Rolling Coverage: Lawmakers’ Responses to Threatened Teacher Strike

A threatened teacher walkout in early April casts a shadow over the legislative session and could disrupt the lives of parents, children and many others. Oklahoma Watch reached out to the 35 representatives who voted against Step Up Oklahoma. Here’s what the 17 who responded said about their votes and the potential strike.

Teacher Pay by Decade: Oklahoma vs. U.S.

For much of the past half century, teacher pay in Oklahoma has been well below the national average. In only one decade, just after the millennium, did compensation rise significantly, only to fall in this decade.

Interviews Show Teachers on a Collision Course with Unwavering Lawmakers

Despite the warning that teachers will walk out and shut down much of Oklahoma’s public school system, early indicators are that many legislators aren’t budging on positions that led to a stalemate on a teacher pay hike. Oklahoma Watch contacted lawmakers on both sides.

Is a Teachers Strike Imminent?

The Oklahoma House approved cuts to education and other areas Monday, and many teachers appear to be fed up. There is talk of a strike, but could it happen and would it be legal?

Scholarship Fund Tells Private Schools to Revise Discrimination Policies

In response to an Oklahoma Watch story, the largest granter of tax-credit scholarships has told at least 60 private schools to comply with a state law that prohibits discriminating against applicants with disabilities to remain in the program. But that doesn’t necessarily mean schools will change their admission practices.

Private Schools’ Policies, in Their Own Words

The state’s Equal Opportunity Education Scholarship program prohibits participating schools from discriminating against students with disabilities, but some schools say they don’t have the capacity to educate these students. Here are some schools’ positions.