Many Tulsans Pay Police Alarm Fee, But Non-Payers Get Same Service

For more than three years, Tulsa residents and businesses have been paying fees to a voluntary city program to ensure police will be the first to respond to an intruder alarm on their property. But because of a technical issue with the 911 system, those who paid the fee have received the same level of service as those who didn’t pay.

End of Hope: One Offender’s Path to the Penitentiary

David Hammock was one of nine men who took their own lives in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary between 2012 and 2015. Convicted of arson at age 18 for burning down the old Sallisaw High School, he failed at chances to gain early release, and then, in the end, lost hope.

Bleak House: Suicides in the Penitentiary

Between 2012 and 2015, nine inmates in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary took their own lives, giving Oklahoma’s only state-owned maximum security prison the highest suicide rate among corrections facilities. Is solitary confinement to blame?

Lack of Money Stalls Collection of Arrestees’ DNA

A state law is now in effect requiring DNA to be collected from all people arrested for felonies. But state officials say they lack the funding to implement the program.