents to other agencies. Next, we realized that Mr. Boren, skillfully tried to make this part of the Oklahoma Constitution! This also was understood by the voters! We also are demanding that the Legislature eliminate the tax holidays of the alternative energy cartel. They are now operating in the Black! Now you folks in the NEA and plush positions, may understand why it failed! Yet, there are a lot of folks still wondering how President Trump won the election! The voters are fed up with the “Elite” balony!

  • Chris

    With the No side being outspent the way they were I don’t understand why the headline is focused on who funded the effort. The story is that with a greater than 6 to 1 spending advantage, the Boren Tax was still soundly rejected by the public.