Face-Off: the ‘War on Poverty’

Researchers from two prominent Oklahoma think tanks offer their views on whether the “War on Poverty” has been a success or failure.

Fees for the Poor?

Q: Has Oklahoma offloaded to the poor and disadvantaged much of its cost of delivering safety-net benefits?

A Measure of Hunger

With Oklahoma’s resilient economy, many food pantries and obesity problems, does the state really have hungry people?

From the Streets to a Home

Boopsie sniffs the air, curious about the guests in his and Jeff Dillard’s home. After a cautious approach, the pit bull terrier, who has scars from fighting, lays his head on a guest’s lap. Dillard smiles. He took the dog into his home in February after he heard him barking on the street at 3 a.m. Boopsie’s former owner, a homeless man who used to fight Boopsie against other dogs for money, abandoned him and left town. “We’re best friends,” Dillard said.