Individual Donors (2016)

Without help from our community and individual donors, Oklahoma Watch would not be able to provide impactful, investigative journalism to the people of Oklahoma. Below are a list of our generous donors who have donated in 2016. Your donations help keep Oklahoma Watch’s reporters and editors working for you. To see our organizational donors, click or tap here.

View donations for each year at these pages:

Editor's Circle
Bob Burke
James East
Vince LoVoi
Brett Wesner
Gerald Adams
Donna Woods Bauer
David and Debra Fritze
Sue Hale
Champion Level
Lisette Barnes
John Colbert
Dena Drabek
David Greenwell
Ed Kelley
Kerry Lewis
Tom and Kay McCarthy
Gene Perry
Rebecca Renfro
Alison E. Taylor
Tenetia Bishop
Judy Burns
Lisa Chanoff
Freda Deskin
Jeffrey Dismukes
Ray Dyer
Linda Edmondson
Gerald Gustafson
Dina "Dinky" Hammam
Robert Harbison
Roger D. Harms
Rebecca Harris
Kendra Kimble
Julie Lawson
Kerry Lewis
Hank Martin
Jim McGoodwin
Veronica Pasfield
Gene Prigmore
Bob Ross
Eric Scholl
Rick Snyder
Don Williams
David Blatt
Laura Boyd
June Chubbuck
Jenifer Reynolds Cook
Carolyn Crepps
Ford Drummond
Melvin Fritze
Janice Goetzinger
John Harris
Joe Hight
Bobby Hinds
Ann Houston
Mike Jablonski
Joseph Johnston
Lisa Kramer
Ted Metscher
Carl Milam
Rex Montgomery
David R Morgan
Judy Mullen-Hopper
Ron Ripley
Ethan Shaner
Pete White
Barbara Williams
Laura Eastes Akers
Matt Allen
Ann Allen
Cindy Allen
Kenneth Baldridge
Adell Barnes
Michelle Blasquez
John Breese
Joseph Broome
Shelley Brown
Lois Brown
Doris Cannaday
Anna Carter
Jan Cox
John Cox
Craig Dawkins
Chad Dayton
Caroline Dike
Mickey Dollens
Emily Duensing
Michael Duncan
Cassandra Gilman
Vance Gregory
Lori Harless
Sonya Hensley
Amreen Hermani
Michael Hill
Debbie Johnson
William Kizer
Dallas Koehn
Alex Kroblin
Cindy Lee
Sheryl Lovelady
Mia Massicotte
Dennis Neill
Michael Pearson
Dakota Pollock
Mary Sue Price
Dorothy Pugh
Tera Roblyer
Kim Rolston
Louise Roush
Adam Schweigert
Richard Sears
Joey & Tracy Senat
Scott Shepherd
Owen Summers
Samantha Sunne
Jeanne Taylor
Wesley Veitch
Stephen Walden