“Auditing the Storm: Disaster 4117” is a joint investigative series by Oklahoma Watch and KGOU Radio on how federal and state disaster aid is being spent in the wake of the violent tornadoes and storms of spring 2013.

Part 1

Credit: Clifton Adcock / Oklahoma Watch

Special Report: Auditing the Disaster Aid for 2013 Tornadoes and Storms

Interactive table: Who’s receiving public assistance?

Plus:  Tracking the Flow of Aid

Part 2

Disaster-Aid Cash Could Flow for Years

Slideshow: Moore Area’s Recovery

Part 3

Mixture of Relief Aid Helps Revive Moore Schools


Part 4

Thousands of Disaster-Aid Requests End in Rejection

Interactive: How Many People in Each City Got Federal Assistance

Part 5

Moore, Other Damaged Areas Shut Out of Prevention Aid

Part 6

Federal Disaster Loans Present Dilemma for Storm Victims

Part 7

Credit: Clifton Adcock / Oklahoma Watch

Hotel With Disaster Loan Faced Challenges

Plus: Disaster Loans Help Businesses, Homeowners

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