METHODOLOGY conducted the random-sample, scientific survey from May 22 through June 12, using live telephone interviewers. Of the 402 respondents who participated, 108 were contacted by cell phone and 295 by land line. The combined results have been weighted to adjust for variation in the sample relating to age, sex and political party. The margin of error is plus or minus 4.9 percentage points. For smaller subgroups, the margin of sampling error is larger. Some respondents were interviewed this week by Oklahoma Watch, a nonprofit investigative team established to report on public policy issues in Oklahoma.


Would you support or oppose legislation that would make it mandatory for all new homes built in the state to include a tornado shelter installed in the home, even though it will raise the cost of a new home by up to $2,000 to $8,000?

Strongly support                 32.3 percent
Somewhat support                8.9 percent
Neutral*                                 2.6 percent
Somewhat oppose               14.4 percent
Strongly oppose                   41.7 percent

Would you support or oppose a state taxpayer funded Safe Room Rebate Program that would provide a state income tax rebate of some portion of moniespaid by the homeowner to install a tornado shelter in their pre‐existing home?

Strongly support                 54.7 percent
Somewhat support             21.6 percent
Neutral*                                 3.8 percent
Somewhat oppose                 6.7 percent
Strongly oppose                  13.2 percent

Would you support or oppose legislation that required all primary public schools in the state to have a specifically designed tornado shelter?

Strongly support                  78.2 percent
Somewhat support                9.2 percent
Neutral*                                 2.7 percent
Somewhat oppose                 5.3 percent
Strongly oppose                     4.7 percent

How should the cost be financed?

(For respondents who supported mandatory school shelters)
An increase in state income taxes             9.4 percent
An increase in property taxes                  16.5 percent
An increase in state sales taxes               44.4 percent
Don’t know*                                               29.7 percent

*Includes respondents who declined to answer.

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