New Efforts to Get Cellphones Out of Drivers’ Hands

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A recent national study shows Oklahoma ranks somewhere in the middle of states in terms of laws to protect driver safety – everything from fines for texting while driving to seat belt enforcement. But at least four new bills in the Legislature would toughen the state’s driver-safety laws, and they are sure to generate heated debate. Brad Gibson of Oklahoma Watch reports…


The mother of an Oklahoma state trooper killed by a distracted driver in 2015 reflects on her son, his compassion and respect for his job, and the importance of stronger distracted driving laws.

  • Jonell Beeton

    How many people does it take to be killed before some positive action is taken to curb or restrain the usage of cell phones …Period ! Several apparently in this state unless your SOMEONE of Importance and you die because of this cell phone usage while driving, The law to restrict usage of cell phone while driving except in emergencies should of been dealt with years ago & its not about the 1st amendment

  • John Edwards

    All phones have messaged systems and you can always find a safe place and pullover. No excuse for this to continue.