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As a nonprofit news organization, Oklahoma Watch depends on corporate sponsors and community partners — as well as individual donors and foundations — to make our work possible. We are grateful for all of their help and are committed to meeting the highest standards that sustain that support and are essential to producing first-rate investigative journalism.

By offering this support, you show how much you value high-quality, independent news projects on state government, education, social welfare, public health and criminal justice. Oklahoma Watch’s audience is engaged, well-educated and influential.  We maintain an open dialogue with our readers, both in person and online, which gives us a relationship with our audience that no other news organization in Oklahoma can match.

Oklahoma Watch reaches more than 400,000 unique users every year through our website, emailed newsletters and social media. Not to mention hundreds of thousands more through republication by other news outlets. Our multimedia products, including podcasts, video, slide shows and broadcast segments on public television and radio expand our reach even further. Our public forums and News & Brews happy-hour events are a unique way to connect with Oklahoma Watch subscribers in an intimate setting.

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