Jamey Alexander, Northeast Oklahoma City

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Alexander would like to see the growth and improvements that revitalized downtown Oklahoma City come to his neighborhood. Alexander said people in areas with high poverty need access to sustainable careers instead of dead-end jobs.


John Pettis, Northeast Oklahoma City Councilman

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Pettis, who grew up in northeast Oklahoma City, said negative stereotypes about the area make it hard to attract economic development and job growth. Pettis wants job growth that creates both minimum-wage and skilled labor positions. That will help draw more people to the area, which has a shrinking population as people move away seeking better opportunities.

A Deeper Look:

Jobless Rates by Neighborhood

While Oklahoma City’s overall unemployment rate remains lower than the national average, northeast Oklahoma City’s jobless rate is significantly higher than the city average, especially for minority residents. Use this map to compare unemployment rates by census tract.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 American Community Survey

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