Oklahoma Watch staff members M. Scott Carter, Nate Robson, Warren Vieth and David Fritze live-blogged Thursday night’s gubernatorial debate between Republican Gov. Mary Fallin and Democratic challenger Joe Dorman. Read their impressions and thoughts below. Go to @OklahomaWatch on Twitter to catch the highlight quotes and points of the debate. Watch a video of the debate here.

I also noticed the reference to Dept. of Corrections staffing levels. Up until this year, starting DOC employees were paid less than a starting employee at 7-11. One of the big reasons it’s hard for DOC to hire employees.
Each candidate gets two minutes for an opening and closing statement. They also get only 90 seconds to answer and/or rebut questions. The debate will be the only one in the gubernatorial election. Fallin is the frontrunner, although the last independent poll was a month ago, according to RealClearPolitics: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2014/governor/ok/oklahoma_governor_fallin_vs_dorman-5122.html Dorman says his polling shows the race is close.
Well, that was an unexpected question, one that might have been posed by attorney Jerry Fent, who has successfully sued the state over whether laws are constitutional.
Warren Vieth
Post-debate summation by OU Political Science Department Chair Keith Gaddie: “There were no game-changers .. This doesn’t move the needle.”
David Fritze
Thanks for joining the live analysis. If you missed it live, scroll to the bottom and work your way upward.

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