A Funding Emergency for 911 Calls

A tax that relies on disappearing land-line phones isn’t generating enough money to keep 911 systems operating properly or deal with incessant “pocket dial” 911 calls from cellphones.

The Challenge of Getting Oklahomans to the Polls

Voter turnout is expected to be higher than usual in the presidential primary in Oklahoma on Tuesday. But turnout in general has been declining in the state. The latest Oklahoma Watch Report on radio looks at what might bring more people to the polls.

An Anguished Wait for Parents of Developmentally Disabled

Ten years is a long time to wait for available state help to improve the care of a developmentally disabled child or other relative. Some families despair, as captured in this moving “Oklahoma Watch Report” radio segment.

OKWatch Radio: Hepatitis C Cases Surge Across State

Hepatitis C is on the rise again in Oklahoma, which has one of the highest rates of acute infections in the nation. Insures cite expensive medications to treat the liver disease as a reason for rising health insurance rates.

OKWatch Radio: The Case for, Against an Education Sales Tax

This Oklahoma Watch Report examines the pros and cons of the proposal to hike Oklahoma’s sales tax for education. Listen to OU President David Boren and Republican House Speaker Jeff Hickman., among others.