The interactive wheel below lets you track the approved state budget by category.

You will see how the $7.1 billion budget for fiscal 2014 compares with last year’s budget and the one for 2009, which, at $7.2 billion, was the largest in state history. The upshot: The overall increase over last year is 3.9 percent, but some areas, such as corrections, remain flat and are lower than in 2009. Education gets an increase, but is still lower than in 2009 even though K-12 enrollment has risen. State employees don’t get a pay raise.


In the wheel below, the biggest categories are shown in light blue near the center, with smaller ones layered outward. Each circle is segmented porportionately for spending.

To operate:

1. Click “Show Labels” or, if preferred, “Hide Labels.”

2. Click any category to spin the wheel to see a breakdown of spending for fiscal 2014. Move cursor over a category to see notes and amounts in the blue boxes above.

3. To back up a level, click the blue circle in the center.

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