Last year, 12,139 medical professionals wrote prescriptions in Oklahoma for controlled dangerous substances. A relatively small number of doctors wrote tens of thousands of prescriptions each.

Medical Professionals Who Wrote Prescriptions

Top 10 Prescribers

PhysicianNumber of Prescriptions
Dr. William Valuck*43,067
Doctor No. 232,970
Doctor No. 326,990
Doctor No. 425,939
Doctor No. 525,236
Doctor No. 624,784
Doctor No. 724,741
Doctor No. 824,361
Doctor No. 923,668
Doctor No. 1023,535

* Valuck is identified by name because he is facing criminal charges after eight of his patients died of drug overdoses and a ninth was accused of causing a fatal traffic accident. Valuck pleaded not guilty. Other high-volume prescribers are not named because they have not been subject to disciplinary actions.

Source: Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs

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