For Many Women, Road to Prison Is Paved With Trauma

Data obtained by Oklahoma Watch shows that six out of 10 women in prison have mental illness, which is about twice the percentage of men. Women are five times as likely to be suffering from trauma disorders.

A razor wire fence surrounds the Joseph A. Harp Correctional Center in Lexington.

Mentally Ill Inmates, by Facility

This interactive table breaks down the prevalance of mental illness and substance abuse disorders by corrections facility.

In Prison, and Unaware of Trauma’s Impact

Many women in prison don’t realize they are suffering from long-term trauma effects. If they did, says former inmate Tabitha Kincannon, they could take the first steps toward recovery.

Family, Advocates: Mentally Ill Get Short Shrift From Insurers

Karie Dove fought with her mentally ill daughter’s insurance company for more than two years, trying to get her the proper treatment. Her battle reflects mental-health advocates’ claims that insurers are disobeying laws requiring equal coverage for mental and physical health care.