As Teacher Shortage Nears Crisis, Other States May Offer Remedies

The latest counts of emergency certified teachers capture a stubborn reality: Classrooms across Oklahoma are being staffed by a teacher who isn’t fully trained or prepared. Find out what other states are doing to ease the teacher shortage and how many teachers were emergency certified in your district.

Despite Pitfalls, More Schools Introduce Self-Paced Learning

More Oklahoma schools are embracing “personalized learning,” in which students advance individually at their own pace. Once they’ve mastered a concept, they move on independent of their classmates. But the concept has critics and some districts have scaled back their programs. Is self-paced learning the future or a fleeting experiment?

OU Pulls Back on Touted National Merit Scholars Program

Over the years, the University of Oklahoma has spent millions of dollars on awards for National Merit Scholars, then aggressively marketed their presence. But the Merit Scholars program, promoted heavily by former President David Boren, is being scaled back. Is that good or will it lessen OU’s reputation?