As of Aug. 11, a total of 15 of Oklahoma’s 24 state-run prisons and prison units were over capacity.

In the table below, “CC” stands for correctional center, “MSU” for minimum security unit, and “A&R” for assessment and reception. Click on a column heading to re-order the table. Search by facility or city.

FacilityCitySecurity LevelCapacityCountCapacity Percentage
Charles E. Bill Johnson CCAlvaMinimum714739104%
Eddie Warrier CC (female)TaftMinimum93091598%
Jess Dunn CCTaftMinimum9821,121 114%
John Lilley CCBoleyMinimum822832101%
Lexington A&R (male)LexingtonMaximum418445106%
Lexington – In transitLexington14
Lexington CCLexingtonMedium71466193%
Lexington MSULexingtonMinimum26726599%
Mabel Bassett A&R (female)McCloudMedium/Minimum1029795%
Mabel Bassett – In transitMcCloud0
Mabel Bassett CC (female)McCloudMedium/Minimum1,139 1,135 100%
Northeastern Oklahoma CCVinitaMinimum493522106%
William S. Key CCFort SupplyMinimum 1,072 1,084 101%
Dick Conner CCHominyMedium960 1,064 111%
Dick Conner MSUHominyMinimum23623399%
Howard McLeod CCAtokaMinimum616691112%
Jackie E. Brannon CCMcAlesterMinimum73772899%
James Crabtree CCHelenaMedium799952119%
James Crabtree (minimum security)HelenaMinimum200220110%
Jim E. Hamilton CCHodgenMinimum685718105%
Joseph Harp CCLexingtonMedium1,378 1,462 106%
Mack Alford CCStringtownMedium497653131%
Mack Alford MSUStringtownMinimum26325898%
Oklahoma State PenitentiaryMcAlesterMaximum90172380%
Oklahoma State ReformatoryGraniteMedium799913114%
Oklahoma State Reformatory MSUGraniteMinimum200223112%
All Prisons 15,924 16,668 105%

Source: Facility County Report, Aug. 11, Oklahoma Department of Corrections.

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