A Deeper Look at Fallin’s State of the State Address

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Erick Payne/Oklahoma Watch

Gov. Mary Fallin delivers her 'State of the State' address to a joint session of the Oklahoma House and Senate on Monday.

In her seventh “State of the State” address on Monday, Gov. Mary Fallin called for eliminating the corporate income tax and the sales tax on food, while endorsing a teacher pay raise and hiking cigarette and gasoline taxes.

She proposed an appropriated 2018 budget of $7.8 billion, representing a 6 percent increase over the current year.  All but 11 agencies would see no increase. Among the departments with a proposed bump: Health Care Authority, 11 percent; Mental Health, 9 percent; Transportation, 18 percent; Education, 5 percent; Public Safety, 15 percent, and Corrections, 2 percent.

The version below is annotated by Oklahoma Watch writers to provide context and analysis. This is the written address, with some changes to reflect what was actually spoken.

The speech was delivered in the House chamber in a joint session of House and Senate members, and as is the tradition, was attended by agency heads and state Supreme Court and appeals courts justices. The galleries were packed with visitors, media, lobbyists and members of Fallin’s family.

Click on a section highlighted in yellow to read the annotation.

  • homebuilding

    A GOPster Dreamland budget, for sure.

    Just where is the money coming from to pay for the corporate tax elimination and the food sales tax moratorium?

    Oh, yes–a windmill tax.

    We knew they were lying about the balance budget with the phased in income tax reduction–
    and we know they are lying now.

    And they look right in the eye and tell you that they ‘support education.’


    Was this an attempt to be more like Texas–or Kansas?

  • Three Dollar Bill

    Thanks for the annotation to help read between the lies, (I mean lines). Here are my thoughts:

    Oklahoma is one of only seven states that tax grocery sales at the same rate as other purchases. It’s gotta go. Citizens spend a significant amount of their income on groceries, disproportionately as incomes rise. This is the bread basket.
    Forty-three other states impose a corporate income tax. The government protects and builds roads for corporations who can take advantage of tax minimizations and allows them to “speak”, as though they were human.
    Cigs cost a billion and a half a year. Tax ‘em out of business. Grow yer own !
    Gas tax? Fix the roads, making up for lost time.
    Higher Education proves there is little correspondence to debt ridden graduates’ employment.
    98, out of 515, districts have transitioned to a four-day week, this would suggest that a lot of parents will stay at home from work an extra day a week, also.
    School choice – one size fits all for an underachieving multitude.
    DPS – with civil asset forfeiture self funding is a breeze.
    Lock ‘er up. We’re #1 and harming families beyond repair.
    Oklahoma Justice Reform get smart, follow Colorado.
    Alt right ! We’ll call it Marycare ! Because every state will get to roll their own health care plan.
    Peace and harmony.