Reported Rapes Climb, But Many Sexual Assaults Still Go Undisclosed

In the decade of the #MeToo movement and widespread revelations of sexual abuse, more women are reporting incidents of sexual assault to authorities, studies show. But the era of silence isn’t over. In this mixed-media report, Oklahoma Watch examines the continuing problem of the significant underreporting of sexual assaults.

Vaccines Become Untouchable Issue in Oklahoma Politics

Vaccination has become a dirty word at the Oklahoma Capitol. As Oklahoma joins 25 other states in the worst measles outbreak in a generation, vaccination policies have become so politically toxic that few lawmakers want to take a recorded vote on the issue.

Where Does Stitt Stand on Required Vaccinations?

Vaccines flared briefly as an issue in the 2018 gubernatorial campaign when a news outlet discovered an online video in which then-candidate Kevin Stitt said not all of his children were vaccinated. Stitt later dismissed the report, saying his and Sarah Stitt’s six children, who attended a school with high vaccine-exemption rates, had received various vaccines.

Vaccination Rates Vary Widely by School, County

Many Oklahoma schools report required vaccination rates for kindergarteners at 95% or above, according to a 2017-18 survey. But some schools have rates well below 80% and rates of vaccination exemptions above 10% or even 20%. Find out the rates for your school and county.