Through Dec. 10, as reported by the Oklahoma Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Click on column headings to re-order. Search by cause, city or date.

Date of DeathCity of DeathCause of Death
1/4/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
1/5/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Stab Wounds
1/5/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot And Sharp Force Wounds
1/6/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Head
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Head
1/7/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Torso
1/8/13TulsaMultiple Stab Wounds
1/9/13LawtonShotgun Wound Of Chest, Perforating
1/10/13The VillageMultiple Gunshot Wounds
1/11/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
1/11/13OwassoMultiple Gunshot Wounds
1/14/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
1/18/13Oklahoma CityPrematurity
1/20/13LawtonGunshot Wounds Of Back And Torso
1/20/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Back, Close Range, Perforating
1/20/13StuartGunshot Wound Of Head
1/21/13MuskogeePuncture Wound Of Chest
1/22/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
1/22/13TulsaMultiple Blunt Force Injuries
1/25/13TulsaMultiple Stab Wounds (2)
1/26/13SpringerStab Wounds Of Chest
1/28/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
1/29/13TulsaBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
1/29/13PryorGunshot Wounds Of Chest And Abdomen
1/30/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/10/13Oklahoma CityCardiac Arrhythmia
2/10/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
2/13/13NormanGunshot Wound Of Right Shoulder
2/13/13Elk CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
2/14/13Oklahoma CityHead Trauma, Blunt Force
2/14/13New LimaStab Wound Of Chest
2/16/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest And Abdomen
2/20/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
2/20/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Left Shoulder
2/20/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Back
`BenningtonGunshot Wound Of Chest
2/21/13DurantMultiple Gunshot Wounds, Chest
2/21/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
2/24/13TulsaComplications Of Blunt Force Trauma Of Head
3/1/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound, Chest
3/2/13Oklahoma CityStab Wound Of Chest
3/2/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/2/13TulsaStab Wounds Of Head And Neck
3/9/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Head, Perforating
3/11/13BoleyMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/11/13BoleyMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/12/13McAlesterAcute Combined Chemical Toxicity
3/14/13DurantMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/14/13TulsaComplications Of Multiple Burn Injuries
3/14/13TulsaMultiple Stab Wounds
3/15/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
3/17/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head And Torso
3/17/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/18/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Blunt Force Trauma
3/21/13ShawneeMultiple Gunshot Wounds
3/23/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest
3/23/13EnidRifle Type, Firearm Injury To Chest, Penetrating
3/24/13Oklahoma CityLigature Strangulation
3/24/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
3/26/13LawtonMultiple Stab Wounds
3/28/13Oklahoma CityHead Trauma, Blunt Force
3/29/13PryorGunshot Wound Of Chest
3/29/13PanamaComplications Of Strangulation And/Or Multiple Blunt Force Injuries
3/30/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
4/1/13LindsayComplications Of Blunt Force Trauma
4/3/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/3/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/4/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/5/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/7/13BartlesvilleStab Wound Of Chest
4/7/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Blunt Force Trauma Of Face And Head
4/7/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/8/13Pauls ValleyMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/9/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
4/9/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/11/13GuthrieMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/11/13NormanBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
4/16/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/21/13Oklahoma CityStab Wound Of Chest
4/21/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Abdomen And Chest
4/22/13ChoctawGunshot Wound Of Chest
4/22/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of The Abdomen, Perforating
4/24/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Neck
4/25/13Oklahoma CityNeck Injury, Sharp Force
4/25/13LawtonMultiple Gunshot Wounds
4/29/13Oklahoma CitySmoke Inhalation And Thermal Injury
5/1/13ManchesterGunshot Wound Of Back
5/2/13PawneeMultiple Stab Wounds
5/2/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head And Right Arm
5/3/13TulsaComplications Following Blunt Force Injury Of Head
5/3/13OverbrookGunshot Wounds Involving Thorax, Abdomen
5/3/13OverbrookGunshot Wound Of Thorax
5/4/13AtokaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
5/6/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Torso
5/7/13MuldrowShotgun Wounds Of Head, Neck, And Chest
5/11/13TulsaStab Wound Of Chest
5/12/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
5/13/13HoldenvilleGunshot Wound (Shotgun) Of Head
5/13/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Abdomen, Penetrating
5/14/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Torso (4)
5/15/13BartlesvilleShotgun Wound Of Chest
5/15/13LawtonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
5/16/13TulsaMultiple Blunt Force And Sharp Force Injuries Associated With Strangulation
5/16/13SasakwaMultiple Trauma
5/22/13AnadarkoMultiple Stab Wounds
5/23/13GroveGunshot Wound Of Head
5/24/13YaleMultiple Trauma
5/25/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
5/25/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Torso, Penetrating
5/26/13Oklahoma CityIntracranial Hemorrhage
5/29/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
5/29/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
6/2/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
6/5/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest And Abdomen
6/7/13ChandlerAsphyxia And Multiple Head And Neck Traumas
6/7/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
6/9/13PadenMultiple Gunshot Wounds
6/10/13DuncanStab Wounds Of Head And Torso
6/11/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Stab Wounds
6/11/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Abdomen and Right Leg
6/12/13Boise CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
6/12/13CrescentAsphyxiation (Suffocation)
6/13/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
6/13/13McCurtainGunshot Wound Of Head
6/16/13CalumetBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
6/16/13CalumetSmoke Inhalation And Thermal Burns
6/17/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Stab Wounds
6/17/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
6/18/13McAlesterAcute Combined Drug Toxicity
6/19/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Left Hip
6/21/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Head Trauma
6/22/13EdmondMultiple Gunshot Wounds
6/22/13LawtonLiver Failure
6/23/13TahlequahMultiple Gunshot Wounds
6/25/13McAlesterAcute Chemical Toxicity
6/26/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest And Abdomen
6/27/13TulsaAsphyxia Due To Compression Of The Neck And Chest
6/27/13AmberGunshot Wound Of Head
6/29/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Abdomen
6/30/13VinitaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/4/13ArcadiaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
7/4/13ArcadiaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
7/6/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds Of Torso
7/7/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Blunt Force Trauma, Sequela
7/8/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
7/9/13JenningsGunshot Wound Of Chest
7/10/13LawtonGunshot Wound Of Chest
7/11/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
7/14/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Head And Chest
7/14/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Abdomen
7/16/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Sharp Force Injuries
7/17/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Abdomen
7/18/13ClevelandShotgun Wounds Of Head And Chest
7/21/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
7/21/13FoxPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
7/23/13IdabelBlunt Force Injuries Of Head And Torso
7/23/13Oklahoma CityPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
7/23/13Oklahoma CityShotgun Wound Of Face And Neck
7/23/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
7/24/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
7/25/13LawtonMultiple Gunshot Wounds Of Chest
7/31/13OkmulgeeStab Wound Of Chest
7/31/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
8/2/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
8/3/13HugoMultiple Gunshot Wounds
8/4/13ChoctawMultiple Gunshot Wounds
8/4/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Head
8/4/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
8/8/13BlackwellMultiple Stab And Incised Wounds
8/12/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
8/12/13ChecotahMultiple Gunshot Wounds
8/12/13ColemanPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/14/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
8/14/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
8/14/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Back And Head
8/14/13Oklahoma CityIntermediate Range, Penetrating Gunshot Wound Of Forehead
8/14/13Oklahoma CityPenetrating Gunshot Wounds Of Head And Chest
8/15/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head
8/16/13DuncanPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Back
8/17/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Abdomen
8/17/13EnidMultiple Injuries
8/19/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Chest
8/20/13Sand SpringsGunshot Wound Of Head
9/1/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Chest And Abdomen
9/1/13TulsaGunshot Wounds And Sharp Force Injuries Of Head And Neck
9/4/13HoldenvilleGunshot Wound Of Abdomen
9/7/13IdabelGunshot Wound Of Head
9/10/13McalesterAcute Chemical Toxicity
9/12/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head Sequelae
9/14/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Head, Penetrating
9/14/13Midwest CityGunshot Wound Of Chest, Perforating
9/14/13NormanPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Leg
9/16/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Torso
9/19/13LawtonPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Head
9/19/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
9/21/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
9/21/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Head And Chest
9/23/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Thorax
9/24/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Back
9/27/13TulsaGunshot Wounds Of Head
10/1/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
10/2/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
10/2/13AltusStab Wound Of Abdomen
10/8/13Oklahoma CityBlunt Force Trauma Of Head
10/11/13GuthrieMultiple Gunshot Wounds
10/12/13TulsaPerforating Gunshot Wounds Of Neck And Torso
10/12/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
10/12/13TulsaPerforating Gunshot Wound Of Neck
10/13/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds Of Head/Neck, Torso, And Right Leg
10/18/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Left Arm And Chest
10/20/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wound Of Chest
10/26/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
10/27/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds Of Torso And Right Leg
10/27/13Oklahoma CityGunshot Wounds Of Chest
11/2/13HaskellMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/7/13TulsaShotgun Wound Of Neck
11/10/13TulsaMultiple Blunt Impact Injuries And Asphyxia Due To Strangulation
11/10/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/13/13Midwest CityGunshot Wound Of Chest
11/14/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/23/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
11/23/13TulsaMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/23/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Chest
11/23/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/24/13TulsaGunshot Wound Of Head
11/25/13Oklahoma CitySingle Perforating Gunshot Wound Of Chest
11/27/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
11/29/13Oklahoma CityMultiple Gunshot Wounds
12/1/13TulsaAnoxic Encephalopathy
12/2/13TulsaPenetrating Gunshot Wound Of Head
12/2/13BurneyvilleGunshot Wounds Of Head And Torso
12/5/13CushingGunshot Wound Of Head
12/10/13McalesterAcute Pentobarbital Toxicity

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