Hofmeister Charged with Campaign Violations, Felony Conspiracy

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister was charged Thursday with felony conspiracy and campaign violations in Oklahoma County District Court stemming from activities during the 2014 superintendent race.

A Roomful of Guns

At the Oklahoma City Police Department, the guns keep pouring in, filling up the property room again and again. The number of guns confiscated by the department over the past five years has risen sharply.

For Thousands, Civil Courts Are Out of Reach

Every month, thousands of low-income people show up in Oklahoma courts on civil cases with no attorney representing them, if they even appear at all. They can’t afford legal fees, are unaware of legal aid, or don’t believe they will get a break anyway. A commission is trying to make civil courts more accessible.

More Women Head to State Prisons

Despite years of concern over Oklahoma’s high rate of female incarceration, the number of women sent to prison jumped again in the latest fiscal year. One dramatic exception: Tulsa County, which sent 24 percent fewer women to state prisons. Oklahoma County sent 33 percent more.

The Never-Ending Battle over Selection of State’s Most Powerful Judges

The push by conservatives to overhaul how state Supreme and appeals courts justices are selected shows no sign of letting up. Proponents of change complain of activist judges. Supporters of the current merit system warn of changes that could corrupt an independent judiciary.