After Governor Played Her Hand, How Will Legislature Respond?

If Monday was any indication, the next four months will be a challenging, and perhaps contentious, time at the State Capitol. In this recording, Oklahoma Watch’s Trevor Brown and Brad Gibson discuss Fallin’s proposals and what kind of reception they’re likely to get during the session.

A Deeper Look at Fallin’s State of the State Address

Oklahoma Watch writers annotate key parts of Gov. Mary Fallin’s “State of the State” address Monday, offering context and analysis. Fallin called for eliminating the sales tax on food and the corporate income tax, while endorsing a teacher pay raise and hiking the tobacco and gasoline taxes.

Sales Tax on Amazon Will Boost State, Local Budgets

Online retail giant Amazon will start charging sales taxes to Oklahoma customers in March – a move that will bring in hundreds of millions of dollars to state and local governments. However, it won’t address next fiscal year’s budget shortfall.

Mapping the Legislature

These interactive maps show the party breakdown for Oklahoma House and Senate districts. Click on or tap a district to see its representative or senator.