Below are questions similar to what third-grade students will see on the reading part of the Oklahoma Core Curriculum Test. The questions refer to passages students are asked to read.

Where would a student look to find a word that means the same as prize?
A: encyclopedia
B: thesaurus
C: almanac
D: atlas
Answer: B

The word “decision” from paragraph 5 has a root word which means?
A: to discuss
B:to question
C: to make a choice
D: to cause to believe
Answer: C

What does the word “gasped” mean in paragraph 2?
A: to think of an idea
B: to move in a slow way
C: to take in a deep breath
D: to remember something important
Answer: C

After looking at the titles “A Pelican’s Bill” and “Elephants and Their Trunks,” what do you think the passages will
probably be about?
A: how birds fly so high
B: what is found at the zoo
C: when animals like to eat
D: how animals pick things up
Answer: D

Which sentence from “Muffins and More Bakery” is an opinion?
A: We have the most wonderful baked goods in town!
B: Since we have stores all over Oklahoma, this is a statewide
C: For a full year, weekly tickets can be exchanged for a free
D: A chance at these prizes can be yours!
Answer: A

Source: Oklahoma State Department of Education.

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