Individual Donors (2017)

Without help from our community and individual donors, Oklahoma Watch would not be able to provide impactful, investigative journalism to the people of Oklahoma. Below are a list of our generous donors who have donated in 2017. Your donations help keep Oklahoma Watch’s reporters and editors working for you. To see our organizational donors, click or tap here.

View donations for each year at these pages:

Publisher's Circle
Vince LoVoi
Gene Rainbolt
Editor's Circle
Gerald Adams
Bob Burke
James East
Cliff Hudson
Brett Wesner
Donna Woods Bauer
Dena Drabek
David and Debra Fritze
Sue Hale
Betsy Krieger
Chris Ross
Sheila Swearingen
Champion Level
Doris Cannaday
Jenifer Reynolds Cook
David Greenwell
Ed Kelley
Ken Levit
Steve Mason
Melvin Moran
Adam Nemec
Gene Perry
Joey & Tracy Senat
Alan & Susan Atkinson
Bob Blackburn
Dena Drabek
Daniel Droege
Linda Edmondson
Kay Goebel
Brent Gooden
Robert Henry
Joe Hight
Neva Hill
Ann Houston
Mike Jablonski
Rosie Jacobs
Joseph Johnston
Carla Kimberling
Craig and Julie Knutson
Mary Jane Lindaman
Don and Sandra Longcrier
Pattye Moore
Dennis Neill
Bob Nelon
Gene Prigmore
Andy Rieger
Kim Rolston
Jim Roth
Suzanne Schreiber
Don and Jane Schreiber
Rick Snyder
Robyn Tower
Pam Troup
Cindy Allen
Adell Barnes
Debbie Blackwell
Laura Boyd
Allen Clayton Greene
Lori Harless
Tristan Loper
Don Nelson
Billie Rodely
Margaret Ryan
Colleen Smith
Christy Watson
Ruth Atterberry
Jonathan Baker
Connie Barnett
Thomas Berger
Kay Bickham
Richard Bunn
Bill Clifford
Amanda Clinton
Dan Cowan
Janetta Cravens
Cherry Dienz
Emily Duensing
Glenda Van Dusen
Amanda Ewing
Mary Francis
David Glover
JoBeth Hamon
Diane Harderson
Kim Harris
Tricia Hines
Jeanette Jahnke
Farzad Khalili
Spencer Kusi
Kevin Lair
Susan McCann
David Morgan
Amber Neville
Nelda Paden
Elizabeth Perry
Tamara Roberson
Claire Robison
Kathryn Rothfusz
Emily Scott
Carolyn Smith
Michael Snyder
Holly Sweet