In One Minute: The Lieutenant Governor’s Race

Find out who’s running for lieutenant governor of Oklahoma on Nov. 6 and the role the office plays in state government. This video series is presented by Oklahoma Watch and is sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Oklahoma.

Sharp Contrasts Define the Frontrunners in Gubernatorial Race

The Kevin Stitt-Drew Edmondson race will be a study in contrasts, with Stitt positioning himself as a Donald Trump-like outsider with business acumen, and Edmondson positioning himself as a serious-minded, experienced public servant wanting more support for education and social services.

This Year, a Primary Runoff of Historic Proportions

If there is one thing clear about today’s runoff election, it’s that voters and observers are in for a record level of suspense. The election will feature the largest number of runoffs in at least two decades, and possibly the most in state history.

Stitt’s Mortgage Firm Failed to Tell Regulators of Past Problems

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kevin Stitt’s mortgage company did not tell Wisconsin officials about its past run-ins with other states’ regulators when it applied for a mortgage banking license a decade ago, according to documents obtained by Oklahoma Watch. Stitt says it was a clerical error.