Rolling Coverage: Lawmakers’ Responses to Threatened Teacher Strike

A threatened teacher walkout in early April casts a shadow over the legislative session and could disrupt the lives of parents, children and many others. Oklahoma Watch reached out to the 35 representatives who voted against Step Up Oklahoma. Here’s what the 17 who responded said about their votes and the potential strike.

Teacher Pay by Decade: Oklahoma vs. U.S.

For much of the past half century, teacher pay in Oklahoma has been well below the national average. In only one decade, just after the millennium, did compensation rise significantly, only to fall in this decade.

For People of Color, Banks Are Shutting the Door to Homeownership

Fifty years after the federal Fair Housing Act banned racial discrimination in lending, African Americans and Latinos continue to be disproportionately denied conventional mortgage loans. Oklahoma City and Tulsa are among the cities with high disparities.

Annotating Fallin’s State of the State Speech

In her final State of the State address, Gov. Mary Fallin made no bones about her central point: Pass the Step Up Oklahoma plan proposed by business and civic leaders. Oklahoma Watch writers use annotations to analyze the speech.

Inside a Judge’s Rehab: Unpaid Work at a Local Coca-Cola Plant

From Retired Oklahoma Judge Thomas Landrith is hailed as a hero of criminal justice reform, but he also is involved in a more sinister byproduct of that cause: He started his own rehab work camp where defendants must work full time for free at a local Coca-Cola bottling plant and other companies.