Few Statewide Candidates Voluntarily Disclose Financial Information

Only four of 28 candidates for statewide elected office in Oklahoma have voluntarily released details about their personal finances similar to what is typically disclosed by federal candidates and candidates in other states. Democratic gubernatorial candidate Drew Edmondson released his tax returns and detailed finances. Republicans Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt declined to release theirs, as did most of the non-gubernatorial candidates.

To Disclose or Not to Disclose

Some candidates made it clear why they refused to provide details about their personal finances as requested by Oklahoma Watch. Others explained why thought it best to release them. Read their statements.

OU Pulls Back on Touted National Merit Scholars Program

Over the years, the University of Oklahoma has spent millions of dollars on awards for National Merit Scholars, then aggressively marketed their presence. But the Merit Scholars program, promoted heavily by former President David Boren, is being scaled back. Is that good or will it lessen OU’s reputation?

Child Care Becoming Scarcer as Costs, Closures Take Toll

Since 2012, the number of child care facilities has dropped by nearly one-quarter, putting parents in a pinch as they try to find places to take their kids. Industry representatives blame excessive regulation and subsidy income limits that exclude many parents who still struggle with the expense.

How Nitrogen Executions Could Go Wrong

Oklahoma officials say that using inhalation of nitrogen to carry out the death penalty will be safe and humane. But uncertainty surrounds the process, including how it will force inmates to inhale the gas and what will happen if they resist.

Candidate Profiles: The Race for Oklahoma Governor, 2018

Wavering on your choice for governor? Check out our profiles of Democrat Drew Edmondson, Libertarian Chris Powell and Republican Kevin Stitt before you head to the polls.