This database lists the 735 contracts awarded by the state to companies qualifying for the Quality Jobs Program since its inception in 1993 through the end of fiscal year 2014. For 209 active contracts, the “Jobs Created” column shows the number of qualifying jobs identified in each company’s most recent claim. For 526 non-active contracts, the “Jobs Created” figure is based on the number of qualifying jobs during the quarter for which a final payment was made.

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1-800-FLOWERS SERVICE SUPPORT CENTER, INC.10/1/00500120$1,289,3571Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
3KB TRANSPORTATION INC.12/13/9462630$65,1904Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
A LA MODE INC.8/20/044500$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew on 3/31/2008
AAA COOPER TRANSPORTATION6/28/0012532$146,2402Q04Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AAA PHARMACY INC.10/4/042500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AAON, INC. # 1 8/16/94175520$1,781,0571Q01Reached Maximum Benefit
AAON, INC. # 25/18/01150012$25,7524Q03Voluntarily Withdrew on 11/24/2009
AAR SERVICES, INC.1/3/97261152$1,928,4824Q0610 Year Contract Limit Reached
ABB INC.7/11/0512260$1,346,8551Q14Active Contract
ABB INC. #21/1/1316023$75,9451Q14Active Contract
ACCURATE LABORATORIES, INC10/4/13488$10,0731Q14Active Contract
ACME ENGINEERING & MANUFACTURING CORP.1/5/0513854$8,7262Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ADAMS INVESTMENT CO.3/11/9446447$44,4751Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ADFITECH, INC. # 13/19/01557316$2,289,6041Q1110 Year Contract Limit Reached
ADFITECH, INC. # 210/5/1171145$288,4974Q13Active Contract
ADVANCE FOOD CO. # 19/10/93300160$1,606,2402Q03Reached Maximum Benefit
ADVANCE FOOD CO. # 27/29/98565178$1,719,5064Q05Reached Maximum Benefit
ADVANCE FOOD CO., INC. # 34/18/03500719$3,842,1744Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
ADVANCED ENVIRONMENTAL RECYCLING TECHNOLOGIES, INC.10/31/089236$150,5811Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ADVANCED FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, INC. # 112/5/00125124$2,804,6793Q09Reached Maximum Benefit
ADVANCED FINANCIAL SOLUTIONS, INC. # 24/21/031435$36,9821Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ADVANCED SUBROGATION RESOURCES, LLC2/1/108014$92,5201Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ADVANCED SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY, INC.7/1/9413024$43,7602Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AEGIS FOOD TESTING LABORATORIES OF OKLAHOMA, LLC10/22/094810$63,7564Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AEROMET, INC. 1/27/994987$1,023,5014Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
AFFINIA PRODUCTS CORP.LLC10/8/0722463$899,8461Q13Active Contract
AFG ACQUISITION GROUP LLC10/14/112509$28,7681Q13Active Contract
AFN COMMUNICATIONS LLC1/1/013253$1,3283Q01Voluntarily Withdrew on 4/1/14
AG EQUIPMENT CO. # 19/30/05201158$2,781,3521Q14Active Contract
AG EQUIPMENT CO. # 21/1/12268162$453,2891Q14Active Contract
AGIO, LLC1/1/107460$737,6061Q14Active Contract
AI INTERNATIONAL, LLC11/1/0513161$228,1203Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AIR COOLED EXCHANGERS LLC7/1/1120517$6,2193Q11Active Contract
AIR COOLED EXCHANGERS, INC. 3/19/021800$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AIR-EXCHANGERS, LLC 7/17/971102$9274Q97Voluntarily Withdrew 12/31/97
AIRCRAFT FUELING SYSTEMS INC.1/10/032001$83,4043Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AIRCRAFT STRUCTURES, INC.3/14/011160$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew on 6/27/03
AIRGAS USA, LLC10/31/11130130$514,6131Q14Active Contract
ALBERTSON’S, INC.5/24/9950445$518,1082Q02Voluntarily Withdrew on 4/23/12
ALBON MANUFACTURING, LLC6/8/0621020$196,2992Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ALLIANCE STEEL, INC. 9/29/9548037$01Q98Voluntarily Withdrew on 7/2/98
ALORICA INC. # 22/21/00420150$523,9184Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ALORICA INC. # 310/1/01640518$1,606,3772Q05Voluntarily Wtihdrew on 5/24/12
ALORICA INC. # 42/13/04521380$343,0981Q05Voluntarily Withdrew on 5/24/12
ALTUS FLIGHT ACADEMY, INC.4/1/134009$6,4843Q13Active Contract
AMBITECH ENGINEERING CORP.5/8/12507$19,9544Q13Active Contract
AMERICA ONLINE, INC. 4/2/9611001,086$10,242,3044Q03Reached Maximum Benefit
AMERICAN AIRLINES INC. # 16/30/9518342,649$31,459,2503Q02Reached Maximum Benefit
AMERICAN AIRLINES INC. # 210/1/03110062$951,8691Q05Voluntarily Withdrew on 2/7/11
AMERICAN BANKERS INSURANCE CO. # 11/1/01375363$3,587,4944Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
AMERICAN BANKERS INSURANCE CO. # 27/1/0322519$137,0732Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, INC.1/1/01300114$2,793,0344Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, INC. #28/14/131350$0N/AActive Contract
AMERICAN CASTINGS, LLC # 18/14/03619223$3,759,8792Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
AMERICAN CASTINGS, LLC # 210/1/1111095$198,2541Q14Active Contract
AMERICAN FLORAL SERVICES, INC1/1/0020027$18,8863Q00Voluntarily Withdrew on 11/24/99
AMERICAN OILFIELD PRODUCTS, INC.2/6/971507$77,1112Q99Out of Program
AMERICAN PREPARED FOODS, LLC6/15/11530$0N/AActive Contract
AMERICAN WOODMARK CORP.2/7/0268025$1,818,0313Q09Voluntarily Withdrew on 10/29/09
AMERICUS CORP. – OKLAHOMA1/7/9422528$18,3141Q95Voluntarily Withdrew on 6/10/98
AMERISTAR FENCE PRODUCTS, INC. # 21/1/03475179$1,302,4592Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
AMERISTAR FENCING PRODUCTS, INC. # 16/25/9925056$80,1362Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AMERON INTERNATIONAL CORP.3/1/121290$0N/AActive Contract
ANCHOR GLASS CONTAINER CORP.3/7/971000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew on 6/25/12
APACHE CORP. # 16/20/08420$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
APACHE CORP. # 21/27/1275120$752,8443Q13Active Contract
APACHE CORP. # 37/1/131000$0N/AActive Contract
APEX COMPOSITES, INC. 6/12/982006$2,4384Q98Voluntarily Withdrew on 5/30/12
API ENTERPRISES, INC. 3/4/9411021$132,2521Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
APPLIED ENERGY SYSTEMS, INC. (AES COS.)10/27/9455542$10,1804Q94Voluntarily Withdrew on 12/19/97
APPLIED INTELLIGENCE GROUP, INC.5/4/947933$173,3021Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
APPLIED MARINE TECHNOLOGY INC.4/17/06700$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
APPNOC INC.12/19/95700230$381,0261Q98Out of Program – Purchased by TSR Wireless
ARINC ENGINEERING SERVICES, LLC7/13/051000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
ARINC INCORPORATED # 16/24/9648156$1,197,5361Q01Reached Maximum Benefit
ARINC INCORPORATED # 27/1/0020069$2,259,2552Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
ARL BIO PHARMA, LLC10/14/13692$4582Q14Active Contract
ARR-MAZ PRODUCTS, LP7/8/09449$128,8962Q11Voluntarily Withdrew on 3/24/14
ARROW ENGINE CO.1/10/089551$498,1831Q14Active Contract
ARROW TRUCKING CO., INC.2/7/95270107$232,0574Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ASCO AEROSPACE USA, LLC1/1/1337923$41,8321Q14Active Contract
ASPHALT EXPRESS ENTERPRISES LLC5/14/08390$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AT & T WIRELESS SERVICES # 112/9/04380107$1,585,6771Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
AT&T SERVICES, INC.5/22/131400$0N/AActive Contract
ATC DRIVETRAIN, LLC # 210/20/10360303$441,3411Q14Active Contract
ATHLETIC WORLD ADVERTISING, INC.5/2/03100072$153,4101Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ATKINS AMERICAS, INC.5/8/031000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AURRA INDUSTRIES INC.2/15/9712936$85,1891Q00Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AUTO CRANE CO.6/1/071000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AUTOCRAFT INDUSTRIES, INC. 5/30/9653081$190,7601Q98Voluntarily Withdrew
AUTOCRAFT INDUSTRIES, INC. # 14/24/0213553$312,1683Q05Voluntarily Withdrew on 9/25/2008
AVAYA, INC.4/2/97250197$7,038,3133Q0710 Year Contract Limit Reached
AVERY BARRON INDUSTRIES – STAMPING, LLC7/8/11770$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
AVERY BARRON INDUSTRIES-FABRICATION, LLC7/1/1010824$105,8083Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
AVIATION TRAINING CONSULTING, LLC10/1/114410$29,8934Q13Active Contract
AVIS BUDGET CAR RENTAL, LLC9/23/093190$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew on 10/25/12
AVIS RENT-A-CAR SYSTEM INC.2/6/9537694$156,3943Q97Voluntarily Withdrew on 11/16/09
AXH AIR-COOLERS, LLC # 11/1/05380365$5,824,4181Q14Active Contract
AXH AIR-COOLERS, LLC # 211/23/1024527$82,5234Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
BAKE-LINE GROUP, LLC 11/19/02700$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS, INC. # 14/29/982091$2472Q98Vountarily Withdrew 11/17/98
BAKER HUGHES OILFIELD OPERATIONS, INC. # 26/1/10667446$1,992,3294Q13Active Contract
BALON CORP.1/1/07460323$2,074,7011Q14Active Contract
BAMA COS., INC. # 14/1/01252171$2,973,5291Q1110 Year Contract Limit Reached
BAMA COS., INC. # 25/12/032509$617,6704Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/2012
BANCTECH USA, INC.1/11/952610$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 11/95
BANK OF OKLAHOMA, N.A.5/24/99601177$2,129,6384Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
BAR-S FOODS CO. # 17/13/95400410$3,562,8572Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
BAR-S FOODS CO. # 212/14/97476279$2,482,8854Q0710 Year Contract Limit Reached
BAR-S FOODS CO. # 34/1/052500$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 05/02/06
BAXTER HEALTHCARE CORP.6/1/9412565$73,1243Q96Out of Program – Sold To Allegiance Healthcare
BEARWOOD CONCEPTS, INC.9/11/091250$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 12/08/11
BENTY AMERICA PET SUPPLY, INC.4/22/021400$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
BERENDSEN FLUID POWER INC.1/24/9611460$589,8401Q01Voluntarily Withdrew 04/25/12
BIZJET INTERNATIONAL SALES & SUPPORT, INC.8/14/003250$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 06/03/14
BIZJET INTERNATIONAL SALES & SUPPORT, INC. #211/26/133340$0N/AActive Contract
BLACKHAWK INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION, INC.3/19/121680$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 05/06/14
BLUE BELL CREAMERIES, LP8/3/111900$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
BLUESTONE NATURAL RESOURCES LLC8/4/103111$129,3413Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
BOEING AEROSPACE OPERATIONS, INC. # 211/16/05610562$9,376,8644Q13Active Contract
BOEING CO. – MWC # 26/18/961005129$364,5873Q9810 Year Contract Limit Reached
BOEING CO. # 54/6/11207111$810,1824Q13Active Contract
BOEING CO. # 74/23/13369245$681,9364Q13Active Contract
BOEING CO.- CORE # 16/30/95785935$13,632,7132Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
BOEING CO.- TULSA – NEW BRS # 34/3/97338139$3,867,3671Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 11/19/2005
BORETS U.S., INC.4/13/095081$1,076,4482Q14Active Contract
BORGWARNER MORSE TEC, INC.8/9/0510012$90,3254Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 12/04/09
BRADEN CARCO / GEARMATIC DIV. OF PACCAR INC. # 17/12/9512367$101,8652Q98Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
BRAVO NATURAL RESOURCES, LLC2/5/14577$16,4512Q14Active Contract
BRIDGESTONE/FIRESTONE NORTH AMERICAN TIRE LLC3/21/97211390$1,909,1731Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
BRIGHT HORIZONS RESOURCES LLC1/10/132512$81,9391Q14Active Contract
BRUNSWICK CORP.7/1/972000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 12/14/99
BRUNSWICK CORP. # 17/3/003250$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 08/08/05
BRUNSWICK CORP. # 27/22/052000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
BTR OKLAHOMA SEALING SYSTEMS4/1/981504$67,1312Q01Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
BUYITNOW, INC. 7/28/995400$0N/AOut of Program
CACI, INC. – FEDERAL6/8/9810024$1,750,5111Q0610 Year Contract Limit Reached
CADCOM TELESYSTEMS, INC.1/1/0123451$126,3574Q04Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES INC.6/10/9630643$238,7003Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 04/15/05
CALLIDUS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC6/1/0418078$1,856,8873Q12Active Contract
CAMERON INTERNATIONAL CORP. # 210/12/1126377$227,1014Q13Active Contract
CAMERON TECHNOLOGIES US, INC.5/28/03100111$2,033,1681Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
CAMROSE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC5/6/99200220$164,8323Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
CAPITAL ONE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION7/1/06800424$2,833,1241Q13Active Contract
CARDINAL FG CO.1/1/03247274$4,531,3123Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
CARLISLE FOODSERVICE PRODUCTS INC.10/18/9425039$31,6012Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CARRIER ACCESS OPERATIONS8/16/9930025$555,0622Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
CARSAFE LLC6/10/11558$24,9684Q12Active Contract
CAVALRY PORTFOLIO SERVICES, LLC # 110/1/98359137$2,305,1883Q0810 Year Contract Limit Reached
CAVALRY PORTFOLIO SERVICES, LLC # 22/27/091260$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CCA OF TENNESSEE, LLC8/24/07170221$1,518,3181Q14Active Contract
CELESTICA CORP.11/8/0180022$3,145,7422Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
CELLU TISSUE CORP. – OKLAHOMA CITY9/24/12580$0N/AActive Contract
CENTEK, INC.1/1/1210487$300,8671Q14Active Contract
CENTER PARTNERS, INC.3/4/02425100$62,4501Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 12/03/09
CENTRAL AND SOUTH WEST SERVICES7/6/94386569$7,543,8853Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
CFS II INC.4/20/1150012$71,8862Q13Active Contract
CHAPARRAL ENERGY, LLC # 1 5/29/98259221$2,601,5212Q0810 Year Contract Limit Reached
CHAPARRAL ENERGY, LLC # 27/1/0822089$1,486,0252Q14Active Contract
CHART COOLER SERVICE CO., INC.8/25/05210130$2,509,5701Q14Active Contract
CHEF’S REQUESTED FOODS INC.4/1/041520$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CHEMICAL PACKAGING CORP.3/3/97175120$166,9992Q00Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CHEROKEE CONNEX LLC7/23/0415006$19,8384Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/12
CHESAPEAKE ENERGY CORP.9/13/023681,115$9,319,8062Q07Reached Maximum Benefit
CHESAPEAKE OPERATING, INC. # 29/1/071701904$30,547,9631Q14Active Contract
CHOCTAW MANUFACTURING AND DEVELOPMENT CORP.5/18/0111015$16,1341Q04Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CHOICEPAY, INC.1/12/0412921$222,6424Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 01/14/2009
CIBER INC.10/5/0421016$182,4911Q07Voluntarily Withdrew 11/16/09
CICADA CORP.7/1/042407$11,2653Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 06/12/06
CIMARRON ENERGY, INC.9/13/10141157$1,139,1122Q14Active Contract
CINGULAR WIRELESS LLC # 11/1/01500452$1,602,5654Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
CINGULAR WIRELESS LLC # 27/25/032500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CIRCLE B MEASUREMENT & FABRICATION, LLC12/19/12653$5,0412Q14Active Contract
CITI TRENDS, INC.6/28/102650$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 06/27/12
CLAIMETRICS MANAGEMENT, LLC8/27/076000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CLEAR EDGE FILTRATION, INC.4/1/12290159$359,2152Q14Active Contract
CLIMACOOL CORP.11/19/1011527$123,2634Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CLIMATE MASTER, INC.3/10/06385157$1,798,9431Q14Active Contract
CLIMATECRAFT, INC. # 1 7/29/9812850$107,7481Q01Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CLIMATECRAFT, INC. # 211/17/0519074$288,4291Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CMI CORP. # 18/28/97386164$655,2081Q00Voluntarily Withdrew 10/31/08
CMI TEREX CORP. # 21/8/074000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CNG CO. dba TRI FUELS4/27/943186$7,6381Q95Out of Program
CNI ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, LLC1/1/07300147$2,354,3832Q14Active Contract
CNI TECHNOLOGY, LLC2/24/0533517$37,2343Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
COBB-VANTRESS, INC.1/1/9970110$186,4671Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 07/13/12
COCA-COLA REFRESHMENTS USA, INC.10/1/07300368$1,855,1074Q12Active Contract
COMMERCIAL FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. # 1 4/10/9622001,212$8,362,1572Q99Out of Program
COMMERCIAL FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. # 2 11/4/979219788$1,355,5741Q99Out of Program
COMPASS MANUFACTURING, LLC1/18/128160$144,2481Q14Active Contract
COMPONENTS MANUFACTURING, INC.1/1/99200105$497,2604Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 02/15/10
COMPRESSCO FIELD SERVICES, INC.8/18/081450$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 05/11/11
CONOCO INC. – CARBON FIBERS UNIT4/1/0097147$610,7282Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 02/15/05
CONOCO, INC. # 24/30/01950$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 02/15/05
CONOCOPHILLIPS CO.10/1/051200594$28,461,2471Q14Active Contract
CONTINENTAL EMSCO CO. – QJ8/31/958838$22,3544Q95Out of Program
CONTINENTAL INDUSTRIES, INC.6/10/08780$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CONTINENTAL RESOURCES, INC.8/16/11416283$3,451,6571Q14Active Contract
CONTINENTAL TECHNOLOGIES LLC10/8/07880$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CONTRACT MANUFACTURER, INC. dba CM TRAILERS3/1/9815089$106,6224Q00Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CONVERGYS CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT GP3/31/9720001,446$7,720,3111Q0710 Year Contract Limit Reached
COOPER-CAMERON CORP. # 19/21/981890$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 10/13/2011
COORSTEK, INC. 6/30/001700$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 09/09/05
COUGAR TOOL AMERICAS, INC.4/11/061607$145,6482Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
COVERCRAFT INDUSTRIES7/1/93175113$1,234,4802Q0310 Year Contract Limit Reached
COX TMI WIRELESS, LLC12/12/102180$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 11/18/11
COZART-PERRY INDUSTRIES, INC.8/28/131706$3,4414Q13Active Contract
CREATIVE LABS, INC.9/1/032280$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
CROSBY GROUP, INC.11/3/0635937$191,0011Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CROSBY GROUP, LLC3/31/1111490$891,8371Q14Active Contract
CSAA INSURANCE EXCHANGE7/1/09725468$4,609,7462Q14Active Contract
CSI AEROSPACE, INC.3/8/127514$46,8111Q14Active Contract
CUSTOM ACADEMIC PUBLISHING CO.10/18/9360032$66,3483Q96Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
CUSTOMERLINX OF OKLAHOMA, INC.1/1/00750259$600,7193Q0610 Year Contract Limit Reached
CYCLONIC VALVE CO.10/4/114511$48,9432Q14Active Contract
CYMSTAR LLC6/13/088373$1,018,4602Q14Active Contract
CYTOVANCE BIOLOGICS, INC. # 33/3/108076$615,7472Q14Active Contract
CYTOVANCE BIOLOGICS, LLC# 12/1/066832$204,3461Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
D&L MANUFACTURING, INC. # 13/12/0899111$1,188,9442Q14Active Contract
D&L MANUFACTURING, INC. # 24/1/1210093$315,9762Q14Active Contract
DAL- ITALIA LLC6/1/02300465$4,414,7251Q11Reached Maximum Benefit
DATACOM SCIENCES, INC. 10/1/94458192$2,109,1053Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
DECISION ONE CORP. # 1/ALOCIRCA1/27/97129175$1,727,5503Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
DECISIONPOINT SYSTEMS, INC.2/19/13461$12,2674Q13Active Contract
DEEPWATER IODIDES INC.2/3/948627$92,8204Q95Out of Program
DELAWARE RESOURCE GROUP OF OKLAHOMA, LLC1/7/112931$609,2141Q14Active Contract
DELL USA, LP # 17/21/0420001,200$26,417,5591Q14Active Contract
DELL USA, LP # 212/30/04653381$10,373,0961Q14Active Contract
DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP OF DELAWARE12/8/0518543$1,127,0491Q14Active Contract
DEVON ENERGY CORP. # 18/11/99167596$4,404,2881Q05Reached Maximum Benefit
DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO., LP # 28/14/07614592$9,006,2942Q13Active Contract
DEVON ENERGY PRODUCTION CO., LP # 31/1/13989151$334,9232Q13Active Contract
DIANON SYSTEMS, INC.1/12/9414991$2,383,0061Q0310 Year Contract Limit Reached
DIRECTV CUSTOMER SERVICES, INC.7/1/041385636$9,102,8291Q14Active Contract
DIVERSIFIED SYSTEMS RESOURCES LTD10/25/0019645$88,0963Q03Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
DMI INDUSTRIES, INC.7/23/07594115$2,182,9024Q12Voluntarily Withdrew 12/06/12
DOBSON COMMUNICATIONS CORP. # 110/2/98162368$3,436,1251Q06Reached Maximum Benefit
DOBSON COMMUNICATIONS CORP. # 24/14/052400$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
DOLGENCORP, INC. # 1 8/3/94384510$1,421,0511Q00Reached Maximum Benefit
DOLGENCORP, LLC # 21/1/02150103$1,076,2621Q10Reached Maximum Benefit
DOLGENCORP, LLC # 35/24/101300$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/13/12
DOLLAR RENT A CAR SYSTEMS INC.7/18/9490276$1,453,6723Q00Reached Maximum Benefit
DOLLAR TREE DISTRIBUTION, INC.7/1/02203232$1,980,8043Q12Active Contract
DOLLAR TREE DISTRIBUTION, INC. #21/25/1317533$18,1432Q14Active Contract
DOMINANCE INDUSTRIES, INC. 9/21/9420078$223,1892Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
DORADA POULTRY LLC10/31/10450203$880,5831Q14Active Contract
DOSKOCIL COS., INC./ WILSON FOODS11/1/935418$47,3594Q9410 Year Contract Limit Reached
DOT FOODS, INC.5/7/04275183$2,267,5131Q14Active Contract
DOVER FLUID MANAGEMENT, INC. # 12/2/072504$77,8662Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
DOVER FLUID MANAGEMENT, INC. # 26/15/111000$0N/AActive Contract
DP MANUFACTURING INC.2/2/07770$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 01/29/08
DUCOMMUN LABARGE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.1/7/1010883$111,4972Q12Active Contract
DURA-LINE CORP. # 19/23/9810256$229,5843Q02Voluntarily Withdrew
DURA-LINE CORP. # 25/30/06940$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
DURANT BIOFUELS LLC9/8/0517522$26,2624Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
DURANT DC, LLC dba BIG LOTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER7/1/03500290$3,951,3863Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
DW-NATIONAL STANDARD-STILLWATER, LLC9/20/107555$309,8063Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
DYNA MOW INC.4/12/953000$0N/AOut of Program
EAGLE CREDIT RESOURCES, LLC5/7/9930010$49,0981Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EAGLE SUSPENSIONS INC.5/20/06248138$1,727,0671Q14Active Contract
EAGLE SYSTEMS & SERVICES, INC. # 112/1/9437020$25,3704Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EAGLE SYSTEMS & SERVICES, INC. # 210/4/0210920$112,6002Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EAN SERVICES, LLC1/1/04712499$13,690,5181Q1410 Year Contract Limit Reached
EAST JORDON IRON WORKS11/23/992400$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 05/19/05
EATON CORP.6/2/958560$156,1231Q98Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ELLIOT HOMES INC. – DUNCAN (Half)4/1/94500177$1,456,8091Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
ELLIOT HOMES INC. – MADILL (Half)4/1/94500201$1,508,9841Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
EMPIRICAL LOSS MANAGEMENT, LLC6/14/1258$39,7002Q14Active Contract
ENABLE MIDSTREAM SERVICES, LLC10/1/133660$0N/AActive Contract
ENARDO, LLC11/11/057319$79,4164Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
ENERFLOW INDUSTRIES INC.8/18/10500118$225,0521Q12Active Contract
ENGLOBAL ENGINEERING, INC.5/20/0533536$914,9571Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 11/08/11
ENVIRO SYSTEMS, INC.8/19/9810021$45,1042Q01Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EQUI-TRANS ALUMINUM TRAILERS INC.7/1/9533028$31,6834Q96Out of Program
EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY, LLC # 29/29/059071$205,1273Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY, LLC # 35/21/099026$21,5922Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGY, LLC # 48/4/1220013$29,1693Q13Active Contract
ERC INDUSTRIES INC. – BARTON WOOD VALVE CO.5/1/9416048$33,8181Q9510 Year Contract Limit Reached
ETINUUM, INC.10/16/009000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/02/02
EVERGREEN SALES & MARKETING SVCS, INC.5/22/035290$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
EXCELLENCE ENGINEERING, LLC10/25/13500$0N/AActive Contract
EXISS ALUMINUM TRAILERS, INC. # 13/14/94361369$3,041,3474Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 05/02/12
EXISS ALUMINUM TRAILERS, INC. # 25/18/9972257$846,5274Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 05/02/12
EXTERRAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LP # 210/2/0610812$108,3492Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
EXTERRAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LP # 34/7/1119570$399,2854Q13Active Contract
FAMILY DOLLAR SERVICES, INC.3/29/99700369$4,144,9161Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
FANELLI BROTHERS TRUCKING CO.7/20/052500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
FARLEY CANDY CO.1/3/9418688$242,9301Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
FARM FRESH, INC.3/6/9512356$230,0794Q9710 Year Contract Limit Reached
FARMERS INSURANCE GROUP12/1/991500588$9,624,7532Q1110 Year Contract Limit Reached
FELLERS, INC.4/25/0619336$80,6833Q08Active Contract
FINTUBE TECHNOLOGIES, INC.3/16/072000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 12/22/09
FINTUBE, LLC10/3/11912$19,6244Q12Active Contract
FIRST AMERICAN FULFILLMENT SOLUTIONS LLC11/17/0490013$28,0424Q06Out of Program
FIRST DATA RESOURCES INC.5/10/95300015$3,556,3204Q00Active Contract
FIRST WAVE AVIATION, LLC12/6/0459012$230,6814Q07Voluntarily Withdrew 01/14/2011
FISHER PRODUCTS, LLC5/25/11675$1,4983Q11Active Contract
FLEMING COS. INC. # 12/10/94170336$1,626,6552Q98Reached Maximum Benefit
FLEMING COS. INC. # 27/15/981220$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
FLEX-N-GATE OKLAHOMA, LLC4/1/04208131$587,4384Q08Active Contract
FLIGHTSAFETY INTERNATIONAL INC. # 18/4/061538$248,4523Q10Voluntarily Withdrew on 11/11/13
FLIGHTSAFETY INTERNATIONAL INC. # 24/4/1133564$175,0041Q14Active Contract
FLIR DETECTION, INC.1/12/1118086$883,8653Q13Active Contract
FMC TECHNOLOGIES, INC.5/31/12730$0N/AActive Contract
FMS, INC.6/13/054010$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
FORUM US, INC. #31/1/124050$0N/AActive Contract
FRANKLIN COLLECTION SERVICE, INC.2/4/0417554$36,2592Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 01/22/07
FRANKOMA INC. dba FRANKOMA POTTERY6/30/051250$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/13/07
FRED JONES MANUFACTURING CO7/8/93200556$1,483,2791Q98Reached Maximum Benefit
FREIGHTLINER SPECIALTY VEHICLES INC. # 19/6/9825790$236,7674Q01Voluntarily Withdrew 05/09/06
FREIGHTLINER SPECIALTY VEHICLES INC. # 25/9/061650$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 03/27/07
FREIGHTLINER SPECIALTY VEHICLES INC. # 31/26/0727695$180,3351Q08Active Contract
FREYMILLER TRUCKING CO.10/25/93606109$357,3474Q95Out of Program
G C SERVICES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP2/2/041000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
GABRIEL RIDE CONTROL PRODUCTS, INC.10/1/9440036$1,697,9683Q0310 Year Contract Limit Reached
GARMIN INTERNATIONAL, INC.3/1/123016$115,8684Q13Active Contract
GARVER, LLC3/29/077518$84,7353Q11Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GASTAR EXPLORATION, INC.8/22/133015$47,9132Q14Active Contract
GCOE, LLC4/9/0749890$259,7874Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 11/28/12
GE OIL & GAS ESP, INC. # 24/1/04223152$3,291,0003Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
GE OIL & GAS ESP, INC. # 38/1/0820217$49,4012Q11Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GEA RAINEY CORP.4/22/0530056$438,1603Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 11/15/12
GEFCO, INC.10/1/11233163$506,4051Q14Active Contract
GENCO, INC. 4/20/0015533$64,8961Q03Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GENERAL AVIATION MODIFICATIONS, INC.10/30/08820$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
GENERAL MILLS OPERATIONS, INC. # 11/30/9545093$1,105,5194Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
GENERAL MILLS OPERATIONS, INC. # 23/23/008138$95,7514Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GENZYME RESEARCH, INC.5/4/01905$68,6334Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 12/15/05
GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH CORP.10/4/931004$5,9181Q9510 Year Contract Limit Reached
GMX RESOURCES INC.8/22/08601$973,1202Q13Active Contract
GNB TECHNOLOGIES, INC.11/16/9920582$73,8363Q00Voluntarily Withdrew 10/01/01
GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO. # 17/24/955654$32,1252Q97Out of Program
GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO. # 29/12/0210044$280,9863Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GREAT PLAINS AIRLINES, INC.1/1/00985116$398,7494Q03Active Contract
GREDE-PRYOR, INC.1/1/94150265$1,925,7381Q99Reached Maximum Benefit
GROCERY SUPPLY ACQUISITION CORP.2/6/12180163$567,4621Q14Active Contract
GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE TECHNOLOGIES11/15/9521554$244,3711Q99Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
GUNNEBO JOHNSON CORP.6/30/115728$252,1382Q14Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES, INC. # 11/5/96800772$7,771,8454Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
HALLIBURTON ENERGY SERVICES, INC. # 22/21/061040665$10,058,6112Q14Active Contract
HANOVER DAVIS # 1 dba HANOVER COMPRESSOR7/31/9830054$573,7913Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 10/02/06
HARRINGTON BENEFIT SERVICES1/28/9955011$19,0004Q01Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
HARSCO CORP.7/11/0564033$330,7882Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 03/11/14
HARTFORD FINANCIAL SERVICES GROUP8/20/99560496$4,462,1882Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
HAULMARK INDUSTRIES, INC.4/1/04150132$413,5402Q07Voluntarily Withdrew 07/05/12
HEARTLAND WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, INC.4/1/9620043$270,9361Q9910 Year Contract Limit Reached
HEATER SPECIALISTS, LLC8/1/071500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
HEATH TECHNOLOGIES LLC10/24/082058$31,7722Q13Active Contract
HEINZ BAKERY PRODUCTS1/30/954500$0N/AOut of Program
HELICOMB INTERNATIONAL, INC.2/22/08900$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
HELMERICH & PAYNE INTERNATIONAL DRILLING CO.9/26/121028$39,6522Q14Active Contract
HELMERICH & PAYNE, INC.8/31/113835$100,3544Q12Active Contract
HENNIGES AUTOMOTIVE OKLAHOMA, INC. # 26/27/051717$94,3704Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
HENRY VOGT MACHINE CO3/21/942250$0N/AOut of Program
HERBERT MALARKEY ROOFING CO.1/7/118058$392,0352Q14Active Contract
HERTZ CORP. # 13/24/941574760$11,115,6871Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
HERTZ CORP. # 22/24/04515111$733,2313Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 04/03/09
HILL MANUFACTURING, INC. 12/12/061800$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
HOLLY REFINING & MARKETING-TULSA, LLC1/2/10390646$12,142,1041Q14Active Contract
HONEYWELL LORI, INC. # 21/15/031002$1,3961Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 12/18/09
HOOVER UNIVERSAL, INC.4/1/01325285$2,382,8754Q05Active Contract
HOST ANALYTICS, INC.7/18/05727$34,8952Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
HOUSTON INTERESTS, LLC10/26/114833$209,6732Q14Active Contract
HUBER ENGINEERED WOODS, LLC10/1/0222562$2,593,0373Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
HYATT SHARED SERVICE CENTER, LLC1/1/08300155$1,732,4252Q14Active Contract
HYPRO, INC.1/6/122000$0N/AActive Contract
I-NET INC.4/29/94175128$247,8464Q96Out of Program
I. G. INCORPORATED dba INDUSTRIAL GASKET CORP.11/8/931208$13,4734Q9410 Year Contract Limit Reached
IC BUS OF OKLAHOMA, LLC # 11/1/011669870$12,477,8944Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
IC BUS OF OKLAHOMA, LLC # 27/1/082619$416,3831Q11Voluntarily Withdrew 09/28/12
ICES CORP.11/8/021950$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
ICON CONSTRUCTION, INC.10/16/0611243$171,4751Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
IFS COATINGS, INC.10/1/13750$0N/AActive Contract
IMATION CORP.9/5/026757$1,915,0891Q11Voluntarily Withdrew 08/31/11
IMCOA10/1/9412069$107,9674Q96Out of Program
INALFA ROOF SYSTEMS, INC.3/12/02901$95,1251Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 03/31/05
INFINITEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC.3/2/9934141$186,8294Q00Voluntarily Withdrew 02/28/01
INNOVATIVE COMPUTING CORP.1/24/942000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 02/01/96
INTEGRA WIND SERVICES, LLC11/1/092020$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 06/01/11
INTEGRATED SERVICE CO. LLC3/21/06620$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
INTERGENETICS INC.4/1/05435$56,1231Q08Didn’t Meet 1.5 Million Threshold
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. # 16/1/95625364$8,780,4511Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. # 27/1/04109060$4,849,8211Q09Active Contract
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. # 37/28/0615213$283,3352Q09Active Contract
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP. # 44/1/0817545$1,496,0891Q1410 Year Contract Limit Reached
INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL CORP.1/12/9922446$303,0003Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 08/27/08
INTERNATIONAL INSURANCE BROKERS LTD11/25/034733$641,9522Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
IPS ENGINEERING, LLC dba IPS ENGINEERING/EPC10/1/136133$81,2351Q14Active Contract
J. A. OIL FIELD MANUFACTURING, INC. # 14/2/081000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
J. A. OIL FIELD MANUFACTURING, INC. # 21/4/12700$0N/AActive Contract
JACK SERVICE CO.1/1/006447$81,9212Q02Active Contract
JASCO PRODUCTS CO. LLC12/3/03200143$2,789,5491Q1410 Year Contract Limit Reached
JCP SPECIALTY FOODS CO4/2/131560$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 07/31/14
JET SERVICE ENTERPRISES INC.10/1/03955$9,4082Q04Voluntarily Withdrew 06/25/12
JETTA PRODUCTS INC.1/1/953000$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew
JOHN CHRISTNER TRUCKING CO10/1/9552080$967,4593Q0310 Year Contract Limit Reached
JOHN PICKLE CO.3/1/9426542$116,6401Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
JOHN ZINK CO. LLC10/1/013238$468,8613Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 03/22/11
KANBAR PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, LLC11/8/068045$312,8284Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
KAT INDUSTRIES, INC.4/5/12730$0N/AActive Contract
KEMPER COST MANAGEMENT, INC.10/25/9912619$14,8422Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
KESTREL AIRCRAFT CO.9/28/9437449$114,7833Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
KIRKWOOD METAL SERVICES, LLC5/1/071207$104,5621Q10Voluntarily Withdrew 07/9/12
KNWEBS INC.8/31/0925068$845,0711Q14Active Contract
KWIKSET CORP.6/27/94300470$1,434,9453Q02Reached Maximum Benefit
L B & M ASSOCIATES INC.3/14/945329$93,7051Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
L-3 COMMUNICATIONS AEROMET, INC.3/25/05883$111,5413Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
L-3 COMUNICATIONS CORP.10/1/13640$0N/AActive Contract
L-3 SERVICES, INC.9/28/073900$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
L.E.F., INC.3/31/11887$86,9451Q14Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
LABINAL COMPONENTS AND SYSTEMS, INC. dba CINCH CONNECTORS7/11/944005$8,7564Q95Voluntarily Withdrew 07/22/98
LABINAL INC # 22/24/0549219$4,2812Q05Active Contract
LABINAL, INC. # 17/1/98675211$3,259,8774Q0810 Year Contract Limit Reached
LAREDO PETROLEUM, INC.8/29/07171124$3,062,9554Q13Active Contract
LEAR OPERATIONS CORP.3/30/99250161$517,7981Q01Active Contract
LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, L.L.C # 311/1/131620$0N/AActive Contract
LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC # 16/18/97124686$16,564,8861Q0610 Year Contract Limit Reached
LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC # 210/1/995490377$18,516,3832Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 11/26/12
LIMCO AIREPAIR, INC.8/23/111824$5,3342Q12Active Contract
LINDE PROCESS PLANTS, INC. # 11/31/0011323$257,9774Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
LINDE PROCESS PLANTS, INC. # 21/17/0623019$208,2051Q09Active Contract
LINKAMERICA CORP.10/18/061670$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
LITTLE GIANT PUMP CO.5/27/9430584$104,3701Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
LOGISTICS.COM, INC.4/1/001000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
LORI, INC. # 110/18/9620274$253,7873Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 12/18/09
LUFTHANSA TECHNIK NORTH AMERICA HOLDING CORP12/4/0323734$35,7374Q04Voluntarily Withdrew 11/23/2009
LUSCOMBE AIRCRAFT CORP. # 15/21/9760019$21,6004Q98Voluntarily Withdrew 01/25/2002
M & M MANUFACTURING, INC.5/1/088314$67,9863Q11Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MACKIE AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS (OKLAHOMA), INC.11/21/9525035$14,1634Q96Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MACROSOLVE, INC. # 12/22/081700$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
MACROSOLVE, INC. # 26/13/111506$19,2522Q12Voluntarily Withdrew 10/26/2012
MAGELLAN MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS GP, LLC7/27/0476206$2,960,8464Q11Reached Maximum Benefit
MAGELLAN MIDSTREAM HOLDINGS GP, LLC #26/11/13430$0N/AActive Contract
MANHATTAN WEST INTERIORS, LLC8/22/011501$12,7244Q03Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MARATHON OIL CO.6/23/113246$644,8501Q14Active Contract
MATFLEX INC. – HIGH IMPACT11/6/96900$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 08/06/1998
MATRIX SERVICE CO., A DELAWARE CORP.3/7/08860$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 12/07/2009
MCI WORLDCOM, INC.11/1/952600285$20,959,9891Q04Voluntarily Withdrew
MD WOOD LLC7/23/0413562$333,9002Q07Voluntarily Withdrew 11/20/2009
MEDICAL CONSULTANTS, INC.8/30/052050$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
MELTON TRUCK LINES, INC. 1/27/9916922$31,2233Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MELTON TRUCK LINES, INC. #25/15/1210531$56,6751Q14Active Contract
MEMOREX TELEX CORP.7/21/9410033$82,3754Q96Out of Program – Sold to Decision One CORP.
MERTZ MANUFACTURING LLC # 15/5/04173116$178,7902Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MERTZ MANUFACTURING LLC # 24/1/1011662$570,7273Q13Active Contract
METAMOR DOCUMENTATION SOLUTIONS8/4/99700$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 07/31/2001
METCRAFT, INC.3/8/056939$154,7633Q08Didn’t Meet 1.5 Million Threshold
METRIS DIRECT, INC. # 1 12/29/95855572$6,686,3852Q05Reached Maximum Benefit
METRIS DIRECT, INC. # 25/23/053220$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
METRO RACKS, INC. dba ASHTEN RACKS11/8/0112573$44,8231Q0210 Year Contract Limit Reached
METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO6/5/9631291$521,5114Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
MICHELIN NORTH AMERICA, INC.10/23/9815036$634,1044Q0210 Year Contract Limit Reached
MID AMERICAN STEEL & WIRE CO., LLC # 11/31/039575$1,487,5001Q12Reached Maximum Benefit
MID AMERICAN STEEL & WIRE CO., LLC # 28/4/0885139$1,247,5111Q14Active Contract
MID-CON ENERGY OPERATING, LLC2/27/13459$42,0311Q14Active Contract
MIDLAND CREDIT CORP.6/12/02250387$1,618,8481Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
MIDWEST TROPHY MANUFACTURING CO., INC.5/13/9425510$31,2903Q95Voluntarily Withdrew 05/08/1996
MILLER TRUCK LINES, INC. 8/20/9710022$68,7752Q01Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MITCHELL CONSULTING SERVICES GROUP, INC.8/31/11310125$443,9392Q14Active Contract
MPSI SYSTEMS, INC.5/11/9912218$6,8283Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 04/18/2012
MUTUAL OF OMAHA # 11/31/94101117$177,2164Q96Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
MUTUAL OF OMAHA # 210/12/9823881$521,3201Q04Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
N B I SERVICES, INC.5/25/113415$118,4012Q14Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
NATIONAL STEAK & POULTRY # 11/22/96500292$2,794,8151Q05Reached Maximum Benefit
NATIONAL STEAK PROCESSORS, INC. # 25/20/03450125$750,6971Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
NAUTILUS, INC.4/17/062650$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/08/2008
NEMAHA OIL AND GAS OPERATING, LLC4/24/127512$193,2692Q14Active Contract
NETCOM SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL, INC. 12/17/982000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
NETPLEX SYSTEMS, INC.8/23/9924410$82,0572Q01Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/2012
NEW CINGULAR WIRELESS SERVS INC.7/10/008501,073$4,225,8414Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
NEW DOMINION, LLC12/13/111087$75,9302Q14Active Contract
NEW GULF RESOURCES, LLC3/26/13340$0N/AActive Contract
NEW SOURCE ENERGY GP, LLC3/4/14450$0N/AActive Contract
NEWFIELD EXPLORATION MID-CONTINENT, INC.11/21/081167$1,818,1234Q13Active Contract
NEWPOINT THERMAL, LP dba GTS ENERGY2/27/134112$45,0052Q14Active Contract
NEXTTHOUGHT, LLC3/18/115718$95,5894Q13Active Contract
NGL ENERGY PARTNERS LP11/1/116330$117,3204Q12Active Contract
NOMACO INC.11/18/0430355$189,1184Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
NOMADICS, INC. #112/1/011650$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
NONNI’S FOOD CO., INC. 3/28/96180185$877,9431Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
NORTH AMERICAN PETROLEUM CORP. USA6/25/08252$33,4394Q09Active Contract
NORTHROP GRUMMAN SYSTEMS CORP.12/24/021150$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
NORTHSTAR TECHNOLOGIES INC.3/9/051660$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 01/30/2008
NUFLO TECHNOLOGIES SALES CO.5/28/031000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
NUTRON MANUFACTURING, INC.7/10/961808$40,2424Q9710 Year Contract Limit Reached
NXTGEN FILTERWORKS, LLC5/1/131701$1,4501Q14Active Contract
O. K. INDUSTRIES, INC. # 112/9/9336621$1,726,2422Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
O. K. INDUSTRIES, INC. # 210/31/97800310$350,2162Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
OCEAN DENTAL CORPORATE OFFICE, INC.5/5/087526$250,9004Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
OFFICEMAX INC. # 11/6/00483268$3,700,3884Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
OFFICEMAX INC. # 22/22/062001$6,0912Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
OKLAHOMA CITY AIR LOGISTICS COMPLEX (federal, at Tinker AFB)4/27/9924553,443$36,908,0394Q07Reached Maximum Benefit
OKLAHOMA JOE’S1/20/9514035$59,5714Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
OKLAHOMA MEDICAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION10/25/051349$65,9633Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
OKTX, LLC dba EMERGE DIAGNOSTICS, LLC5/1/13280$0N/AActive Contract
ONVISOURCE, INC.11/21/052260$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
ORS NASCO, LLC # 21/11/1260024$124,6681Q14Active Contract
ORTHOCARE INNOVATIONS LLC4/1/088411$102,2623Q11Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PACCAR INC. # 21/5/07928$139,1432Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PAETEC COMMUNICATIONS, INC.4/1/001010142$7,214,8841Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
PANTHER DRILLING SYSTEMS LLC12/7/122214$71,6534Q13Active Contract
PANTHER ENERGY CO., LLC4/11/11425$157,5244Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PARFAB INDUSTRIES, INC. # 29/21/0735011$72,6753Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PARK’S MANUFACTURING, INC. # 110/28/0330045$25,6062Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 10/19/2006
PARK’S MANUFACTURING, INC. # 27/1/063002$55,1434Q08Voluntarily Withdrew 09/24/2012
PASSPORT DEBT SOLUTIONS, INC.6/7/047620$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
PAYCOM PAYROLL, LLC1/1/10414495$1,356,0141Q14Active Contract
PECHINEY PLASTIC PACKAGING, INC.8/4/039031$159,1242Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PELAGIC TANK LLC2/23/1211056$179,9971Q14Active Contract
PENLOYD, LLC11/16/052000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
PETRA INDUSTRIES, INC.10/31/0528285$843,3141Q14Active Contract
PHILLIPS 66 CO.4/1/12455471$6,415,1531Q14Active Contract
PIPING ENTERPRISE CO., INC.7/1/1118053$290,7584Q13Active Contract
PLIANT CORP.4/1/05699$16,6792Q06Out of Program – FEI # Changed
POWDER RIVER, INC.10/9/001250$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
POWER COSTS, INC.1/1/065169$1,495,4302Q14Active Contract
PRATT & WHITNEY MILITARY AFTERMARKET SERVICES, INC. # 17/1/0230033$235,8902Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PRATT & WHITNEY MILITARY AFTERMARKET SERVICES, INC. # 23/31/111600$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
PRE-PAID LEGAL SERVICES, INC. 8/24/98225421$786,4093Q04Reached Maximum Benefit
PRECISE MACHINING & MANUFACTURING LLC8/31/071210$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
PRECISION MACHINE & MFG CO. # 18/12/94150109$758,2604Q02Reached Maximum Benefit
PRECISION MACHINE & MFG CO. # 23/14/031120$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
PREMIER NATURAL RESOURCES, LLC9/27/1130055$442,6542Q14Active Contract
PRIMARY NATURAL RESOURCES III, LLC7/24/091206$44,9353Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PRO-FAB, INC.10/11/0414540$180,1443Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL CLUB, LLC (OKC Thunder)7/3/08205169$18,710,3301Q14Active Contract
PROTƒGƒ Energy III LLC11/20/13353$10,6891Q14Active Contract
PRYER MACHINE & TOOL CO. INC.12/2/0411827$103,4193Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
PRYOR CHEMICAL CO.7/3/08160144$1,654,4581Q14Active Contract
PSI NET9/15/9941042$62,7974Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
QEP ENERGY CO.3/12/086439$330,9161Q10Active Contract
QPS ENGINEERING, LLC9/11/13603$15,1954Q13Active Contract
QUAD/GRAPHICS, INC5/2/037920$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
QUANTUM CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGIES, INC.3/16/0126065$58,5471Q02Out of Program
QUARTZ MOUNTAIN AEROSPACE, INC. # 210/5/0519599$254,5512Q08Voluntarily Withdrew 07/11/2012
QUEBECOR WORLD-USA11/24/9818635$130,9951Q00Voluntarily Withdrew 11/15/2001
QUIKORDERS, INC.1/1/0460040$96,5024Q05Voluntarily Withdrew 05/04/2012
RAJON, LLC dba VERTICAL AEROSPACE3/31/131100$0N/AActive Contract
RAMSEY WINCH CO.6/1/071250$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
RECORDS RETRIEVAL, INC.12/14/98950614$491,4761Q0110 Year Contract Limit Reached
RED DEVIL, INC. 1/3/011101$21,4024Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
RED’S BEDS, LLC8/4/051900$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/03/07
RELIANCE PRESSURE CONTROL, LLC8/4/11381$31,0783Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
RHEEM MANUFACTURING CO.10/8/982004$24,3604Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 02/23/2010
RISKMETRICS SOLUTIONS, INC.3/31/044324$159,1131Q07Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
RIVER STREET MFRS., INC.5/16/9715017$10,8752Q9910 Year Contract Limit Reached
ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL CORP.6/30/957850$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 07/30/1998
RUHRPUMPEN, INC.3/16/0666106$1,139,1892Q14Active Contract
RYDER DEDICATED LOGOSTICS, INC.7/31/9532216$171,0574Q9710 Year Contract Limit Reached
S&R COMPRESSION, LLC7/1/0815069$359,9761Q14Active Contract
SAGEBRUSH PIPELINE EQUIPMENT CO6/3/02905$16,9072Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SALTUS TECHNOLOGIES, LLC10/27/10574$36,4094Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SAMSON INVESTMENT CO. # 14/6/952974$8,6471Q96Voluntarily Withdrew
SAMSON INVESTMENT CO. # 29/28/066022$1,548,4574Q11Voluntarily Withdrew 10/29/13
SAMSON RESOURCES CO. # 212/9/04200105$6,523,4171Q11Reached Maximum Benefit
SAMSON RESOURCES CO. # 39/28/0622510$2,825,0374Q11Voluntarily Withdrew 10/29/13
SANDRIDGE OPERATING CO.7/28/066651,349$27,341,5421Q13Reached Maximum Benefit
SCHWAN’S GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN, INC.7/17/03293100$120,3482Q06Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SCIENCE APPLICATION INTERNATIONAL CORP.5/28/041202$7403Q04Voluntarily Withdrew 06/07/2007
SCIPERIO, INC.7/1/02452$3,7804Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 07/12/2012
SD TECHNOLOGIES OKLAHOMA, LLC5/5/057005$33,8461Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY INC.6/27/9711073$333,7074Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 04/26/2000
SELA PRODUCTS, LLC7/27/07260$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 10/28/2009
SELECT ENGINEERING, INC.1/18/072004$45,4211Q09Active Contract
SEMGROUP, LP1/1/0556252$1,954,2554Q07Active Contract
SENSIQ TECHNOLOGIES, INC.7/1/1310317$50,4671Q14Active Contract
SERVA GROUP LLC11/10/104561$793,5162Q14Active Contract
SERVICE KING MANUFACTURING, INC.4/7/05250274$2,480,6551Q13Reached Maximum Benefit
SERVICE KING MANUFACTURING, INC. #24/1/1217541$16,0653Q12Active Contract
SGS NORTH AMERICA INC.6/6/05115111$676,9463Q09Active Contract
SHAKLEE CORP.5/29/95145176$1,310,2641Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
SHAW TULSA FABRICATORS, INC. # 28/15/063689$764,6284Q09Active Contract
SHERRY LABORATORIES OF OKLAHOMA, LLC2/21/08550$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
SIGMA PROCESSED MEATS, LLC1/31/08475213$2,199,6771Q14Active Contract
SIMMONS POULTRY FARMS, INC.6/2/95425223$151,3332Q9810 Year Contract Limit Reached
SIMONTON BUILDING PRODUCTS, INC.10/23/0150015$2,304,2651Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
SINOR MANUFACTURING CO., INC. 3/17/9562558$60,4231Q98Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SITEL OPERATING CORP. # 14/1/00350293$1,609,1612Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
SITEL OPERATING CORP. # 210/11/99925379$2,989,6184Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
SITTON MOTOR LINES INC.6/17/9434932$148,5782Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SKF USA INC.11/16/1010048$191,7014Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SLX INC.12/20/932162$4,3184Q96Out of Program
SMICO MANUFACTURING CO., INC.8/30/071457$19,9491Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SOLO CUP CO.8/13/98150104$383,5081Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 12/11/2009
SOONER TRAILER MANUFACTURING CO.8/2/992257$9,6433Q00Voluntarily Withdrew 02/25/2004
SOUTHERLAND, INC.9/4/079029$75,0893Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO. – QJ4/10/951000842$6,995,7021Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
SOUTHWEST CORSET CO.9/10/93210255$289,9493Q97Voluntarily Withdrew 02/11/1999
SOUTHWEST ELECTRIC CO. # 15/26/941657$33,9821Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SOUTHWEST ELECTRIC CO. # 21/1/09680$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 12/02/2011
SOUTHWEST NANOTECHNOLOGIES, INC. # 17/31/07700$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 06/10/2010
SOUTHWEST NANOTECHNOLOGIES, INC. # 27/2/10394$63,4642Q13Active Contract
SOUTHWINDS MFG. HOMES, LLC5/2/022500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
SPARTAN ENGINEERING, INC.1/12/1020032$432,3542Q14Active Contract
SPECIFIC SYSTEMS, LTD10/19/121416$59,2522Q14Active Contract
SPIRIT AEROSYSTEMS, INC.7/1/0512851,563$23,411,8821Q14Active Contract
SPRINGS GLOBAL US, INC.11/19/9936693$533,4004Q0810 Year Contract Limit Reached
SPRINT SPECTRUM LIMITED PARTNERSHIP8/11/9912931,134$13,180,1163Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
SPSC, INC. dba SOUTHWEST PORCELAIN10/1/011250$0N/AActive Contract
STAN JOHNSON SERVICES, INC.4/11/113511$189,9314Q13Active Contract
STAPLES, INC.2/13/96630221$1,266,7242Q0210 Year Contract Limit Reached
STARTEK USA, INC.8/17/00800541$2,690,6952Q1010 Year Contract Limit Reached
STEELTEK, INC.3/29/117725$194,4601Q14Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
STERLING COACH, LLC7/8/0422022$82,6322Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/2012
STONEHENGE PARTNERS, INC.10/28/05551$81,3674Q09Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SUMMIT ESP, LLC7/25/11276$317,0944Q13Active Contract
SUNDOWNER TRAILERS, INC.6/21/9639997$637,7473Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
SUPERIOR BRONZE & GRANITE CO. OF AMERICA, LLC1/27/00100042$82,9894Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
SURFACE MOUNT DEPOT INC.7/8/964205$33,5612Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 06/17/2003
SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS, INC. – TULSA9/29/03502$6,9834Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS, INC. – WAGONER9/29/0330018$36,2574Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
SVC MANUFACTURING, INC.7/1/07292111$901,8234Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 04/25/2012
SWEP NORTH AMERICA, INC.1/17/131300$0N/AActive Contract
SWIFT TRANSPORTATION CO., INC.10/1/9525049$203,9414Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
SYGMA NETWORK, INC.8/15/9816381$1,156,5982Q0810 Year Contract Limit Reached
SYKES ENTERPRISES, INC.5/8/951300389$3,178,3351Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
SYNTROLEUM, INC.3/9/01275$128,4832Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 03/18/2011
T. D. WILLIAMSON, INC.11/22/05119142$2,051,8793Q13Active Contract
T.G.V. ROCKETS, INC. 8/15/035114$131,1082Q06Active Contract
TARGET COMPLETIONS, LLC5/16/128022$71,8232Q14Active Contract
TAYLOR FORGE ENGINEERED SYSTEMS, INC6/1/03930$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TAYLOR INDUSTRIES, LLC1/1/119812$126,6694Q13Active Contract
TDK FERRITES CORP.7/8/94234154$1,033,7734Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
TEAM OIL TOOLS, LP5/12/1120028$211,1281Q14Active Contract
TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT GROUP, INC.8/3/09763$17,3384Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TELE-INTERPRETERS LLC8/2/0644531$28,0251Q08Voluntarily Withdrew 06/25/2012
TEREX USA, LLC8/27/1315260$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TEXTRON AUTOMOTIVE CO.7/2/9918020$189,0263Q0110 Year Contract Limit Reached
THERMA-TRU CORP.7/23/99100074$3,666,2812Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 07/28/2009
THERMAL ENGINEERING INTERNATIONAL (USA), INC.1/12/071306$71,8801Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 03/24/2011
THG ENERGY SOLUTIONS, LLC5/20/11984$28,1201Q14Active Contract
TIGER TRUCK MANUFACTURING, LLC9/1/0738013$187,7741Q10Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/2012
TIMES JOURNAL PUBLISHING CO.10/8/9319012$8,6804Q94Out of Program
TMS, INC.11/3/9315021$98,2151Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TOTAL ENERGY FABRICATION CORP.4/8/1013544$183,0442Q13Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TOWER TECH INC.11/1/9410562$181,7673Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TPI BILLING SOLUTIONS LLC11/12/041452$32,8564Q06Voluntarily Withdrew 03/08/2010
TRACKER MARINE, LLC1/6/03302100$3,228,5074Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
TRAILONE, LLC2/25/102890$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TRAINING & SUPPORT SPECIALIST, INC.12/18/0120096$73,7173Q02Out of Program – Out of Business
TRASE MILLER TECHNOLOGIES, INC.10/27/94327158$2,594,4333Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
TRAVELER’S ADVANTAGE SERVICES INC.9/27/0217369$54,5111Q04Voluntarily Withdrew 12/11/2009
TRINITY CONTAINERS, LLC2/19/1210856$208,8564Q13Active Contract
TRINITY TANK CAR, INC. # 19/5/03270104$671,3144Q08Voluntarily Withdrew 08/02/2010
TRINITY TANK CAR, INC. # 21/1/12280331$1,026,9864Q13Active Contract
TRISTAR GLASS, INC #210/1/127021$32,5204Q13Active Contract
TRISTAR GLASS, INC.3/10/0616036$153,3781Q11Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TRITON SCIENTIFIC, LLC1/1/0813633$285,5974Q10Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
TRONOX OKLAHOMA LLC9/8/06355261$2,131,2641Q08Active Contract
TUBE TECH INC.5/29/971500$0N/AOut of Program – Out of Business
TUBULAR CORP. OF AMERICA3/31/111250$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TULSA COMBUSTION LLC7/30/0919048$28,3284Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 04/25/2011
TULSA POWER, INC.3/22/07805$20,4911Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 03/28/2011
TULSA PRO HOOPS, LLC11/24/093558$314,1243Q12Active Contract
TULSA REFURBISHMENT SERVICES, INC.4/26/9914912$23,7652Q0010 Year Contract Limit Reached
TULSA STEEL SERVICES, LLC2/6/074050$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TULSA WINCH, INC. # 12/2/071880$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 01/06/2010
TULSA WINCH, INC. # 28/14/1110030$125,2184Q12Voluntarily Withdrew 04/09/2014
TURTLE SHELLS OF OKLAHOMA LLC7/15/041480$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
TYSON REFRIGERATED PROCESSED MEATS, INC. # 112/16/94775319$3,033,2472Q0510 Year Contract Limit Reached
TYSON REFRIGERATED PROCESSED MEATS, INC. # 26/1/01250303$2,139,0002Q07Reached Maximum Benefit
U.S. HIGHLAND, INC.2/13/123480$0N/AActive Contract
UE MANUFACTURING LLC12/13/1017084$106,3564Q11Active Contract
UMICORE OPTICAL MATERIALS USA INC. # 21/23/126515$14,9573Q12Active Contract
UNARCO INDUSTRIES, INC.7/21/993000$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
UNIDARE US, INC.10/1/9920026$210,0203Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
UNIFIRST CORP. – HIGH IMPACT8/25/9515466$161,3702Q01Out of Program – Reached 6 Year High Impact Limit
UNIT CORP.4/12/0616753$156,8434Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
UNIT PETROLEUM CO.4/5/117585$685,3871Q14Active Contract
UNITED AMERICA ADVERTISING1/9/9521899$48,4674Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
UNITED HEALTHCARE SERVICES, INC.10/1/05363219$3,569,2511Q14Active Contract
UNITED RECOVERY SYSTEMS, LP # 19/15/0316033$1,297,1201Q1310 Year Contract Limit Reached
UNITED RECOVERY SYSTEMS, LP # 29/8/082300$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 08/30/2011
UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORP. # 111/4/97140362$1,629,7801Q06Reached Maximum Benefit
UNITED STATES CELLULAR CORP. # 22/1/037980$2,808,0294Q1210 Year Contract Limit Reached
UNIVERSAL FIDELITY LIFE INSURANCE2/27/022726$13,7981Q04Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
USIS COMMERCIAL SERVICES, INC.9/16/051950$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
UV CORP7/12/9455038$2,729,8351Q03Voluntarily Withdrew
VACUUMSCHMELZE CORP.6/28/966500$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
VALMONT INDUSTRIES, INC.2/20/972050$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 10/02/2008
VENTAIRE, LLC1/11/07850$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 02/18/2009
VENTURA REFINING AND TRANSMISSION, LLC7/1/06423$481,1123Q11Active Contract
VERIZON CORPORATE RESOURCES GROUP, LLC4/22/13700277$521,7282Q14Active Contract
VIAGRAFIX CORP.3/15/9533682$159,6001Q98Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
VICTORY ENERGY OPERATIONS, LLC9/19/061174$634,6964Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 05/03/2012
VIDOOP LLC4/16/065250$0N/ADidn’t File Claim Within 3 Years
VIGILINK CORP.12/18/011051$2,0162Q03Voluntarily Withdrew 03/08/2010
VISION MANUFACTURING LLC6/18/972100$0N/AOut of Program – Out of Business
VISKASE CORP.11/4/93126107$150,1571Q97Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
VOICE SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY INC11/6/9655035$120,1553Q99Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WAL-MART STORES EAST, LP12/30/04750556$9,206,3251Q14Reached Maximum Benefit
WAL-MART STORES, INC. dba TRAVEL SERVICES8/23/96500130$183,1982Q99Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WARKENTINE, INC dba COMPUTER-RX2/13/14970$0N/AActive Contract
WATERLOO INDUSTRIES, INC.8/28/95560141$2,557,2222Q0410 Year Contract Limit Reached
WEATHER DECISION TECHNOLOGIES INC.9/18/0910014$115,6053Q12Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WEATHER DECISION TECHNOLOGIES INC. #28/6/1312517$31,9222Q14Active Contract
WEATHERNEWS AMERICA INC.5/30/0324548$1,261,7573Q1110 Year Contract Limit Reached
WEBCO INDUSTRIES, INC.4/8/1110684$135,7063Q13Active Contract
WEDTECH (USA) INC.6/15/941309$17,7484Q95Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WELLMAN PRODUCTS, LLC7/1/04300192$2,728,7073Q13Reached Maximum Benefit
WEST BUSINESS SERVICES, LLC # 111/22/99400338$4,191,6354Q0910 Year Contract Limit Reached
WEST BUSINESS SERVICES, LLC # 27/21/0633039$47,2483Q08Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WEST TELEMARKETING LP3/13/97940595$6,872,3521Q0710 Year Contract Limit Reached
WESTWOOD CORP.2/9/0018275$241,0091Q03Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
WEYERHAEUSER CO.7/16/0116859$66,6933Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 04/16/2012
WHIRLPOOL CORP.6/30/9513111,262$8,379,5093Q03Reached Maximum Benefit
WILCO MACHINE & FAB, INC. # 15/10/10116104$986,3272Q14Active Contract
WILCO MACHINE & FAB, INC. # 210/1/111002$116,1274Q12Active Contract
WILLBROS ENGINEERS (U.S.), LLC5/11/0724029$42,4254Q07Active Contract
WILLIAMS COS., INC.7/1/06150376$5,386,8304Q13Active Contract
WILLIAMS COS., INC. # 2 10/1/99549050$451,5593Q02Voluntarily Withdrew 03/19/2003
WILLIAMS COS., INC. # 31/1/14850$0N/AActive Contract
WILTEL INC.12/9/93154501$678,4454Q95Out of Program – Contract terminated/Combined with MCI WorldCom
WINSLOW ASSOCIATES INC.3/20/972008$2,4342Q97Voluntarily Withdrew 04/12/2000
WOOD GROUP ESP, INC. # 1 4/6/94180207$2,013,0004Q03Reached Maximum Benefit
WORD INDUSTRIES FABRICATION, LLC7/21/1110339$152,7971Q14Active Contract
WORD INDUSTRIES FABRICATORS INC. # 110/3/9630095$143,7214Q99Voluntarily Withdrew 08/09/2006
WORLDWOOD INDUSTRIES9/1/9350110$19,8972Q94Voluntarily Withdrew
WORLEYPARSONS GROUP INC.5/9/0836045$1,753,5231Q14Active Contract
WPX ENERGY SERVICES CO., LLC1/1/1220094$1,489,9292Q14Active Contract
WRANGLER INC.6/19/95773178$106,5831Q98Out of Program – Closed Plant
XCALIBER INTERNATIONAL LTD., LLC11/28/011450$0N/AOut of Program – Using Investment Credit
XYANT TECHNOLOGY, INC.2/15/064070$0N/AVoluntarily Withdrew 04/02/2008
YANKEE PACIFIC EXECUTIVE AIRCRAFT COMPLETION LLC1/6/0316517$195,9104Q05Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
YORK INTERNATIONAL CORP. # 112/27/93250125$2,623,0454Q0310 Year Contract Limit Reached
YORK INTERNATIONAL CORP. # 211/10/983008$846,8113Q01Voluntarily Withdrew 08/29/2007
YOUNG AMERICA CORP.1/16/989006$963,5883Q02Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold
YUBA HEAT TRANSFER LLC3/16/0722216$33,0282Q09Voluntarily Withdrew 08/23/2010
ZEECO, INC. # 17/5/06160242$3,273,0112Q14Active Contract
ZEECO, INC. # 24/1/1250080$448,5042Q14Active Contract
ZELEDYNE, LLC7/31/08597455$2,264,9322Q10Voluntarily Withdrew 04/18/2012 – Closed Plant
ZYMETX, INC.12/30/974512$69,0744Q00Didn’t Meet 2.5 Million Threshold

Source: Oklahoma Tax Commission

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