Oklahoma No. 7 in Reliance on Federal Funds

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Oklahoma ranks seventh in the nation in its reliance on federal funding to supplement state revenue, according to calculations by State Treasurer Ken Miller.

Of each dollar spent by Oklahoma government during the 2011 fiscal year, more than 43 cents was provided by the federal government, Miller said in his latest Oklahoma Economic Report, released Friday.

Only six states relied more on federal funds. In Mississippi, almost 53 cents of every dollar spent came from the feds. At the other end of the spectrum, the federal government provided less than 10 cents of every dollar spent in Connecticut.

Miller, whose calculations were based on figures obtained from the Council of State Governments, noted that states with the highest reliance on federal funds tended to be controlled by Republican governors and legislatures. Those with the lowest federal funding shares were more likely to be controlled by Democrats.

He termed the counter-relationship “curious.”

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