A map showing how states stack up in terms of projected student growth.

Oklahoma is expected to add 28,000 students by 2022, according to data released by the National Center for Education Statistics.

The growth reflects a 4 percent change from 2012, when the state had roughly 669,000 students, according to the report released last month.

The report projects Oklahoma will come in 31st in terms of percentage of student growth compared with the rest of the nation. Nevada, the fastest-growing state in the country last decade, is expected to be first with a 17.8 percent increase. Seven states are expected to shrink.

Advocates for more education funding in Oklahoma often point to student growth as a reason more money is needed, so the state can maintain or grow its per-student spending and keep up with inflation.

A Center on Budget and Policy Priorities report said Oklahoma has cut education funding by 22.8 percent since 2008 when adjusted for inflation, the largest drop in the nation.

Nate Robson can be reached at nrobson@oklahomawatch.org

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