Players and Money Behind Penny Sales Tax Campaigns

Millions of dollars will be spent in the coming months in an effort to convince Oklahomans to vote for or against the education sales tax. What voters don’t know is where the money being spent is coming from.

Undervalued Properties Deprive Schools of Millions in Funds

Below-market property valuations and constitutional caps on tax increases are depriving Oklahoma schools, counties and cities of tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue, according to a recent data study.

Unnamed on Panel’s Review List, Business Subsidy Will Still Get Scrutinized

A state commission examining business incentives was unaware that an $89-million subsidy for tire manufacturers was not specifically named on its review list. But state officials say the panel will evaluate the program, two years after subsidy recipients can apply for more funding.

Unused Tax Credits Are ‘Wild Card’ in State Budget

Unused tax credits have created a big cloud over future state revenue collections, and officials say they can’t predict with certainty when or even if a storm might strike.