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Fewer schools are getting A’s and more are getting F’s in the third round of Oklahoma’s A-F school report cards, released Wednesday.

According to the 2014 report:

* 289 schools got an overall grade of A, down 22.5 percent from 2013.
* 473 got a B, down 5.5 percent.
* 504 got a C, up 6.3 percent.
* 299 got a D, up 12 percent.
* 200 got an F, up 18.5 percent.
* 30 did not get a grade this year, down from 31 last year.

The letter grades are based on student results on spring 2014 end-of-instruction tests in reading, English, writing, math, algebra, geometry, science, biology and U.S. history. This is the third year that letter grades have been issued.

State Schools Superintendent Janet Barresi said the results show Oklahoma is still failing students by watering down education reform initiatives, such as dropping Common Core academic standards and easing retention requirements of the state’s third-grade reading test.

“These grades do not tell the entire story of a school, nor are they intended to,” Barresi said in a written statement. “But they do provide an important and concise look at how a school is performing in terms of academic achievement.”

But shortly after the state Board of Education voted to release the grades Wednesday, social media also lit up with critics saying the report cards were useless for measuring performance.

Alex Public Schools Superintendent Jason James said in an interview that dropping results from the fifth- and eighth-grade writing assessment highlights the problem of relying on test scores to create a grading system.

The writing results were not used after vendor CTB/McGraw-Hill gave many students the same grade across the board.

“It just goes to show the State Department of Education realizes that using tests is a flawed metric,” he said. “They just don’t want to give it up totally.”

Scroll to the bottom of the table to see reactions from local officials on today’s release.

2014 A-F School Report Cards

Scroll, search and compare the 2014 school A-F report card results below. Data can be sorted by clicking the arrows at the top of each column. You also can search by county, district or school.

CountyDistrictSchoolLetter Grade
AdairPeavinePeavine Public SchoolF
AdairMaryettaMaryetta Public SchoolC
AdairRocky MountainRocky Mountain Public SchoolB+
AdairZionZion Public SchoolC-
AdairDahlonegahDahlonegah Public SchoolB+
AdairGreasyGreasy Public SchoolF
AdairWattsWatts ESF
AdairWattsWatts HSD-
AdairWestvilleWestville ESF
AdairWestvilleWestville Skelly ESN/A
AdairWestvilleWestville JHSD
AdairWestvilleWestville HSC+
AdairStilwellStilwell ESF
AdairStilwellStilwell MSD
AdairStilwellStilwell HSC
AdairCave SpringsCave Springs ESF
AdairCave SpringsCave Springs HSF
AlfalfaBurlingtonBurlington ESA-
AlfalfaBurlingtonBurlington HSA+
AlfalfaCherokeeCherokee ESD
AlfalfaCherokeeCherokee MSC-
AlfalfaCherokeeCherokee HSA-
AlfalfaTimberlakeTimberlake ESD+
AlfalfaTimberlakeTimberlake HSC+
AtokaHarmonyHarmony Public SchoolB-
AtokaLaneLane Public SchoolB
AtokaStringtownStringtown ESD
AtokaStringtownStringtown HSC
AtokaAtokaAtoka ESC
AtokaAtokaMcCall MSF
AtokaAtokaAtoka HSB-
AtokaTushkaTushka ESA-
AtokaTushkaTushka HSA
AtokaCaneyCaney ESD+
AtokaCaneyCaney HSC
BeaverBeaverBeaver ESC+
BeaverBeaverBeaver HSC+
BeaverBalkoBalko ESC-
BeaverBalkoBalko HSA-
BeaverForganForgan ESC-
BeaverForganForgan HSA-
BeaverTurpinTurpin ESD+
BeaverTurpinTurpin HSC+
BeckhamMerrittMerritt ESC+
BeckhamMerrittMerritt HSA+
BeckhamElk CityFairview ESD-
BeckhamElk CityPioneer ESD-
BeckhamElk CityGrandview 5th/6th Grade CtrC
BeckhamElk CityNortheast ESD-
BeckhamElk City8th And 9th Grade CtrB
BeckhamElk CityElk City HSB+
BeckhamSayreSayre ESC
BeckhamSayreSayre MSC-
BeckhamSayreSayre HSB
BeckhamErickErick ESB
BeckhamErickErick HSB
BlaineOkeeneOkeene ESC
BlaineOkeeneOkeene Jr-Sr HS (Jr)B+
BlaineOkeeneOkeene Jr-Sr HS (Sr)A+
BlaineWatongaWatonga ESB-
BlaineWatongaWatonga MSC-
BlaineWatongaWatonga HSA-
BlaineGearyGeary ESC-
BlaineGearyGeary JHSD
BlaineGearyGeary HSC
BlaineCantonCanton ESD-
BlaineCantonCanton HSA
BryanSiloSilo ESB-
BryanSiloSilo JHSC
BryanSiloSilo HSC+
BryanRock CreekRock Creek ESC
BryanRock CreekRock Creek HSA
BryanAchilleAchille ESC-
BryanAchilleAchille HSA-
BryanColbertWard ES EastD-
BryanColbertWard ES WestA-
BryanColbertColbert MSD
BryanColbertColbert HSB+
BryanCaddoCaddo ESB-
BryanCaddoCaddo HSC+
BryanBenningtonBennington ESB+
BryanBenningtonBennington HSB
BryanCaleraCalera ESC
BryanCaleraCalera HSB
BryanDurantWashington Irving ESA-
BryanDurantRobert E.Lee ESA-
BryanDurantNorthwest Heights ESA
BryanDurantDurant Intermediate ESC
BryanDurantDurant MSB+
BryanDurantDurant HSA-
CaddoHydro-EaklyHydro-Eakly ESA-
CaddoHydro-EaklyHydro-Eakly MSB+
CaddoHydro-EaklyHydro-Eakly HSA-
CaddoLookeba SicklesLookeba-Sickles ESC+
CaddoLookeba SicklesLookeba-Sickles HSC-
CaddoAnadarkoAnadarko East ESD
CaddoAnadarkoSunset ESD
CaddoAnadarkoMission ESD
CaddoAnadarkoAnadarko MSC
CaddoAnadarkoAnadarko HSB-
CaddoCarnegieCarnegie ESA
CaddoCarnegieCarnegie MSD+
CaddoCarnegieCarnegie HSC+
CaddoBoone-ApacheApache ESD-
CaddoBoone-ApacheApache MSD
CaddoBoone-ApacheApache HSC+
CaddoCyrilCyril ESD+
CaddoCyrilCyril JHSC-
CaddoCyrilCyril HSB
CaddoGracemontGracemont ESD
CaddoGracemontGracemont HSB
CaddoCementCement ESD-
CaddoCementCement HSC
CaddoHintonHinton ESB-
CaddoHintonHinton MSD
CaddoHintonHinton HSB-
CaddoFort Cobb-BroxtonFort Cobb-Broxton Lower ESC+
CaddoFort Cobb-BroxtonFort Cobb-Broxton MSD+
CaddoFort Cobb-BroxtonFort Cobb-Broxton HSC-
CaddoBinger-OneyBinger-Oney ESD+
CaddoBinger-OneyBinger-Oney HSB-
CanadianRiversideRiverside Public SchoolC
CanadianBannerBanner Public SchoolA-
CanadianDarlingtonDarlington Public SchoolD
CanadianMapleMaple Public SchoolB
CanadianPiedmontPiedmont ESB
CanadianPiedmontPiedmont Primary ESN/A
CanadianPiedmontStone Ridge ESA+
CanadianPiedmontNorthwood ESA
CanadianPiedmontPiedmont Intermediate ESB
CanadianPiedmontPiedmont MSB+
CanadianPiedmontPiedmont HSA
CanadianYukonCentral ESB
CanadianYukonMyers ESB
CanadianYukonShedeck ESC
CanadianYukonRanchwood ESA+
CanadianYukonSurrey Hills ESB+
CanadianYukonParkland ESA+
CanadianYukonSkyview ESB
CanadianYukonIndependence ESC
CanadianYukonLakeview ESB
CanadianYukonYukon MSB-
CanadianYukonYukon HSA-
CanadianEl RenoHillcrest ESD
CanadianEl RenoLincoln ESC
CanadianEl RenoWebster ESB-
CanadianEl RenoRose Witcher ESC
CanadianEl RenoLeslie F.Roblyer MSC+
CanadianEl RenoEtta Dale JHSC-
CanadianEl RenoEl Reno HSC+
CanadianUnion CityUnion City ESC+
CanadianUnion CityUnion City HSA
CanadianMustangMustang ESD
CanadianMustangMustang Valley ESC+
CanadianMustangMustang Lakehoma ESB-
CanadianMustangMustang Trails ESC-
CanadianMustangMustang Creek ESB-
CanadianMustangMustang Education CtrN/A
CanadianMustangMustang Centennial ESD+
CanadianMustangMustang Horizon IesC+
CanadianMustangCanyon Ridge IesB-
CanadianMustangMustang MSB
CanadianMustangMustang North MSB
CanadianMustangMustang HSB+
CanadianCalumetCalumet ESC
CanadianCalumetCalumet JHSB-
CanadianCalumetCalumet HSB+
CarterZaneisZaneis Public SchoolC+
CarterArdmoreCharles Evans ESF
CarterArdmoreJefferson ESC
CarterArdmoreLincoln ESC-
CarterArdmoreWill Rogers ESN/A
CarterArdmoreArdmore MSD+
CarterArdmoreArdmore HSC-
CarterSpringerSpringer ESC-
CarterSpringerSpringer HSC+
CarterPlainviewPlainview Primary ESB+
CarterPlainviewPlainview Intermediate ESB+
CarterPlainviewPlainview MSA-
CarterPlainviewPlainview HSA+
CarterLone GroveLone Grove Intermediate SchoolA-
CarterLone GroveLone Grove Primary ESA-
CarterLone GroveLone Grove MSD+
CarterLone GroveLone Grove HSA-
CarterWilsonWilson ESD
CarterWilsonWilson HSD+
CarterHealdtonHealdton ESD
CarterHealdtonHealdton MSD
CarterHealdtonHealdton HSC-
CarterFoxFox ESC-
CarterFoxFox HSC+
CarterDicksonDickson ESB-
CarterDicksonDickson Upper ESB-
CarterDicksonDickson MSB-
CarterDicksonDickson HSA-
CherokeeLowreyLowrey Public SchoolF
CherokeeNorwoodNorwood Public SchoolD-
CherokeeWoodallWoodall Public SchoolB-
CherokeeShady GroveShady Grove Public SchoolD+
CherokeePeggsPeggs Public SchoolB-
CherokeeGrand ViewGrand View Public SchoolC-
CherokeeBriggsBriggs Public SchoolF
CherokeeTenkillerTenkiller Public SchoolB-
CherokeeKeysKeys ESC-
CherokeeKeysKeys HSA-
CherokeeHulbertHulbert ESD-
CherokeeHulbertHulbert Jr-Sr HS (Jr)C
CherokeeHulbertHulbert Jr-Sr HS (Sr)B
CherokeeTahlequahCherokee ESD
CherokeeTahlequahGreenwood ESC
CherokeeTahlequahSequoyah ESN/A
CherokeeTahlequahHeritage ESA-
CherokeeTahlequahTahlequah MSC-
CherokeeTahlequahTahlequah HSB-
CherokeeCherokee Immersion Charter SchCherokee Immersion Charter SchF
ChoctawGrantGrant Public SchoolF
ChoctawSwinkSwink Public SchoolC
ChoctawBoswellBoswell ESD+
ChoctawBoswellBoswell MSB
ChoctawBoswellBoswell HSA
ChoctawFort TowsonFort Towson ESD
ChoctawFort TowsonFort Towson HSD
ChoctawSoperSoper ESC-
ChoctawSoperSoper HSA+
ChoctawHugoHugo ESC-
ChoctawHugoHugo IntermediateC-
ChoctawHugoHugo MSF
ChoctawHugoHugo HSD
CimarronBoise CityBoise City ESC
CimarronBoise CityBoise City JHSC-
CimarronBoise CityBoise City HSC+
CimarronFeltFelt ESB+
CimarronFeltFelt HSA+
CimarronKeyesKeyes ESD+
CimarronKeyesKeyes HSB
ClevelandRobin HillRobin Hill Public SchoolB-
ClevelandMooreCentral ESC
ClevelandMooreFairview ESC+
ClevelandMooreKelley ESC+
ClevelandMooreNorthmoor ESC
ClevelandMooreSouthgate-Rippetoe ESC
ClevelandMoorePlaza Towers ESD+
ClevelandMooreSky Ranch ESC
ClevelandMooreKingsgate ESB-
ClevelandMooreHouchin ESB
ClevelandMooreWinding Creek ESA-
ClevelandMooreSanta Fe ESB
ClevelandMooreApple Creek ESB-
ClevelandMooreRed Oak ESB+
ClevelandMooreBriarwood ESC+
ClevelandMooreFisher ESA+
ClevelandMooreSooner ESB
ClevelandMooreEarlywine ESA
ClevelandMooreBroadmoore ESA
ClevelandMooreEastlake ESA+
ClevelandMooreBryant ESB
ClevelandMooreWayland Bonds ESA+
ClevelandMooreOakridge ESA+
ClevelandMooreHeritage Trails ESA+
ClevelandMooreBrink JHSA+
ClevelandMooreHighland East JHSB
ClevelandMooreHighland West JHSB
ClevelandMooreWest JHSB
ClevelandMooreCentral JHSB
ClevelandMooreMoore HSB+
ClevelandMooreWestmoore HSA
ClevelandMooreSouthmoore HSA
ClevelandNormanLakeview ESD+
ClevelandNormanAdams ESC-
ClevelandNormanCleveland ESA-
ClevelandNormanJackson ESD+
ClevelandNormanJefferson ESB
ClevelandNormanKennedy ESD-
ClevelandNormanLincoln ESC
ClevelandNormanMadison ESD+
ClevelandNormanMcKinley ESB+
ClevelandNormanEisenhower ESD
ClevelandNormanWilson ESC-
ClevelandNormanMonroe ESC
ClevelandNormanRonald Reagan ESC
ClevelandNormanRoosevelt ESA-
ClevelandNormanTruman ESB
ClevelandNormanWashington ESA-
ClevelandNormanTruman Primary SchoolB
ClevelandNormanDimensions AcademyF
ClevelandNormanIrving MSC
ClevelandNormanAlcott MSA-
ClevelandNormanLongfellow MSB
ClevelandNormanWhittier MSB+
ClevelandNormanNorman HSB
ClevelandNormanNorman North HSA-
ClevelandNormanDimensions AcademyF
ClevelandNobleKatherine I.Daily ESB-
ClevelandNoblePioneer Intermediate ESC+
ClevelandNobleJohn K.Hubbard ESA-
ClevelandNobleCurtis Inge MSC+
ClevelandNobleNoble HSB
ClevelandLexingtonLexington ESD+
ClevelandLexingtonLexington Intermediate SchoolC
ClevelandLexingtonLexington JHSC-
ClevelandLexingtonLexington HSA-
ClevelandLittle AxeLittle Axe ESC+
ClevelandLittle AxeLittle Axe MSC+
ClevelandLittle AxeLittle Axe HSB+
CoalCottonwoodCottonwood Public SchoolA+
CoalCoalgateEmerson ESD
CoalCoalgateWallace Byrd MSC
CoalCoalgateCoalgate HSB+
CoalTupeloTupelo ESD
CoalTupeloTupelo HSC+
ComancheFlower MoundFlower Mound Public SchoolA+
ComancheBishopBishop Public SchoolA+
ComancheCacheCache Primary ESB-
ComancheCacheCache Intermediate ESB-
ComancheCacheCache MSB
ComancheCacheCache 5th And 6th Grade MSC
ComancheCacheCache HSA-
ComancheIndiahomaIndiahoma ESC
ComancheIndiahomaIndiahoma HSA+
ComancheSterlingSterling ESB-
ComancheSterlingSterling HSB-
ComancheGeronimoGeronimo ESB
ComancheGeronimoGeronimo MSC
ComancheGeronimoGeronimo HSC
ComancheLawtonAdams ESB
ComancheLawtonAlmor West ESC-
ComancheLawtonBrockland ESC
ComancheLawtonCarriage Hills ESB-
ComancheLawtonCleveland ESC
ComancheLawtonCrosby Park ESB
ComancheLawtonEdison ESC+
ComancheLawtonEisenhower ESC
ComancheLawtonGeronimo Road ESB
ComancheLawtonRidgecrest ESC
ComancheLawtonHugh Bish ESD+
ComancheLawtonJackson ESC
ComancheLawtonBeginnings AcademyN/A
ComancheLawtonLincoln ESA-
ComancheLawtonPark Lane ESD
ComancheLawtonPat Henry ESD-
ComancheLawtonPioneer Park ESC+
ComancheLawtonSheridan Road ESB+
ComancheLawtonSullivan Village ESB+
ComancheLawtonSwinney ESC-
ComancheLawtonWashington ESC-
ComancheLawtonLearning Tree AcademyN/A
ComancheLawtonWhittier ESB+
ComancheLawtonWilson ESC
ComancheLawtonWoodland Hills ESB
ComancheLawtonMacarthur MSB-
ComancheLawtonCentral MSC+
ComancheLawtonTomlinson MSC-
ComancheLawtonEisenhower MSC
ComancheLawtonEisenhower HSB+
ComancheLawtonLawton HSC
ComancheLawtonMacarthur HSA-
ComancheFletcherFletcher ESB-
ComancheFletcherFletcher JHSC+
ComancheFletcherFletcher HSB-
ComancheElginElgin ESB-
ComancheElginElgin MSB+
ComancheElginElgin HSB+
ComancheChattanoogaChattanooga ESB-
ComancheChattanoogaChattanooga HSA+
CottonWaltersWalters ESB+
CottonWaltersWalters MSC
CottonWaltersWalters HSB+
CottonTempleTemple ESC-
CottonTempleTemple HSA
CottonBig PastureBig Pasture ESB+
CottonBig PastureBig Pasture HSA+
CraigWhite OakWhite Oak Public SchoolD-
CraigKetchumKetchum ESB
CraigKetchumKetchum MSC
CraigKetchumKetchum HSC+
CraigWelchWelch ESB-
CraigWelchWelch MSC
CraigWelchWelch HSA-
CraigBluejacketBluejacket ESB
CraigBluejacketBluejacket MSC+
CraigBluejacketBluejacket HSC
CraigVinitaVinita ESD+
CraigVinitaEwing Halsell MSD
CraigVinitaVinita HSA
CreekLone StarLone Star Public SchoolB-
CreekGypsyGypsy Public SchoolD-
CreekPretty WaterPretty Water Public SchoolB-
CreekAllen-BowdenAllen-Bowden Public SchoolD-
CreekBristowEdison ESB-
CreekBristowCollins ESB-
CreekBristowBristow MSD+
CreekBristowBristow HSC+
CreekMannfordMannford Lower ESB-
CreekMannfordMannford Upper ESC-
CreekMannfordMannford Ec CtrC-
CreekMannfordMannford MSB
CreekMannfordMannford HSA-
CreekMoundsMounds ESC-
CreekMoundsMounds HSD+
CreekOliveOlive ESC
CreekOliveOlive HSF
CreekKieferKiefer ESB
CreekKieferRongey MSB
CreekKieferKiefer HSB
CreekOiltonJ.F.Kennedy ESB-
CreekOiltonOilton HSB
CreekDepewDepew ESC+
CreekDepewDepew HSC+
CreekKellyvilleKellyville ESF
CreekKellyvilleKellyville Upper ESD+
CreekKellyvilleKellyville MSD
CreekKellyvilleKellyville HSB+
CreekSapulpaLiberty ESF
CreekSapulpaFreedom ESB-
CreekSapulpaJefferson Heights ESD+
CreekSapulpaHolmes Park ESD
CreekSapulpaSapulpa MSD
CreekSapulpaSapulpa JHSC-
CreekSapulpaSapulpa HSB-
CreekDrumrightBradley ESB-
CreekDrumrightVirgil Cooper MSF
CreekDrumrightDrumright HSB-
CusterArapaho-ButlerArapaho-Butler ESA-
CusterArapaho-ButlerArapaho-Butler HSA-
CusterThomas-Fay-Custer Unified DistThomas ESA
CusterThomas-Fay-Custer Unified DistThomas-Fay-Custer Unified JHSA-
CusterThomas-Fay-Custer Unified DistThomas-Fay-Custer Unified HSA
CusterWeatherfordWeatherford East ESB+
CusterWeatherfordWeatherford West ESA-
CusterWeatherfordBurcham ESB+
CusterWeatherfordWeatherford MSB-
CusterWeatherfordWeatherford HSA-
CusterClintonNance ESC
CusterClintonSouthwest ESC
CusterClintonWashington ESC+
CusterClintonClinton MSB
CusterClintonClinton HSD+
DelawareCleoraCleora Public SchoolB-
DelawareLeachLeach Public SchoolD+
DelawareKenwoodKenwood Public SchoolF
DelawareMoseleyMoseley Public SchoolD-
DelawareJayJay ESD
DelawareJayJay Upper ESD+
DelawareJayJay MSD-
DelawareJayJay HSC+
DelawareGroveGrove Upper ESB+
DelawareGroveGrove Lower ESA-
DelawareGroveGrove MSA-
DelawareGroveGrove HSB
DelawareKansasKansas ESC
DelawareKansasKansas MSD+
DelawareKansasKansas HSB
DelawareColcordColcord ESD
DelawareColcordColcord HSD
DelawareOaks-MissionOaks-Mission ESF
DelawareOaks-MissionOaks-Mission HSB
DeweyViciVici ESB-
DeweyViciVici HSB
DeweySeilingSeiling ESD-
DeweySeilingSeiling Jr-Sr HS (Jr)C-
DeweySeilingSeiling Jr-Sr HS (Sr)A
DeweyTalogaTaloga ESC
DeweyTalogaTaloga HSN/A
EllisFargoFargo ESA-
EllisFargoFargo HSC
EllisArnettArnett ESC+
EllisArnettArnett HSA+
EllisGageGage ESB-
EllisGageGage HSD+
EllisShattuckShattuck ESB
EllisShattuckShattuck HSB
GarfieldWaukomisWaukomis ESC
GarfieldWaukomisWaukomis HSA+
GarfieldKremlin-HillsdaleKremlin-Hillsdale ESD+
GarfieldKremlin-HillsdaleKremlin-Hillsdale HSA+
GarfieldChisholmChisholm ESA-
GarfieldChisholmChisholm MSB+
GarfieldChisholmChisholm HSA+
GarfieldGarberGarber ESC-
GarfieldGarberGarber HSA-
GarfieldPioneer-Pleasant ValePioneer-Pleasant Vale ESB-
GarfieldPioneer-Pleasant ValePioneer-Pleasant Vale JHSC
GarfieldPioneer-Pleasant ValePioneer-Pleasant Vale HSB+
GarfieldEnidAdams ESC
GarfieldEnidCoolidge ESF
GarfieldEnidEisenhower ESA
GarfieldEnidGarfield ESF
GarfieldEnidGlenwood ESC
GarfieldEnidHayes ESB
GarfieldEnidHoover ESA+
GarfieldEnidMcKinley ESC-
GarfieldEnidMonroe ESC-
GarfieldEnidPrairie View ESC+
GarfieldEnidTaft ESC
GarfieldEnidEmerson MSB
GarfieldEnidLongfellow MSF
GarfieldEnidDewitt Waller MSC
GarfieldEnidEnid HSC
GarfieldDrummondDrummond ESD+
GarfieldDrummondDrummond HSA
GarfieldCovington-DouglasCovington-Douglas ESC-
GarfieldCovington-DouglasCovington-Douglas HSA-
GarvinWhitebeadWhitebead Public SchoolC
GarvinStratfordStratford ESC-
GarvinStratfordStratford MSC+
GarvinStratfordStratford HSA-
GarvinPaoliPaoli ESF
GarvinPaoliPaoli HSB
GarvinMaysvilleMaysville ESC
GarvinMaysvilleMaysville HSB+
GarvinLindsayLindsay ESC-
GarvinLindsayLindsay MSB-
GarvinLindsayLindsay HSA
GarvinPauls ValleyJefferson Early Lrning CtrA-
GarvinPauls ValleyJackson ESA-
GarvinPauls ValleyLee ESC+
GarvinPauls ValleyPauls Valley JHSB
GarvinPauls ValleyPauls Valley HSB+
GarvinWynnewoodCentral ESB
GarvinWynnewoodWynnewood MSD+
GarvinWynnewoodWynnewood HSB
GarvinElmore City-PernellElmore City-Pernell ESC+
GarvinElmore City-PernellElmore City JHSC+
GarvinElmore City-PernellSenior HSB-
GradyFriendFriend Public SchoolB-
GradyMiddlebergMiddleberg Public SchoolB
GradyPioneerPioneer Public SchoolA-
GradyChickashaGrand Avenue ESC-
GradyChickashaLincoln ESC+
GradyChickashaBill Wallace Ec CtrD-
GradyChickashaChickasha MSD+
GradyChickashaChickasha HSA-
GradyMincoMinco ESC-
GradyMincoMinco MSB-
GradyMincoMinco HSA
GradyNinnekahNinnekah ESD
GradyNinnekahNinnekah JHSB
GradyNinnekahSenior HSA-
GradyAlexAlex ESC-
GradyAlexAlex HSB-
GradyRush SpringsRush Springs ESD+
GradyRush SpringsRush Springs MSC
GradyRush SpringsRush Springs HSB
GradyBridge CreekBridge Creek ESC
GradyBridge CreekBridge Creek MSA-
GradyBridge CreekBridge Creek HSC+
GradyTuttleTuttle ESB+
GradyTuttleTuttle Intermediate ESB+
GradyTuttleTuttle MSA-
GradyTuttleTuttle HSA+
GradyVerdenVerden ESC+
GradyVerdenVerden HSB+
GradyAmber-PocassetAmber-Pocasset ESA-
GradyAmber-PocassetAmber-Pocasset JHSA-
GradyAmber-PocassetAmber-Pocasset HSA+
GrantMedfordMedford ESD
GrantMedfordMedford HSB
GrantPond Creek-HunterPond Creek-Hunter ESB+
GrantPond Creek-HunterPond Creek-Hunter MSF
GrantPond Creek-HunterPond Creek-Hunter HSB+
GrantDeer Creek-LamontDeer Creek-Lamont ESC
GrantDeer Creek-LamontDeer Creek-Lamont HSC+
GreerMangumEdison ESC
GreerMangumMangum MSC+
GreerMangumMangum HSA-
GreerGraniteGranite ESC+
GreerGraniteGranite HSB
HarmonHollisHollis ESB
HarmonHollisHollis MSD-
HarmonHollisHollis HSD+
HarperLaverneLaverne ESC
HarperLaverneLaverne HSA+
HarperBuffaloBuffalo ESC
HarperBuffaloBuffalo HSA
HaskellWhitefieldWhitefield Public SchoolD+
HaskellKintaKinta ESD+
HaskellKintaKinta HSD+
HaskellStiglerStigler ESC
HaskellStiglerStigler MSC-
HaskellStiglerStigler HSB+
HaskellMcCurtainMcCurtain ESD+
HaskellMcCurtainMcCurtain HSB
HaskellKeotaKeota ESD
HaskellKeotaKeota HSB
HughesMossMoss ESB
HughesMossMoss HSB+
HughesWetumkaWetumka ESD
HughesWetumkaWetumka HSD-
HughesHoldenvilleEthel Reed ESC
HughesHoldenvilleThomas MSD
HughesHoldenvilleHoldenville HSB
HughesCalvinCalvin ESD+
HughesCalvinCalvin HSB+
HughesStuartStuart ESC
HughesStuartStuart HSB-
JacksonNavajoNavajo ESB+
JacksonNavajoNavajo JHSB-
JacksonNavajoNavajo HSA+
JacksonDukeDuke ESD-
JacksonDukeDuke HSB
JacksonAltusRivers ESA+
JacksonAltusRoosevelt ESC
JacksonAltusSunset ESB+
JacksonAltusWashington ESC-
JacksonAltusWill Rogers ESB+
JacksonAltusAltus Intermediate SchoolC+
JacksonAltusAltus JHSB
JacksonAltusAltus HSC
JacksonEldoradoEldorado ESF
JacksonEldoradoEldorado HSF
JacksonOlusteeOlustee ESD
JacksonOlusteeOlustee HSC
JacksonBlairBlair ESF
JacksonBlairBlair HSC+
JeffersonTerralTerral Public SchoolD
JeffersonRyanRyan ESC
JeffersonRyanRyan HSB
JeffersonRinglingRingling ESD-
JeffersonRinglingRingling JHSD-
JeffersonRinglingRingling HSC+
JeffersonWaurikaWaurika ESA-
JeffersonWaurikaWaurika MSD+
JeffersonWaurikaWaurika HSB
JohnstonMannsvilleMannsville Public SchoolF
JohnstonRaviaRavia Public SchoolF
JohnstonMill CreekMill Creek ESC-
JohnstonMill CreekMill Creek HSA
JohnstonTishomingoTishomingo ESD+
JohnstonTishomingoTishomingo MSD+
JohnstonTishomingoTishomingo HSC
JohnstonMilburnMilburn ESF
JohnstonMilburnMilburn HSB-
JohnstonColemanColeman ESC-
JohnstonColemanColeman HSB
JohnstonWapanuckaWapanucka ESC-
JohnstonWapanuckaWapanucka HSC+
KayPeckhamPeckham Public SchoolF
KayKildareKildare Public SchoolC-
KayBlackwellHuston Ec CtrC
KayBlackwellBlackwell ESC
KayBlackwellBlackwell MSB-
KayBlackwellBlackwell HSD+
KayPonca CityLiberty ESD-
KayPonca CityLincoln ESF
KayPonca CityUnion ESC+
KayPonca CityRoosevelt ESC
KayPonca CityE.M.Trout ESB-
KayPonca CityWoodlands ESA+
KayPonca CityGarfield ESD
KayPonca CityPonca City West MSB+
KayPonca CityPonca City East MSC
KayPonca CityPonca City HSC
KayTonkawaTonkawa ESB
KayTonkawaTonkawa MSC
KayTonkawaTonkawa HSB+
KayNewkirkNewkirk ESB+
KayNewkirkNewkirk-Braman ESF
KayNewkirkNewkirk MSD
KayNewkirkNewkirk HSC+
KingfisherDoverDover ESF
KingfisherDoverDover HSB
KingfisherLomegaLomega ESA-
KingfisherLomegaLomega HSA
KingfisherKingfisherGilmour ESC
KingfisherKingfisherHeritage ElementaryC
KingfisherKingfisherKingfisher MSB-
KingfisherKingfisherKingfisher HSA-
KingfisherHennesseyHennessey Lower ESC+
KingfisherHennesseyHennessey Upper ESD+
KingfisherHennesseyHennessey HSA-
KingfisherCashionCashion ESC
KingfisherCashionCashion HSC+
KingfisherOkarcheOkarche ESA-
KingfisherOkarcheOkarche JHSB
KingfisherOkarcheOkarche HSA+
KiowaHobartHobart ESC+
KiowaHobartHobart MSD+
KiowaHobartHobart HSB-
KiowaLone WolfLone Wolf ESC
KiowaLone WolfLone Wolf HSF
KiowaMountain View-GoteboMountain View-Gotebo ESA
KiowaMountain View-GoteboMountain View-Gotebo HSA+
KiowaSnyderSnyder ESC-
KiowaSnyderSnyder ESA+
KiowaSnyderSnyder HSA
LatimerWilburtonWilburton ESD+
LatimerWilburtonWilburton MSA-
LatimerWilburtonWilburton HSC+
LatimerRed OakRed Oak ESC-
LatimerRed OakRed Oak HSA-
LatimerBuffalo ValleyBuffalo Valley ESD
LatimerBuffalo ValleyBuffalo Valley HSA-
LatimerPanolaPanola ESD
LatimerPanolaPanola HSA-
Le FloreShady PointShady Point Public SchoolF
Le FloreMonroeMonroe Public SchoolF
Le FloreHodgenHodgen Public SchoolD-
Le FloreFanshaweFanshawe Public SchoolC
Le FloreSpiroSpiro ESC-
Le FloreSpiroSpiro MSB-
Le FloreSpiroSpiro HSB
Le FloreHeavenerHeavener ESC
Le FloreHeavenerHeavener HSC
Le FlorePocolaPocola ESC-
Le FlorePocolaPocola MSD+
Le FlorePocolaPocola HSB
Le FloreLe FloreLeflore ESD-
Le FloreLe FloreLeflore HSA-
Le FloreCameronCameron ESF
Le FloreCameronCameron HSC-
Le FlorePanamaPanama ESC-
Le FlorePanamaPanama MSD
Le FlorePanamaPanama HSB
Le FloreBokosheBokoshe ESC
Le FloreBokosheBokoshe JHSC
Le FloreBokosheBokoshe HSD
Le FlorePoteauPoteau Upper ESC-
Le FlorePoteauPoteau Primary ESC-
Le FlorePoteauPansy Kidd MSC+
Le FlorePoteauPoteau HSC+
Le FloreWisterWister ESC
Le FloreWisterWister HSB-
Le FloreTalihinaTalihina ESD
Le FloreTalihinaTalihina JHSF
Le FloreTalihinaTalihina HSB
Le FloreWhitesboroWhitesboro ESD
Le FloreWhitesboroWhitesboro HSB+
Le FloreHoweHowe ESC+
Le FloreHoweHowe HSC
Le FloreArkomaSingleton ESC
Le FloreArkomaArkoma HSC-
LincolnWhite RockWhite Rock Public SchoolF
LincolnChandlerEast Side ESB
LincolnChandlerPark Road ESB
LincolnChandlerChandler JHSA-
LincolnChandlerChandler HSA
LincolnDavenportDavenport ESD
LincolnDavenportDavenport HSC
LincolnWellstonWellston ESB
LincolnWellstonWellston MSC-
LincolnWellstonWellston HSA
LincolnStroudParkview ESC
LincolnStroudStroud MSC-
LincolnStroudStroud HSB
LincolnMeekerMeeker ESC
LincolnMeekerMeeker MSC-
LincolnMeekerMeeker HSB-
LincolnPraguePrague ESB+
LincolnPraguePrague MSB-
LincolnPraguePrague HSC
LincolnCarneyCarney ESD
LincolnCarneyCarney HSC+
LincolnAgraAgra ESD
LincolnAgraAgra HSA
LoganGuthrieFogarty ESC-
LoganGuthrieCotteral ESC-
LoganGuthrieGuthrie Upper ESC-
LoganGuthrieCentral ESC-
LoganGuthrieGuthrie JHSB-
LoganGuthrieGuthrie HSC
LoganCrescentCrescent ESF
LoganCrescentCrescent MSF
LoganCrescentCrescent HSC-
LoganMulhall-OrlandoMulhall-Orlando ESB
LoganMulhall-OrlandoMulhall-Orlando HSA+
LoganCoyleCoyle ESD-
LoganCoyleCoyle HSB-
LoveGreenvilleGreenville Public SchoolD-
LoveThackervilleThackerville ESC+
LoveThackervilleThackerville HSD+
LoveTurnerTurner ESC
LoveTurnerTurner HSB-
LoveMariettaMarietta ESD+
LoveMariettaMarietta MSC
LoveMariettaMarietta HSC-
MajorRingwoodRingwood ESD-
MajorRingwoodRingwood HSB
MajorAline-CleoAline-Cleo ESC
MajorAline-CleoAline-Cleo HSC
MajorFairviewCornelsen ESB
MajorFairviewChamberlain MSB
MajorFairviewFairview HSA-
MajorCimarronCimarron ESD+
MajorCimarronCimarron HSC
MarshallMadillMadill ESC
MarshallMadillMadill MSC-
MarshallMadillMadill HSB
MarshallKingstonKingston ESB
MarshallKingstonKingston MSB
MarshallKingstonKingston HSA-
MayesSpavinawSpavinaw Public SchoolD
MayesWickliffeWickliffe Public SchoolF
MayesOsageOsage Public SchoolD+
MayesPryorLincoln ESB
MayesPryorJefferson ESC+
MayesPryorRoosevelt ESB-
MayesPryorPryor JHSC+
MayesPryorPryor HSC-
MayesAdairBernita Hughes ESA-
MayesAdairAdair MSB
MayesAdairAdair HSA+
MayesSalinaSalina ESC
MayesSalinaSalina MSB-
MayesSalinaSalina HSB
MayesLocust GroveLocust Grove Early Lrning CtrD
MayesLocust GroveLocust Grove Upper ESD
MayesLocust GroveLocust Grove MSC
MayesLocust GroveLocust Grove HSB
MayesChouteau-MazieChouteau ESF
MayesChouteau-MazieMazie ESB-
MayesChouteau-MazieChouteau-Mazie Ec CtrF
MayesChouteau-MazieChouteau-Mazie MSC
MayesChouteau-MazieChouteau-Mazie HSC
McClainByarsByars Public SchoolD-
McClainNewcastleNewcastle ESC+
McClainNewcastleNewcastle Early Childhood CtrC+
McClainNewcastleNewcastle MSB
McClainNewcastleNewcastle HSA-
McClainDibbleDibble ESD
McClainDibbleDibble MSC-
McClainDibbleDibble HSB-
McClainWashingtonWashington ESA-
McClainWashingtonWashington MSC
McClainWashingtonWashington HSA
McClainWayneWayne ESB-
McClainWayneWayne MSD+
McClainWayneWayne HSC+
McClainPurcellPurcell ESC+
McClainPurcellPurcell Intermediate SchoolC+
McClainPurcellPurcell JHSB-
McClainPurcellPurcell HSA-
McClainBlanchardBlanchard ESB
McClainBlanchardBlanchard Intermediate ESB
McClainBlanchardBlanchard MSA
McClainBlanchardBlanchard HSB+
McCurtainForest GroveForest Grove Public SchoolC
McCurtainLukfataLukfata Public SchoolB-
McCurtainGloverGlover Public SchoolF
McCurtainDenisonDenison Public SchoolB+
McCurtainHolly CreekHolly Creek Public SchoolB
McCurtainIdabelCentral ESD+
McCurtainIdabelIdabel Primary ESD+
McCurtainIdabelIdabel MSD+
McCurtainIdabelIdabel HSC
McCurtainHaworthHaworth ESD
McCurtainHaworthHaworth JHSD+
McCurtainHaworthHaworth HSC
McCurtainValliantValliant ESD
McCurtainValliantValliant MSC-
McCurtainValliantValliant HSC
McCurtainEagletownEagletown ESC-
McCurtainEagletownEagletown HSB-
McCurtainSmithvilleSmithville ESB
McCurtainSmithvilleSmithville MSA-
McCurtainSmithvilleSmithville HSB+
McCurtainWright CityWright City ESB+
McCurtainWright CityWright City JHSC
McCurtainWright CityWright City HSA-
McCurtainBattiestBattiest ESB-
McCurtainBattiestBattiest HSB+
McCurtainBroken BowBennett ESC
McCurtainBroken BowDierks ESC
McCurtainBroken BowRector Johnson MSC
McCurtainBroken BowBroken Bow HSA-
McIntoshRyalRyal Public SchoolD+
McIntoshStidhamStidham Public SchoolF
McIntoshEufaulaEufaula ESC+
McIntoshEufaulaEufaula MSB-
McIntoshEufaulaEufaula HSB-
McIntoshChecotahMarshall ESC
McIntoshChecotahChecotah Intermediate ESC
McIntoshChecotahChecotah MSC
McIntoshChecotahChecotah HSB-
McIntoshMidwayMidway ESB
McIntoshMidwayMidway HSD+
McIntoshHannaHanna ESF
McIntoshHannaHanna HSC+
McIntoshHannaHanna VirtualB
MurrayOklahoma School For The DeafOklahoma School For The DeafN/A
MurrayOklahoma School For The DeafOklahoma School For The DeafF
MurraySulphurSulphur ESB+
MurraySulphurSulphur Intermediate ESB+
MurraySulphurSulphur MSB
MurraySulphurSulphur HSB+
MurrayDavisDavis ESB
MurrayDavisDavis MSD+
MurrayDavisDavis HSA
MuskogeeWainwrightWainwright Public SchoolF
MuskogeeOklahoma School For The BlindParkview-Ok.Sch For The BlindF
MuskogeeOklahoma School For The BlindParkview-Ok.Sch For The BlindN/A
MuskogeeHaskellMary White ESD+
MuskogeeHaskellHaskell MSB-
MuskogeeHaskellHaskell HSC
MuskogeeFort GibsonFort Gibson Intermediate ESC
MuskogeeFort GibsonFort Gibson Early Lrning CtrC
MuskogeeFort GibsonFort Gibson MSA-
MuskogeeFort GibsonFort Gibson HSB
MuskogeeWebbers FallsWebbers Falls ESD+
MuskogeeWebbers FallsWebbers Falls HSC
MuskogeeOktahaOktaha ESC+
MuskogeeOktahaOktaha HSA-
MuskogeeMuskogeeCherokee ESD+
MuskogeeMuskogeeCreek ESC
MuskogeeMuskogeeBenjamin Franklin Sci.AcademyC-
MuskogeeMuskogeeGrant-Foreman ESD
MuskogeeMuskogeeHarris-Jobe ESD
MuskogeeMuskogeeIrving ESC+
MuskogeeMuskogeePershing ESD-
MuskogeeMuskogeeSadler Arts AcademyA
MuskogeeMuskogeeTony Goetz ESB
MuskogeeMuskogeeWhittier ESD-
MuskogeeMuskogeeMuskogee Ec CtrN/A
MuskogeeMuskogeeAlice Robertson JHSD-
MuskogeeMuskogeeMuskogee HSC
MuskogeeHilldaleHilldale Lower ESC+
MuskogeeHilldaleHilldale Upper ESC+
MuskogeeHilldaleHilldale MSB
MuskogeeHilldaleHilldale HSA
MuskogeeBraggsBraggs ESB-
MuskogeeBraggsBraggs HSB+
MuskogeeWarnerWarner ESB
MuskogeeWarnerWarner HSA+
MuskogeePorumPorum ESC-
MuskogeePorumPorum HSB+
NoblePerryPerry ESB-
NoblePerryPerry JHSC
NoblePerryPerry HSB
NobleBillingsBillings ESC+
NobleBillingsBillings HSD+
NobleFrontierFrontier ESC
NobleFrontierFrontier HSB+
NobleMorrisonMorrison ESB-
NobleMorrisonMorrison MSC
NobleMorrisonMorrison HSB+
NowataOklahoma UnionOklahoma Union ESA-
NowataOklahoma UnionOklahoma Union MSC
NowataOklahoma UnionOklahoma Union HSB
NowataNowataNowata ESB
NowataNowataNowata MSD-
NowataNowataNowata HSB-
NowataSouth CoffeyvilleSouth Coffeyville ESF
NowataSouth CoffeyvilleSouth Coffeyville HSC+
OkfuskeeBeardenBearden Public SchoolD-
OkfuskeeGraham-Dustin Charter: EpicEpic One On One Charter SchoolF
OkfuskeeGraham-Dustin Charter: EpicEpic One On One Charter SchoolD
OkfuskeeGraham-Dustin Charter: EpicEpic One On One Charter SchoolC
OkfuskeeMasonMason ESD
OkfuskeeMasonMason HSA-
OkfuskeePadenPaden ESD-
OkfuskeePadenPaden HSA
OkfuskeeOkemahOakes ESC-
OkfuskeeOkemahOkemah Noble CtrC-
OkfuskeeOkemahOkemah MSC-
OkfuskeeOkemahOkemah HSD
OkfuskeeWeleetkaSpence Memorial ESD
OkfuskeeWeleetkaWeleetka JHSF
OkfuskeeWeleetkaWeleetka HSC+
OkfuskeeGraham-DustinGraham ESF
OkfuskeeGraham-DustinDustin ESF
OkfuskeeGraham-DustinGraham HSF
OklahomaOakdaleOakdale Public SchoolA
OklahomaCrutchoCrutcho Public SchoolF
OklahomaOkc Charter: Independence MSIndependence Charter MSB
OklahomaOkc Charter: Seeworth AcademyJustice A.W.Seeworth AcademyF
OklahomaOkc Charter: Hupfeld/W VillageHupfeld Acad./Western VillageC+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Astec ChartersAstec Charter MSD+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Astec ChartersAstec Charter HSA
OklahomaOkc Charter: Dove Science AcadDove Science Academy (Okc)A+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Santa Fe South HSSanta Fe South HSB+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Harding CharterHarding Charter Preparatory HSA+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Harding Fine ArtsHarding Fine Arts AcademyA+
OklahomaOkc Charter: Santa Fe South MSSanta Fe South MSC-
OklahomaOkc Charter: Kipp Reach Coll.Kipp Reach College PreparatoryA-
OklahomaOkc Charter: Dove Science ESDove Science Academy ES (Okc)A
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma Park CharterOklahoma Virtual Charter AcadeC
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma Park CharterOklahoma Virtual Charter AcadeD+
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma Park CharterOklahoma Virtual Charter AcadeF
OklahomaOkc Charter: Harper AcademyHarper AcademyN/A
OklahomaSanta Fe South ES (Charter)Santa Fe South ES (Charter)D+
OklahomaAlexis Rainbow (Charter)Alexis Rainbow CsN/A
OklahomaPutnam CityApollo ESC
OklahomaPutnam CityPutnam City Smart Start Ec CtrN/A
OklahomaPutnam CityCentral ESC
OklahomaPutnam CityArbor Grove ESD+
OklahomaPutnam CityCoronado Heights ESB-
OklahomaPutnam CityDennis ESB+
OklahomaPutnam CityRalph Downs ESC-
OklahomaPutnam CityHarvest Hills ESB-
OklahomaPutnam CityHilldale ESC
OklahomaPutnam CityKirkland ESB-
OklahomaPutnam CityLake Park ESD
OklahomaPutnam CityNorthridge ESC
OklahomaPutnam CityOverholser ESC+
OklahomaPutnam CityRollingwood ESB+
OklahomaPutnam CityTulakes ESC+
OklahomaPutnam CityWestern Oaks ESD+
OklahomaPutnam CityWiley Post ESD-
OklahomaPutnam CityWill Rogers ESC
OklahomaPutnam CityWindsor Hills ESD-
OklahomaPutnam CityJames L.Capps MSC-
OklahomaPutnam CityCooper MSC-
OklahomaPutnam CityHefner MSC+
OklahomaPutnam CityMayfield MSD+
OklahomaPutnam CityWestern Oaks MSC+
OklahomaPutnam CityPutnam City HSC
OklahomaPutnam CityPutnam City North HSB
OklahomaPutnam CityPutnam City West HSC
OklahomaLutherLuther ESF
OklahomaLutherLuther MSC-
OklahomaLutherLuther HSF
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkIndian Meridian ESB-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkChoctaw ESC-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkNicoma Park ESC-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkNicoma Park Intermediate ESC-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkJames Griffith Intermediate ESB-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkL.W.Westfall ESA-
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkNicoma Park MSB+
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkChoctaw MSB
OklahomaChoctaw-Nicoma ParkChoctaw HSA
OklahomaDeer CreekDeer Creek ESA
OklahomaDeer CreekPrairie Vale ESA
OklahomaDeer CreekRose Union ESA
OklahomaDeer CreekGrove Valley ESA-
OklahomaDeer CreekDeer Creek Intermediate SchoolB+
OklahomaDeer CreekSpring Creek ESA+
OklahomaDeer CreekDeer Creek MSA-
OklahomaDeer CreekDeer Creek HSA+
OklahomaHarrahRussell Babb ESA-
OklahomaHarrahClara Reynolds ESB
OklahomaHarrahVirginia Smith ESB
OklahomaHarrahHarrah MSC-
OklahomaHarrahHarrah JHSC-
OklahomaHarrahHarrah HSB
OklahomaJonesJones ESC
OklahomaJonesJones MSB-
OklahomaJonesJones HSC+
OklahomaEdmondClegern ESA+
OklahomaEdmondRussell Dougherty ESA+
OklahomaEdmondIda Freeman ESB-
OklahomaEdmondNorthern Hills ESB
OklahomaEdmondOrvis Risner ESB-
OklahomaEdmondSunset ESB
OklahomaEdmondWill Rogers ESA-
OklahomaEdmondChisholm ESA
OklahomaEdmondJohn Ross ESB
OklahomaEdmondCharles Haskell ESB+
OklahomaEdmondCross Timbers ESA
OklahomaEdmondWashington Irving ESA
OklahomaEdmondAngie Debo ESB-
OklahomaEdmondWest Field ESA
OklahomaEdmondCentennial ESA+
OklahomaEdmondFrontier ESA+
OklahomaEdmondCimarron MSB
OklahomaEdmondCheyenne MSA+
OklahomaEdmondSequoyah MSA+
OklahomaEdmondSummit MSB+
OklahomaEdmondCentral MSB-
OklahomaEdmondMemorial HSA+
OklahomaEdmondNorth HSA+
OklahomaEdmondSanta Fe HSA+
OklahomaMillwoodMillwood ESF
OklahomaMillwoodMillwood HSF
OklahomaWestern HeightsCouncil Grove ESF
OklahomaWestern HeightsJohn Glenn ESF
OklahomaWestern HeightsGreenvale ESD-
OklahomaWestern HeightsWinds West ESF
OklahomaWestern HeightsBridgestone ESF
OklahomaWestern HeightsWestern Heights MSF
OklahomaWestern HeightsWestern Heights 9th Grade CtrC-
OklahomaWestern HeightsWestern Heights HSC+
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityBarnes ESB
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityCleveland Bailey ESA-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityCountry Estates ESD
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityDel City ESC
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityEast Side ESB
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityEpperly Heights ESD
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityPleasant Hill Ec CtrC
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityHighland Park ESC-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityRidgecrest ESC+
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CitySoldier Creek ESB
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CitySooner-Rose ESC-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CitySteed ESC-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityTinker ESC+
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityTownsend ESC-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityTraub ESC-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityParkview ESB
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CitySchwartz ESA-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityCarl Albert MSA-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityDel Crest MSD-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityJarman MSD-
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityKerr MSD
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityMonroney MSD+
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityCarl Albert HSA+
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityDel City HSC
OklahomaMidwest City-Del CityMidwest City HSB+
OklahomaCrooked OakCentral Oak ESF
OklahomaCrooked OakCrooked Oak MSF
OklahomaCrooked OakCrooked Oak HSC
OklahomaBethanyEarl Harris ESA
OklahomaBethanyChildren’S CtrD+
OklahomaBethanyBethany MSA+
OklahomaBethanyBethany HSA+
OklahomaOklahoma CityAdams ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityArthur ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityBodine ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityBritton ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityBuchanan ESC-
OklahomaOklahoma CityCesar Chavez ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityCleveland ESB
OklahomaOklahoma CityColumbus ESC
OklahomaOklahoma CityCoolidge ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityCapitol Hill ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityF.D.Moon ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityEdgemere ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityEdwards ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityEmerson Alternative Ed.(Es)F
OklahomaOklahoma CityEugene Field ESD+
OklahomaOklahoma CityFillmore ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityGatewood ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityGreen Pastures ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityGreystone Lower ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityGreystone Upper ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityHawthorne ESD
OklahomaOklahoma CityHayes ESD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityHeronville ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityHillcrest ESD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityHorace Mann ESC+
OklahomaOklahoma CityJohnson ESC-
OklahomaOklahoma CityKaiser ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityM.L.King Jr.EsF
OklahomaOklahoma CityLee ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityLinwood ESD+
OklahomaOklahoma CityMark Twain ESD
OklahomaOklahoma CityMonroe ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityNichols Hills ESC+
OklahomaOklahoma CityNorth Highland ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityOakridge ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityThelma R.Parks ESC-
OklahomaOklahoma CityParmelee ESD
OklahomaOklahoma CityPierce ESC+
OklahomaOklahoma CityPrairie Queen ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityPutnam Heights ESC
OklahomaOklahoma CityQuail Creek ESC
OklahomaOklahoma CityRancho Village ESD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityRidgeview ESC
OklahomaOklahoma CityRockwood ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CitySequoyah ESD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityShidler ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CitySouthern Hills ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CitySpencer ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityStand Watie ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityTelstar ESF
OklahomaOklahoma CityVan Buren ESC-
OklahomaOklahoma CityWest Nichols Hills ESC
OklahomaOklahoma CityWestwood ESB-
OklahomaOklahoma CityWheeler ESD+
OklahomaOklahoma CityWillow Brook ESD+
OklahomaOklahoma CityWilson ESB-
OklahomaOklahoma CityBelle Isle MSA+
OklahomaOklahoma CityClassen MS Of Advanced StudiesA+
OklahomaOklahoma CityEmerson Alternative Ed.(Ms)F
OklahomaOklahoma CityDouglass MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityJackson MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityJefferson MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityNortheast MSD
OklahomaOklahoma CityRogers MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityRoosevelt MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityTaft MSD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityWebster MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityJohn Marshall MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityOklahoma Centennial MSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityCapitol Hill HSC
OklahomaOklahoma CityClassen HS Of Advanced StudiesA+
OklahomaOklahoma CityDouglass HSD-
OklahomaOklahoma CityEmerson Alternative Ed.(Hs)D
OklahomaOklahoma CityU.S.Grant HSB
OklahomaOklahoma CityJohn Marshall HSD+
OklahomaOklahoma CityOklahoma Centennial HSF
OklahomaOklahoma CityNortheast HSB-
OklahomaOklahoma CityNorthwest Classen HSB-
OklahomaOklahoma CitySoutheast HSA
OklahomaOklahoma CityStar Spencer HSF
OkmulgeeTwin HillsTwin Hills Public SchoolC
OkmulgeeOkmulgeeOkmulgee ESD-
OkmulgeeOkmulgeeOkmulgee Primary ESD-
OkmulgeeOkmulgeeOkmulgee MSD-
OkmulgeeOkmulgeeOkmulgee HSD
OkmulgeeHenryettaHenryetta ESD+
OkmulgeeHenryettaHenryetta MSD-
OkmulgeeHenryettaHenryetta HSC+
OkmulgeeMorrisMorris ESC+
OkmulgeeMorrisMorris MSC+
OkmulgeeMorrisMorris HSB
OkmulgeeBeggsBeggs ESC
OkmulgeeBeggsBeggs Upper ESF
OkmulgeeBeggsBeggs MSF
OkmulgeeBeggsBeggs HSC
OkmulgeePrestonPreston ESC+
OkmulgeePrestonPreston HSA+
OkmulgeeSchulterSchulter ESF
OkmulgeeSchulterSchulter HSB
OkmulgeeWilsonWilson ESF
OkmulgeeWilsonWilson HSC
OkmulgeeDewarDewar ESD+
OkmulgeeDewarDewar HSC
OsageOsage HillsOsage Hills Public SchoolF
OsageBowringBowring Public SchoolB
OsageAvantAvant Public SchoolF
OsageAndersonAnderson Public SchoolC
OsageMcCordMcCord Public SchoolA+
OsagePawhuskaIndian Camp ESD+
OsagePawhuskaPawhuska ESD+
OsagePawhuskaPawhuska JHSC
OsagePawhuskaPawhuska HSD-
OsageShidlerWard ESB
OsageShidlerShidler MSC-
OsageShidlerShidler HSB+
OsageBarnsdallBarnsdall ESC
OsageBarnsdallBarnsdall JHSD
OsageBarnsdallBarnsdall HSB
OsageWynonaWynona ESC-
OsageWynonaWynona HSC
OsageHominyHorace Mann ESD-
OsageHominyHominy Early Childhood CenterF
OsageHominyHominy MSF
OsageHominyHominy HSB+
OsagePruePrue ESB
OsagePruePrue HSB-
OsageWoodlandWoodland ESD+
OsageWoodlandWoodland Upper ESC
OsageWoodlandWoodland HSC
OttawaTurkey FordTurkey Ford Public SchoolB
OttawaWyandotteWyandotte ESB-
OttawaWyandotteWyandotte MSF
OttawaWyandotteWyandotte HSB+
OttawaQuapawQuapaw ESD+
OttawaQuapawQuapaw MSD-
OttawaQuapawQuapaw HSB
OttawaCommerceAlexander ESD+
OttawaCommerceCommerce MSD
OttawaCommerceCommerce HSB-
OttawaMiamiNichols ESC+
OttawaMiamiRockdale ESC
OttawaMiamiRoosevelt ESD-
OttawaMiamiWashington ESA-
OttawaMiamiWilson ESD
OttawaMiamiWill Rogers MSD
OttawaMiamiMiami HSC+
OttawaAftonAfton ESD+
OttawaAftonAfton HSD+
OttawaFairlandFairland ESA-
OttawaFairlandFairland MSB-
OttawaFairlandFairland HSB+
PawneeJenningsJennings Public SchoolB-
PawneePawneePawnee ESD+
PawneePawneePawnee MSD+
PawneePawneePawnee HSB+
PawneeClevelandCleveland Primary ESC-
PawneeClevelandCleveland Intermediate ESC-
PawneeClevelandCleveland MSC-
PawneeClevelandCleveland HSC+
PayneOak GroveOak Grove Public SchoolB+
PayneRipleyRipley ESA-
PayneRipleyRipley HSA+
PayneStillwaterHighland Park ESC+
PayneStillwaterSangre Ridge ESA-
PayneStillwaterSkyline ESA
PayneStillwaterWestwood ESA
PayneStillwaterWill Rogers ESC-
PayneStillwaterRichmond ESB-
PayneStillwaterStillwater MSB
PayneStillwaterStillwater JHSB+
PayneStillwaterStillwater HSA+
PaynePerkins-TryonPerkins-Tryon ESB-
PaynePerkins-TryonPerkins-Tryon Intermediate ESB-
PaynePerkins-TryonPerkins-Tryon MSC
PaynePerkins-TryonPerkins-Tryon HSB
PayneCushingHarrison ESC
PayneCushingWilson SchoolN/A
PayneCushingSunnyside ESD-
PayneCushingHarmony ESC
PayneCushingDeep Rock ESB+
PayneCushingCushing MSB-
PayneCushingCushing HSB
PayneGlencoeGlencoe ESC+
PayneGlencoeGlencoe HSA
PayneYaleYale ESD
PayneYaleYale JHSF
PayneYaleYale HSB-
PittsburgKrebsKrebs Public SchoolC
PittsburgFrink-ChambersFrink-Chambers Public SchoolB
PittsburgTannehillTannehill Public SchoolD
PittsburgHaywoodHaywood Public SchoolF
PittsburgHartshorneHartshorne ESC
PittsburgHartshorneHartshorne JHSC
PittsburgHartshorneHartshorne HSA-
PittsburgCanadianCanadian ESB
PittsburgCanadianCarlton Landing Academy ESA+
PittsburgCanadianCanadian HSB+
PittsburgHaileyvilleHaileyville ESD-
PittsburgHaileyvilleHaileyville HSD
PittsburgKiowaKiowa ESC+
PittsburgKiowaKiowa HSA+
PittsburgQuintonQuinton ESD+
PittsburgQuintonQuinton HSB-
PittsburgIndianolaIndianola ESC
PittsburgIndianolaIndianola HSC
PittsburgCrowderCrowder ESC
PittsburgCrowderCrowder HSB+
PittsburgSavannaSavanna ESC-
PittsburgSavannaSavanna HSA-
PittsburgPittsburgPittsburg ESC-
PittsburgPittsburgPittsburg HSC-
PittsburgMcAlesterEdmond Doyle ESA+
PittsburgMcAlesterEmerson ESD+
PittsburgMcAlesterWilliam Gay Ec CtrN/A
PittsburgMcAlesterJefferson Ec CtrN/A
PittsburgMcAlesterWill Rogers ESB
PittsburgMcAlesterWashington Ec CtrB
PittsburgMcAlesterParker Intermediate CtrC
PittsburgMcAlesterPuterbaugh MSD+
PittsburgMcAlesterMcAlester HSB
PontotocAllenAllen ESD+
PontotocAllenAllen HSA
PontotocVanossVanoss ESC
PontotocVanossVanoss HSA-
PontotocByngByng ESB+
PontotocByngHomer ESB+
PontotocByngFrancis ESA+
PontotocByngByng JHSB
PontotocByngByng HSA
PontotocAdaAda Ec CtrC+
PontotocAdaHayes ESC+
PontotocAdaWashington ESC+
PontotocAdaWillard ESC
PontotocAdaAda JHSB-
PontotocAdaAda HSB-
PontotocLattaLatta ESB+
PontotocLattaLatta MSC
PontotocLattaLatta HSA
PontotocStonewallStonewall ESC
PontotocStonewallMcLish MSB-
PontotocStonewallStonewall HSB
PontotocRoffRoff ESC
PontotocRoffRoff HSB-
PottawatomieNorth Rock CreekNorth Rock Creek Public SchoolD+
PottawatomieGroveGrove Public SchoolB
PottawatomiePleasant GrovePleasant Grove Public SchoolD+
PottawatomieSouth Rock CreekSouth Rock Creek Public SchoolC+
PottawatomieMcLoudMcLoud ESC
PottawatomieMcLoudMcLoud JHSC
PottawatomieMcLoudMcLoud HSB
PottawatomieDaleDale ESB
PottawatomieDaleDale MSB+
PottawatomieDaleDale HSA+
PottawatomieBethelBethel ESB-
PottawatomieBethelBethel MSB-
PottawatomieBethelBethel HSA-
PottawatomieMacombMacomb ESF
PottawatomieMacombMacomb HSC-
PottawatomieEarlsboroEarlsboro ESF
PottawatomieEarlsboroEarlsboro HSF
PottawatomieTecumsehBarnard ESC-
PottawatomieTecumsehKrouch ESC-
PottawatomieTecumsehCross Timbers ESC-
PottawatomieTecumsehTecumseh MSC
PottawatomieTecumsehJuvenile CtrN/A
PottawatomieTecumsehTecumseh HSC+
PottawatomieShawneeShawnee Ec CtrN/A
PottawatomieShawneeHorace Mann ESD-
PottawatomieShawneeJefferson ESD-
PottawatomieShawneeSequoyah ESC+
PottawatomieShawneeWill Rogers ESB
PottawatomieShawneeShawnee MSD
PottawatomieShawneeShawnee HSB
PottawatomieAsherAsher ESC
PottawatomieAsherAsher HSB+
PottawatomieWanetteWanette ESF
PottawatomieWanetteWanette HSF
PottawatomieMaudMaud ESF
PottawatomieMaudMaud HSC-
PushmatahaAlbionAlbion Public SchoolF
PushmatahaTuskahomaTuskahoma Public SchoolD
PushmatahaNashobaNashoba Public SchoolF
PushmatahaRattanRattan ESC
PushmatahaRattanRattan JHSB+
PushmatahaRattanRattan HSA+
PushmatahaClaytonCrain ESC
PushmatahaClaytonClayton HSD
PushmatahaAntlersBrantly ESC
PushmatahaAntlersObuch MSB-
PushmatahaAntlersAntlers HSB
PushmatahaMoyersMoyers ESF
PushmatahaMoyersMoyers HSB
Roger MillsLeedeyLeedey ESC+
Roger MillsLeedeyLeedey HSA-
Roger MillsReydonReydon ESA
Roger MillsReydonReydon HSA+
Roger MillsCheyenneCheyenne ESB+
Roger MillsCheyenneCheyenne HSA+
Roger MillsSweetwaterSweetwater ESB-
Roger MillsSweetwaterSweetwater HSA-
Roger MillsHammonHammon ESD+
Roger MillsHammonHammon HSA-
RogersJustus-TiawahJustus-Tiawah Public SchoolB+
RogersClaremoreClaremont ESC+
RogersClaremoreRoosa ESA
RogersClaremoreWestside ESA-
RogersClaremoreCatalayah ESB
RogersClaremoreWill Rogers JHSB
RogersClaremoreClaremore HSB+
RogersCatoosaJ.W.Sam ESC-
RogersCatoosaCherokee ESC
RogersCatoosaHelen Paul Learning CtrC-
RogersCatoosaWells MSC-
RogersCatoosaCatoosa HSC
RogersChelseaArt Goad ESD
RogersChelseaChelsea MSD+
RogersChelseaChelsea HSD
RogersOologah-TalalaOologah-Talala Lower ESB-
RogersOologah-TalalaOologah-Talala Upper ESB-
RogersOologah-TalalaOologah-Talala MSB
RogersOologah-TalalaOologah-Talala HSA
RogersInolaInola ESD
RogersInolaInola MSC+
RogersInolaInola HSB-
RogersSequoyahSequoyah ESB
RogersSequoyahSequoyah MSB
RogersSequoyahSequoyah HSB+
RogersFoyilFoyil ESD-
RogersFoyilFoyil JHSF
RogersFoyilFoyil HSB
RogersVerdigrisVerdigris ESB+
RogersVerdigrisVerdigris Upper ESB
RogersVerdigrisVerdigris JHSB-
RogersVerdigrisVerdigris HSA-
SeminoleJusticeJustice Public SchoolF
SeminoleSeminoleWilson ESD
SeminoleSeminoleNorthwood ESC-
SeminoleSeminoleSeminole MSD
SeminoleSeminoleSeminole HSD
SeminoleWewokaWewoka ESD-
SeminoleWewokaWewoka Learning CenterF
SeminoleWewokaWewoka MSF
SeminoleWewokaWewoka HSC-
SeminoleBowlegsBowlegs ESD+
SeminoleBowlegsBowlegs HSD+
SeminoleKonawaKonawa ESA-
SeminoleKonawaKonawa MSD+
SeminoleKonawaKonawa HSB
SeminoleNew LimaNew Lima ESC-
SeminoleNew LimaNew Lima HSB-
SeminoleVarnumVarnum ESD+
SeminoleVarnumVarnum HSD
SeminoleSasakwaSasakwa ESC-
SeminoleSasakwaSasakwa HSB
SeminoleStrotherStrother ESF
SeminoleStrotherStrother HSD-
SeminoleButnerButner ESF
SeminoleButnerButner HSD
SequoyahLibertyLiberty Public SchoolB-
SequoyahMarble CityMarble City Public SchoolD-
SequoyahBrushyBrushy Public SchoolB
SequoyahBelfonteBelfonte Public SchoolA+
SequoyahBelfonteBelfonte Bell ES (Adair Cnty)B
SequoyahMoffettMoffett Public SchoolA
SequoyahSallisawLiberty ESC
SequoyahSallisawEastside ESB
SequoyahSallisawTommie Spear MSC+
SequoyahSallisawSallisaw HSC
SequoyahVianVian ESC
SequoyahVianVian MSB-
SequoyahVianVian HSB+
SequoyahMuldrowMuldrow ESB
SequoyahMuldrowMuldrow MSB-
SequoyahMuldrowMuldrow HSB
SequoyahGansGans ESC-
SequoyahGansGans HSD
SequoyahRolandRoland ESC
SequoyahRolandRoland JHSC+
SequoyahRolandRoland HSA+
SequoyahGoreGore ESC
SequoyahGoreGore Upper ESC-
SequoyahGoreGore HSB+
SequoyahCentralCentral ESC+
SequoyahCentralCentral HSB+
StephensGrandviewGrandview Public SchoolD+
StephensDuncanEmerson ESC-
StephensDuncanHorace Mann ESB
StephensDuncanWill Rogers Pre-K CtrN/A
StephensDuncanMark Twain ESC
StephensDuncanWoodrow Wilson ESF
StephensDuncanPlato ESC
StephensDuncanDuncan MSD
StephensDuncanDuncan HSC+
StephensComancheComanche ESD-
StephensComancheComanche MSC
StephensComancheComanche HSC
StephensMarlowMarlow ESB
StephensMarlowMarlow MSC+
StephensMarlowMarlow HSB+
StephensVelma-AlmaVelma-Alma ESC-
StephensVelma-AlmaVelma-Alma MSC
StephensVelma-AlmaVelma-Alma HSA-
StephensEmpireEmpire ESD
StephensEmpireEmpire JHSD
StephensEmpireEmpire HSB
StephensCentral HighCentral High ESA+
StephensCentral HighCentral High JHSB+
StephensCentral HighCentral High HSA
StephensBray-DoyleBray-Doyle ESD
StephensBray-DoyleBray-Doyle HSD+
TexasOptimaOptima Public SchoolF
TexasStraightStraight Public SchoolC
TexasYarbroughYarbrough ESC
TexasYarbroughYarbrough HSC+
TexasGuymonAcademy ESC
TexasGuymonNortheast ESC
TexasGuymonHomer Long ESC
TexasGuymonSalyer ESC
TexasGuymonCarrier ESN/A
TexasGuymonNorth Park ESC+
TexasGuymonPrairie ESC
TexasGuymonCentral JHSD+
TexasGuymonGuymon HSC-
TexasHardestyHardesty ESB
TexasHardestyHardesty HSA-
TexasHookerHooker ESC-
TexasHookerHooker HSB
TexasTyroneTyrone ESD-
TexasTyroneTyrone HSA
TexasGoodwellGoodwell ESB-
TexasGoodwellGoodwell HSB+
TexasTexhomaTexhoma ESB
TexasTexhomaTexhoma HSA+
TillmanTiptonTipton ESD
TillmanTiptonTipton HSC+
TillmanDavidsonDavidson ESF
TillmanDavidsonDavidson HSD+
TillmanFrederickFrederick ESC
TillmanFrederickFrederick MSC-
TillmanFrederickFrederick HSA-
TillmanGrandfieldGrandfield ESD
TillmanGrandfieldGrandfield HSD
TulsaKeystoneKeystone Public SchoolD
TulsaTulsa Charter: Schl Arts/Sci.Tulsa Schl Of Arts/SciencesA
TulsaTulsa Charter: Kipp TulsaKipp Tulsa Acad.College Prep.D
TulsaTulsa Charter: Lighthouse AcadLighthouse Academies Of TulsaC
TulsaDeborah Brown (Charter)Deborah Brown Community SchoolA+
TulsaDiscovery Schools Of TulsaDiscovery School Of TulsaA-
TulsaDiscovery Schools Of TulsaDove Science Academy (Tulsa)B
TulsaSankofa Middle Schl (Charter)Sankofa Middle SchoolF
TulsaTulsaAcademy Central ESF
TulsaTulsaAnderson ESF
TulsaTulsaHenry Zarrow International SchA+
TulsaTulsaBell ESF
TulsaTulsaBurroughs ESF
TulsaTulsaCarnegie ESA+
TulsaTulsaCelia Clinton ESF
TulsaTulsaChouteau ESF
TulsaTulsaColumbus ESF
TulsaTulsaCooper ESF
TulsaTulsaDual Language Immersion ProgN/A
TulsaTulsaEcdc BuncheN/A
TulsaTulsaEcdc PorterF
TulsaTulsaEcdc ReedN/A
TulsaTulsaEisenhower International ESA+
TulsaTulsaEliot ESB
TulsaTulsaEmerson ESF
TulsaTulsaEugene Field ESF
TulsaTulsaGilcrease ESF
TulsaTulsaGrimes ESF
TulsaTulsaHawthorne ESF
TulsaTulsaHamilton ESF
TulsaTulsaPatrick Henry ESC+
TulsaTulsaHoover ESD+
TulsaTulsaJackson ESF
TulsaTulsaJones ESF
TulsaTulsaKendall-Whittier ESF
TulsaTulsaKerr ESF
TulsaTulsaKey ESF
TulsaTulsaLanier ESB+
TulsaTulsaLee ESD
TulsaTulsaLewis And Clark ESD
TulsaTulsaLindbergh ESF
TulsaTulsaMacarthur ESF
TulsaTulsaMarshall ESF
TulsaTulsaMayo Demonstration ESC-
TulsaTulsaMcClure ESF
TulsaTulsaMcKinley ESF
TulsaTulsaMitchell ESD
TulsaTulsaOwen ESF
TulsaTulsaPark ESF
TulsaTulsaPeary ESF
TulsaTulsaPenn ESF
TulsaTulsaRemington ESF
TulsaTulsaRobertson ESF
TulsaTulsaSalk ESC-
TulsaTulsaSequoyah ESF
TulsaTulsaSkelly ESF
TulsaTulsaSpringdale ESF
TulsaTulsaProject Accept Traice ESF
TulsaTulsaMark Twain ESF
TulsaTulsaWhitman ESF
TulsaTulsaWright ESD-
TulsaTulsaDisney ESD
TulsaTulsaGrissom ESC+
TulsaTulsaCarver MSA+
TulsaTulsaClinton MSF
TulsaTulsaEdison Preparatory MSC+
TulsaTulsaMonroe Demonstration MSF
TulsaTulsaThoreau Demonstration AcademyB
TulsaTulsaTraice MSF
TulsaTulsaCentral JHSF
TulsaTulsaEast Central JHSF
TulsaTulsaHale JHSF
TulsaTulsaMcLain JHSF
TulsaTulsaMemorial JHSF
TulsaTulsaWill Rogers College JHSF
TulsaTulsaTulsa Met JHSF
TulsaTulsaCentral HSD
TulsaTulsaEast Central HSD
TulsaTulsaThomas Edison Preparatory HSB-
TulsaTulsaNathan Hale HSF
TulsaTulsaMcLain HS For Sci./TechnologyD
TulsaTulsaMemorial HSC+
TulsaTulsaWill Rogers College HSC+
TulsaTulsaBooker T.Washington HSA+
TulsaTulsaDaniel Webster HSD+
TulsaTulsaTulsa Met HSF
TulsaSand SpringsSand Springs Ec CtrN/A
TulsaSand SpringsAngus Valley ESB
TulsaSand SpringsNorthwoods Fine Arts AcademyF
TulsaSand SpringsGarfield ESD+
TulsaSand SpringsLimestone ESB
TulsaSand SpringsPratt ESB
TulsaSand SpringsClyde Boyd MSC
TulsaSand SpringsCentral 9th Grade CtrB+
TulsaSand SpringsCharles Page HSB
TulsaBroken ArrowCreekwood Early Childhood CtrN/A
TulsaBroken ArrowAspen Creek Ec CenterN/A
TulsaBroken ArrowParklane Early Childhood CtrN/A
TulsaBroken ArrowRhoades ESC
TulsaBroken ArrowArrowhead ESC-
TulsaBroken ArrowVandever ESD
TulsaBroken ArrowHighland Park ESC
TulsaBroken ArrowLynn Wood ESD+
TulsaBroken ArrowLeisure Park ESC
TulsaBroken ArrowSpring Creek ESC-
TulsaBroken ArrowWolf Creek ESC+
TulsaBroken ArrowCountry Lane Primary ESB
TulsaBroken ArrowLiberty ESC
TulsaBroken ArrowCountry Lane Intermediate ESB
TulsaBroken ArrowCreekwood ESB-
TulsaBroken ArrowAspen Creek ESB-
TulsaBroken ArrowOak Crest ESD-
TulsaBroken ArrowCentennial MSC
TulsaBroken ArrowSequoyah MSD+
TulsaBroken ArrowChilders MSC
TulsaBroken ArrowOliver MSC
TulsaBroken ArrowOneta Ridge MSC-
TulsaBroken ArrowBroken Arrow HSB+
TulsaBroken ArrowBroken Arrow S Intermediate HSA-
TulsaBroken ArrowBroken Arrow N Intermediate HSA-
TulsaBixbyCentral ESA
TulsaBixbyBixby North ESA+
TulsaBixbyNorth Intermediate SchoolA
TulsaBixbyCentral Intermediate SchoolA-
TulsaBixbyNortheast ES And IsB
TulsaBixbyBixby MSA
TulsaBixbyBixby HSA+
TulsaJenksJenks East ESC
TulsaJenksJenks West ESA-
TulsaJenksSoutheast ESA
TulsaJenksJenks West Intermediate ESA-
TulsaJenksJenks East Intermediate ESB
TulsaJenksJenks MSB+
TulsaJenksJenks HSB+
TulsaCollinsvilleCollinsville Ec CtrB
TulsaCollinsvilleWilson ESB
TulsaCollinsvilleHerald ESB
TulsaCollinsvilleCollinsville MSB
TulsaCollinsvilleCollinsville HSA-
TulsaSkiatookMarrs ESB+
TulsaSkiatookSkiatook Intermediate ESB+
TulsaSkiatookNewman MSB-
TulsaSkiatookSkiatook HSB+
TulsaSperrySperry ESB
TulsaSperrySperry MSC
TulsaSperrySperry HSB
TulsaUnionGrove ESD-
TulsaUnionBriarglen ESF
TulsaUnionBoevers ESF
TulsaUnionClark ESF
TulsaUnionDarnaby ESA
TulsaUnionPeters ESB
TulsaUnionAndersen ESA
TulsaUnionMcAuliffe ESF
TulsaUnionJarman ESC-
TulsaUnionCedar Ridge ESA-
TulsaUnionMarshall T.Moore ESB-
TulsaUnionRosa Parks ESD-
TulsaUnionThomas Jefferson ESC-
TulsaUnionUnion 6th-7th Grade CtrC
TulsaUnionUnion 8th Grade CtrC+
TulsaUnionUnion HSA
TulsaUnionUnion Ninth Grade CenterA
TulsaBerryhillBerryhill ES SouthC+
TulsaBerryhillBerryhill MSB+
TulsaBerryhillBerryhill HSA-
TulsaOwassoBarnes ESC
TulsaOwassoAtor ESA-
TulsaOwassoMills ESB-
TulsaOwassoHayward Smith ESB+
TulsaOwassoPamela Hodson ESA-
TulsaOwassoLarkin Bailey ESA
TulsaOwassoNortheast ESA+
TulsaOwassoStone Canyon ESB+
TulsaOwassoOwasso 7th Grade CtrA-
TulsaOwassoOwasso 6th Grade CtrB-
TulsaOwassoOwasso 8th Grade CtrB+
TulsaOwassoOwasso HSB+
TulsaGlenpoolGlenpool ESB-
TulsaGlenpoolGlenpool MSC
TulsaGlenpoolGlenpool HSB+
TulsaLibertyLiberty ESD
TulsaLibertyLiberty HSB
WagonerOkayOkay ESC-
WagonerOkayOkay HSC+
WagonerCowetaCentral ESB-
WagonerCowetaNorthwest ESB-
WagonerCowetaSouthside ESB+
WagonerCowetaMission Intermediate Grd CtrC
WagonerCowetaHeritage Intermediate Grd CtrC+
WagonerCowetaCoweta JHSB-
WagonerCowetaCoweta HSB-
WagonerCowetaCoweta Intermediate HSA-
WagonerWagonerWilliam R.Teague ESB
WagonerWagonerEllington ESB
WagonerWagonerCentral Intermediate ESD
WagonerWagonerWagoner MSC
WagonerWagonerWagoner HSD
WagonerPorter ConsolidatedPorter Consolidated ESD+
WagonerPorter ConsolidatedPorter Consolidated HSB
WashingtonCopanCopan ESD+
WashingtonCopanCopan HSB-
WashingtonCopanCopan VirtualD+
WashingtonDeweyDewey ESB-
WashingtonDeweyDewey MSB
WashingtonDeweyDewey HSB+
WashingtonCaney ValleyCaney Valley ESC
WashingtonCaney ValleyCaney Valley MSC
WashingtonCaney ValleyCaney Valley HSB-
WashingtonBartlesvilleRichard Kane ESC+
WashingtonBartlesvilleHoover ESA-
WashingtonBartlesvilleJane Phillips ESD+
WashingtonBartlesvilleRanch Heights ESB+
WashingtonBartlesvilleWayside ESA+
WashingtonBartlesvilleWoodrow Wilson ESA-
WashingtonBartlesvilleCentral MSB
WashingtonBartlesvilleMadison MSB+
WashingtonBartlesvilleBartlesville HSA+
WashingtonBartlesvilleBartlesville MhsA+
WashitaSentinelMcmurray ESB-
WashitaSentinelBlanche Thomas HSA+
WashitaBurns Flat-Dill CityWill Rogers ESC
WashitaBurns Flat-Dill CityBurns Flat-Dill City HSB
WashitaCanuteCanute ESB-
WashitaCanuteCanute HSB
WashitaCordellCordell ESA
WashitaCordellCordell JHSB
WashitaCordellCordell HSA+
WoodsAlvaLincoln ESB-
WoodsAlvaLongfellow ESA-
WoodsAlvaWashington ESA-
WoodsAlvaAlva MSC+
WoodsAlvaAlva HSB
WoodsWaynokaWaynoka ESA-
WoodsWaynokaWaynoka HSA+
WoodsFreedomFreedom ESA
WoodsFreedomFreedom HSA
WoodwardWoodwardCedar Heights ESB
WoodwardWoodwardHorace Mann ESD
WoodwardWoodwardWoodward Ec CtrN/A
WoodwardWoodwardHighland Park ESD-
WoodwardWoodwardWoodward MSC+
WoodwardWoodwardWoodward HSC+
WoodwardMoorelandMooreland ESC-
WoodwardMoorelandSenior HSA-
WoodwardSharon-MutualSharon-Mutual ESD
WoodwardSharon-MutualSharon-Mutual HSB+
WoodwardFort SupplyFort Supply ESC+
WoodwardFort SupplyFort Supply HSB+

Here are some excerpts of statements issued Wednesday about the grades:

Gov. Mary Fallin
“The A-F grading system is designed to empower parents by providing them with an easily understood measurement of how a school is performing. This year’s grades demonstrate that Oklahoma has hundreds of ‘A’ schools and many pockets of excellence. It also continues to show – as we have known for years – that there are many schools that are struggling. The superintendents and teachers of schools receiving a D or an F must remember: a bad grade is not a punishment; it is a call to action.”
Full statement.

Joe Dorman, Democratic candidate for governor
“These school grades are meaningless and a completely inaccurate measure of Oklahoma’s schools and educators. A study by OU & OSU last year said the grading system was seriously flawed, and yet Mary Fallin continues to support her failed policy.”
Full statement.

Superintendent Janet Barresi
“The A-F report cards are vital to ensuring accountability. Parents and communities must know what schools are excelling and what schools need additional help. In so doing, Oklahoma educators and schools can build on successes and focus on particular challenges.”
Full statement.

Alicia Priest, Oklahoma Education Association vice president
“Teachers and administrators are not surprised by the A-F grades released today. The report card did what it was intended to do: label students and teachers without providing additional funding, resources or support to help schools improve teaching and learning. To paraphrase the old saying, ‘The bullying will continue until morale improves. We’re ready for elected officials to stop grandstanding and do something that helps public education, like restore the $200 million in funding we’ve lost since 2008 while gaining 40,000 students.”
Full statement.

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